Lost voiceacting for Necromancer for PS5 after update

I no longer have voice acting for Necromancer (and some minor NPC’s) for PS5 after update

Also the voice acting for the extra areas in adventure mode are gone (Greyhollow Island, Shrouded Moors/Temple of the Firstborn, The Ruins of Sescheron including anything related to Kanai’s cube)

I still have the voice acting for the necromancer in cut-scenes.

All other sounds and voice acting seems to work fine.

I’ve checked sound settings and reinstalled the game, to no avail.

It is annoying, but not game breaking. Would still love a fix, though. :grin:


It says version 1.41 for PS5; updated today.

Don’t know why they’ve chosen to use different version on PS5, cause there is no doubt this is 2.7.3.

All the online sources I looked at are general sound issues, not specific to a given game much less one element within that game… so I’ll ask vague questions to try and help:

  1. Do all other sounds within Diablo 3 work?
  2. Was the necromancer purchased separately or was it all in one game? If separate, have you tried to remove/delete the “DLC”?
  3. Have you ensured audio settings are not muted or attempted to update them either through the console or TV?
  4. Does it work with a different HDMI cable?

I guess if that doesn’t help, sorry.

Seems like there’s another report of this…

…which is on PS/5, with Russian localisation. Is the OP playing in Russian?

1: I lack some voice acting from some additional npc’s and some lore entries, otherwise all sounds works exactly the same as before the update.
2: It were bought separately; not sure how to remove just the DLC on PS5 though. Did reinstall everything.
3: Double and Trippel checked all settings in-game and PS5.
4: As this happened after an update, and everything else works fine, I sincerely doubt it is my HDMI cable or hardware that is at fault here.

Thanks for the reply, though :grin:

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Well, there is definitely something fishy with PS updates, D3, and the necromancer specifically.

To prepare for the upcoming season, I just installed a PS4 update and then the D3 patch. When I launched Diablo 3, my former seasonal necromancer (from Season 25) was deleted. The one I had as non-seasonal remains, thankfully. Sadly, my now-gone necro was a hardcore character - he had not died (or I’d accept deletion) but is now lost, forever, as I do not use cloud backup for reasons.

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No, I play on PS5 and English localisation.

I saw the post; I still have the voice acting for the necromancer in cut-scenes. Also the voice acting for the extra areas in adventure mode are gone (Greyhollow Island, Shrouded Moors/temple of the firstborn, The Ruins of Sescheron including anything related to Kanai’s cube)


Just bought the game for Console, Ps4 Pro - Eternal Collection version. Playing Adventure mod co-op right now, and I have the same issue with the Necromancer. All the audio is working fine, but Necromancer voices are not working. The only voices that are working are the ones for the cutscenes after finishing some parts of the story. Any clue how to solve that?

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Would love a fix; but as a reinstall do not seem to fix it, nor any settings, I fear we have to hope Blizz finds the bug and removes it in the next update.

Which might not happen until pre-update season 27.

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This has happened to me recently after the new season started. All my other characters still talk. All other sound is fine, its literally just the Necro.
I tried making new ones both male and female and there was no voice on either.
I also tried making one on a separate account but that didn’t work either. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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I too have missing NPC voices. On both PS4 and PS5. Vidian the boss before he turns has no voice.


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Yup, same problem for me.

Playing the PS4 version on the PS5.

Looks like all voice files added to the game after a certain point are all not functioning.

None of the voices related to any Shrouded Moors content is present (any NPC voices or lore books).

Zoltan Kulle’s voice-overs related to Kanai’s Cube aren’t playing, neither are Tyrael’s “Endless Battles” or “Reflections” dialogues in Adventure Mode.

And this is a very old bug that I’m not sure has been fixed yet. The Crusader lore book entries don’t drop if you’re playing a Necromancer character.

Edit: Can also confirm that all voiced content in the Ruins of Secheron in Act 3 of Adventure Mode (NPCs and lore books) is also not playing.

Edit2: And I can now confirm that all voice-overs associated with Greyhollow Island are also not playing.

Edit 3: Can also confirm that Urshi in greater rifts also doesn’t have her voice-acting.


Reproduced at PS5 DIII Eternal Collection. Literally update broke Necro voices.


Same problem running monk on the PS4


Is there any update on this? I just got the game and have been wanting to play the Necromancer build but not having any voiceovers really kills the immersion.

Other characters have voice overs. I am playing on PS5 with the PS4 Eternal Collection.


Blizz doesn’t care much, bug is 6 months old now. I lost couple of pets since that update too. I have the impression that games other than Diablo Immoral have no support anymore. Ask for a refund, perhaps that will wake them up.


Here the Same. Necro needs his/her voice back. Please Bliz


I have the same issue, please fix this !!


Same Problem Herr on PS5 with German Localization.

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So whats up Blizz? Fix This.

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