[Lounge Thread] Slaughtered Calf Inn

Nah, I don’t think I’ll get to that point. Too important to me to start wishing I didn’t have him. But the wife and I are discussing whether to get another pet. Our dog Zeus is basically hers and I wouldn’t mind getting another dog but Zeus being a rescue, I’m not sure how he’ll react to another dog taking attention from him.

On another not, I could take the fence from the bottom of stair that’s there to keep the dog from eating the cat’s food and he’ll be able to come up with me while my wife’s at work. So that’s a plus.

It’ll be good to have the dog spend a little bit more time with me.

No, really there is no such thing as “just a pet”. Living breathing little souls who trust us with their lives.

Call the Vet. They usually have emergency appointments for euthanasia or critical illness.

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There’s a truck that you can get to come to your house and do it in home but it’s after hours for them. We’ll probably call them tomorrow and see if they can come tomorrow.

I updated my answer :cat:

Got an appointment with the vet. Will cost us extra for the after hours appointment. $280 but it’ll be worth every penny to end his suffering.


Thank you. There is no greater gift than freedom from suffering and a peaceful crossing. My heart goes out to you and your family.


I hope you understood my last comment.
When I say “just a pet”, I understand your pain.

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Yeah, we couldn’t go in with them. But they’ll treat him proper, I’m sure.

He lived a good life. I think I did my parents proud keeping him like I did. They would have appreciated that. So, he’s gone to live with them now, where my Mom will be arguing with my Dad, Nancy will be sighing exasperatingly, and Dad will be saying, “What? What was that? What’d you say?” because he near deaf at the end. But they’ll all welcome Max’s company. LOL


Losing a little furry friend is rough. I’ve been there a few times. Hang in there and find a new little friend if you can. There are plenty out there that need to be loved.

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I think I’m done with 2021 already. Between Nevalistis’ cat and Idolis’ I don’t think I can handle much more pet grief in the near term. :frowning:

To change of the last main comment…
I like a lot this track:

Cats are so much smarter than dogs. My partner went away for a week to a writers festival and the dog got very confused by her absence.

Sorry for your loss. :cry:


Not true because dogs are very successful as a horde animal on the hunt and also as a most liked pet.
-I love cats, but cats can’t be trained to be an aid to protect people or help the blind to have a good life.

here is some nice Diabolic metal, enjoy:

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Which Village person do you most identify with?

I noticed that dedicated music threads live a short life, my own threads included, so i post some music in this thread. :musical_note: :guitar: :violin: :drum:

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Limp Bizkit - CSF&HDFW

Here’s a nice clip, ‘time’ reinvented, enjoy:

Happy Weekend my darlings!

School is out soon folks, so make it count! :rofl: