[Lounge Thread] Slaughtered Calf Inn

Woot for school being out Paladina!

Here it is just another June weekend. Last weekend I got to see a friend of 20 years who I made through D2! He brought over the DI Alpha and we smoked pork on the BBQ, made corn on the cob, and pineapple slaw.

Fantastic day. This weekend will be quieter. Gardening maybe.

SO glad I am now past my vaccination effective date. I am still going to wear my mask (asthma, allergies, parents over 75 with COPD). I can go to stores now though!

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I just ate out for the first time in two years. My grandpa and I went to Harry’s over in Redwood City today. He had the meatloaf (which they cut way too thick) and I had the BBQ roast beef (which they gave me way too much of…so…stuffed). They finally ditched those god awful paper straws. They said their straws were “compostable plastic”, but I’ve not yet met a plastic that’s compostable inside of ~100 years of natural decay first, so taking a gigantic salt shaker on that one. Enjoyed “uneasy normal” at least. Will be a long while before we do that again though. Even with our shots, we don’t wan to tempt fate too often.


It’s real, you can put your salt shaker away. :wink:

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Here’s a fun site to explore human potential. :rofl:

The grind is real?

Oh damn, I lost my regular status. Thanks to the guys who flagged me. :joy:

Who thinks chess is a boring sport? enjoy this.

21 pilots - message man.

Happy 4th everyone and enjoy your independence from me, hahaha, yeah good luck with that! :rofl:

Have a fun day of eating too much, drinking too much and hopefully playing some Diablo!

Be safe y’all!



Well, we’re grilling for the 4th and making some of our final preparations for our trip to see my brother later this month.

Found out my brother has a large fenced in yard, so we won’t have to take our dog Zeus for walks when he does his business. It was cool of my brother to let us bring the dog with us. Really didn’t want to leave him at a kennel.

Set a reservation at a pet friendly hotel at the midway point of the 9 and half hr drive and some of other things.

Grilling brats and shrimp kabobs. Spent yesterday cutting down weeds so I wouldn’t have to deal with them when we get back.

Anyway, like Paladina said, Everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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My son just deleted 2 of my heroes, one of these is my main and it was the first to “die”, so, I can’t resurrect it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He started to cry when he understood his mistake and I had to explain him that’s not important, it’s just a game and he felt better.

Now, it’s up to me to cry!

Rip Rakamanka, you did a good job!

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Son had an unusual name but wasn’t this punishment a tad harsh? :wink:

Please be aware this post was made using the comedy font.


If it is not Hardcore you MIGHT be able to get it back. You get 3 rollbacks for the life of the account. It rolls the whole account back to an archived save so you lose some progress, but may be able to get the hero back.


This does not need a GM anymore so you can do it yourself using the link in the article. Just read carefully about the limitations first.


Oh my God…


You save Rakamanka and my son will have the right to dine!


In his room on bread and water right? Deleting your chars was not something he should ever have done. Maybe extra chores to earn his own money to buy his own copy of D3?

This is one of the reasons account sharing is a bad idea, even though one minor child is allowed on it. If you ever want to, you can set up a Bnet account in YOUR name (new email you control), get him any games you want him to play, and set up Parental Controls so that you can set play times, get activity logs, etc. It means nothing the child does impacts you - nor do the parental controls. When the child turns 18 you can change the first name on the account yourself to his, or if the last name is diff you can submit proper documentation to Blizz for a name change to the new adult.

I hope the rollback worked for you. :slight_smile: I like being able to finally give someone GOOD news.



My son (6yo) doesn’t play (and don’t see me play), I was on the page where you change your hero.
I had to answer on an important call and leave my “office”. During this call, he went in the room and wanted to “see” other heroes and pressed “Delete” to change of view… (Real story :grin: )


Edit : the rollback worked as intended! Thanks again!


Happy Friday all! :smiley:


lady from yor menu i see you dont have any trubles around how you explayn that

Hey, it’s Friday again! Woohoo!!! Don’t worry, I’m not going to post any TGIF memes. :rofl:

However, I saw something a bit ago and I had to scrape my jaw off of the floor after watching that I’d like to share… Anyone play the old Tie Fighter game? The old floppy disk install or the CD-ROM version? If so, feast your eyes on THIS!!:


First mission:


Just got back from my trip to my brother’s. It is amazing how much my niece looks like my departed mom. Really fun trip. Had lots of catching up to do and basically got that all done. The ballgame was a blast. It was so cool to see my brother explaining the game to his daughter like our dad use to do to us. She took to it instantly and wants to watch the games with my brother everyday.

She was impressed with the sea lion show at the St. Louis Zoo too.

We took our dog with us down there and he took to her right away which she really liked.

Anyway, It was a great trip and we might make it a yearly thing.

Frickin’ Awesome!


Ohh… This job posting at Blizzard looks interesting to me. Looks like something I do already.


Wish me luck.