[Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack 2.0

Pretty sure they put an actual cap of 100 on Flurry at some point after Davlok wrote that and he actually stated that earlier in the same post that you quoted.

What does this video prove? That TR is not capped at 100?

Yes or are you wondering how to do it correctly?

That doesn’t prove that TR isn’t capped. The only thing it proves IF anything, is that a power pylon can be used to manipulate flurrys pop damage after having channeled to 100, similarly to pain enhancer was used in s19.
Its common knowledge that the game snaps your stats prior to calculating flurry damage, and apparently clicking on a power pylon while channeling TR allows the power pylon to be included in those stats as long as you’re not left click + shift channeling TR.
It’s a neat trick, but TR is capped at 100.

Surely if it were not capped you’d showcase a 1 shot, of lets say a 135+ instead of a 15 quad hit which is already doable with a few rotation of stricken stacks.

You can even look at the same channel on that youtube, same monk doing a 139:

He uses fists of thunder with mythic rhythm to gain 40% more flurry dmg. If he could stack flurry indefinitely there certainly wouldnt be any need for that.

This player is me xD the power Trick was found by me but the work of MR was found by my friend Njinx
and an effective group of 4 monks is also my idea. Now before me the task is to make the monk boss killer PoJ+shenglongs+squirt and no CHC in item x4+ damage

MR has been known to affect TR since the days of vanilla. A Flurry based RGK is not very optimal. RGK builds tend to have lots of attack speed to stack Stricken as much as possible. While you are running around channeling TR to build up Flurry stacks to make a big detonation on Cold CoE rotation, a Shotgun Sader will have done a significant amount of damage already and they are on a shorter CoE rotation since they only have 4 elements. A Thorn Necro is on an even shorter 3 element rotation plus has a free 15% - 18% of damage from Frailty.

I can confirm that MR works really well, I swapped harmony for MR and added more toughness, 8% CDR out for RCR and more VIT, it’s clearly harder to stay alive but if you play it right with enough dex (3k + augment for around 130s) you should be fine. Just make sure you have LPH (20k)

I wanted to swap seize out but it’s mandatory for this build, imo.

Drop bomb in the beginning of cold cycle and punch instantly after to proc MR, and next rotation should give you around 90 stacks. This build tweak is mainly for high paragon but give it a shot.

The higher paragon you go the less the build works, as toughness becomes exponentially more important…

You’re better off with balance + flying dragon + furnace + WKL with squirts, even then as Khord said a flurry build is not really suitable for RGK, and you have to gimp yourself too much to be running a generator with TR for MR for acutal high GRs. 140+

Also, why are you saying TR has no stack limit ?

Only works as Speedversion with Lightning, coz the PoJ Spirit-Reg is also canceled by the Shenlongs

For Flurry, you have to take the Sword-Set


At best up to 5 APS

You will purposefully spend the spirit after dropping stacks using the mantra. When you get cold you will stop using the mantra and use spirit allies to activate the Shen
But I can’t 100% say that it will work.

Vanila adetive damage and rework after, I don’t remember when
and with the introduction of trials it was only used in the explosion
and I did not discuss this with you when it worked or was used with someone… I wrote that it works in this building, and this is news
No one used it, Njinx tested it, I made a video, as in one thing you need to take the attack speed and reset 2 full stacks on power and build through an ally without a large set of resource cost reductions

Flying dragon is not stable damage, but gives a lot of stricken stacks
Here are the options I considered:
on myself CCR + CoE +Shen+Squirt in cube WKL Balance Mantle Chan
on myself SoJ + CoE + Shen + Squirt in cube WKL Balance CCR
on myself CCR + CoE +Shen+Squirt n cube WKL Balance Fly Dragon - random (
on myself CCR + CoE +Shen+Squirt n cube WKL Balance Furnace

FD has internal CD that is tied to APS. In general, the faster your ias, the more stable FD is. a 50% uptime for 2.5ias ( easily doable ) i’d consider stable enough to control, specially with Flurry snap happen before the pop, not as you begin channeling.
For your self-tests to matter you’d have to test them through different ias breakpoints, otherwise they really don’t mean much.

this statement makes no sense?? as you get higher paragon you have more toughness… in fact the highest paragons do have a slight damage increase but its their toughness from pure base stat translated into either Armor dex/str or all res that allows for the high solo clears… perhaps im misinterpreting what youre saying or you wrote it incorrectly

but then again the next thing you said also makes no sense… You’re better off with Balance + Flying Dragon + WKL + Furnace with squirts… LOL cmon man… what first off you dont gain stricken stacks faster for higher IAS on channeling spells in the same fashion that you do with gen spells so it would actually make sense if using Flying Dragon to have a Gen spell but youd def want shenlongs drain no matter what because

BASE FACT here… You cannot possibly outclimb a 3x damage multiplier by stacking stricken slightly faster, because the amount of stricken stacks you have start to diminish their per individual stack total damage bonus gain as you get higher… now… a build like Whirlwind where its completely broken and its stricken stacks like OVER 5x a sec… possibly that would beat a lower stacking mechanism with a stronger multiplier at some specific time


No its not… not if youre clever enough to just spend spirit while channeling…

But theres a bigger problem and this is why Ive come here…


Heres a problem Im having using Shenlongs, and its not making sense cause I check D3planner tick rate for damage is .2 I assumed that was the resource cost tick rate but my clan leader says not all channeling spells have the same tick rate as resource cost tick rate… well lets start at the problem

Here’s what is happening – Not even most of the time, but enough of the time that it is an issue… Im playing TR with Shenlongs using my mantra spam to keep under max spirit + the occassional tap of SW because Mantra spam isnt enough with my RCR ~50% to counter act the spirit gain from PoJ + epiphany and most of the time I can stop spamming those when I get to 100 stacks and then I let the Shenlongs Drain start 3x multiplier, Blind, Release, Boom … If I had more paragon obviously I’d be doing this with COE and lining it up with cold…


the problem is… about 20% of the time when I stop spamming spirit spenders it will flicker at max spirit while im still channeling I have 70+ spirit per sec but no matter how long I hold it down or what spirit gen Im at ** cuz I stopped epiphany I tried spamming spenders at diff rate (sw + mantra) to try to realign the tick perhaps it wont ever go into drain

and what is even weirder – I pause to tell my clan leader DyS (hes no slouch when it comes to this game) – He says perhaps its the timing of when you activate Tempest Rush and Shenlongs check for Max spirit + resource cost is lining up in a way that every interval it is checking for Shenlongs to be at MAX cause its stupidly designed it has to be literally basically Max that the resource cost is happening > checkforMAX > spirit gain > Resource cost lowers again to sub checkmax drain level > it checks > spirit gained so it never thinks im at Max spirit…

Ok so I check D3planner .2 damage tick interval, I know TR used to have diff damage tick rates based on APS but they changed it to just cost more at same tick rate if higher APS… the shenlongs check interval is also .2 to me if the damage tick interval is .2 s (12 frames right so) ^ interval also 12 frames it should always be aligned but the resource gain interval … I dunno what that is…

What makes this all even weirder
so I pause the game… I dont have any spirit regen on right? No Epiphany up no SW 0 spirit regen and I’ve been at MAX spirit tempest rushing and this seems to happen every time I’ve unpaused now not holding down TR, (had tried just pausing holding it) … I unpause and it starts the drain on shenlongs when I have 0 generation down from 50 spirit per sec not getting it to drain…

Just for experimental reasons I tried removing the 7 ias I had on ammy didnt make a difference…

Though I was unable to recreate this problem when I had exalted soul on over the course of maybe 10 minutes so nothing scientific but I rolled max spirit off my weapon and it started happening without exalted soul at a diff max spirit… SO now Im gonna try doin no exalted soul, but adding 50 in paragon which I never was using cuz I dont need the drain to last longer.

so Does anyone have an idea what is happening and I mean I could go to sVr with this cause hes a bud but hes not an avid monk player and is kinda grinding hard this season so I dont wanna distract.


You can try to negate it till you are at max stacks …
But at this point i could also use the CoE …

For me (pers. ) i have found, that i have the most fun so far with a flying dragon :sunflower:

Nearly perm. with 5 APS … and it feels like you are running with an auto EP an your char, in speedgrifts :crazy_face:
You just have to keep an eye on your spirit … coz even with PoJ the drain hits hard :smiley:

in the previous topic, I showed how to play with shenlongs - spam mantra and swipping wind. Shen 0 spirit regen. FD random no profit

did you run into the problem I described ?

Not really.
At least while Speedrunning its nearly UP all the time.
Keep in Mind. TR ticks with 5 Ticks per Sec. and has nearly (maybe even) the best Proc-Coefficent of all Monk-Skills.

Jupp had it too, as i tryed it.

You can have as much Spirit-Reg as you like.
Sometimes it wont go over the Trashhold as if there is some internal cooldown before they can be activated again, if you refill the Globe too fast.
(But i used the Lightning-Rune and tryed to have the Buff UP as often as possible. So i used “Replenishing Light” as soon, as the Drain ended, to be back at 100% Spirit)