Looks like the seasonal paragon cap isn't too bad

Eh… My bad then. If S29 lasts longer than 3 months, then I’d like to see the drama over at forums to be honest. :popcorn:

Matter of taste. But you seem to believe that challenge ends the moment you achieve 800 paragons and there’s nothing beyond that. I’m just saying that’s not really the case.

Well, it is if you don’t care about the boards.


Sure, if everyone has a different opinion that yours and Blizzard then its myopia?

Nothing S29 has compensates for Paragon, not even how hard you try to do damage control

Sure, 200 points in AD is powerful, but even with that its still a nerf in power from previous Seasons, and thats not even talking about Altar

I understand some people wanted a more fair competitive scene for the Leaderboards, which is why i always said the Cap should be an option, but since Blizzard decided to ignore that feedback, then they left a lot of people out of the Season, and thats a reality


In S26, there were 33 characters who solo cleared GR150 in the America region on softcore.

In S29 (non-SSF), there are 29 characters who solo cleared GR150 in the American region on softcore AND 20 characters who solo cleared GR150 in softcore SSF. S29 is less than a month old while the results for S26 are for the entire season.

How do you explain more S29 characters in less than a month have soloed GR 150 in comparison to the entire S26 in the America region?

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Paragon cap is great . . . for a 3 day season, not so much for 3 months . . .

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S26 was as bad as S29, so it also had little interest from the players

No, I wasn’t talking about opinions.

Those who have quit because they believed there’s a significant loss of power from the paragon cap missed the fact that the 200 point max in a category compensates for the vast amount of the loss from paragon.

See, that’s the myopia I’m talking about.

Those who know the math, such as Rage, dmtk, Tinne and others, have shown the 200 per category very much has made back a lot of the gap.

Also, what damage control am I trying hard to do?

But again,

…because all they saw was the paragon cap.

What? The ability for many people to augment their gear higher (meaning power buffs) than they ever could before wasn’t popular? Multiple communities for EN running sprung into existence, and still exist. People still ask for runs to this day. No, people were interested.

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No, we didnt miss anything. Again, those opinions you linked mean nothing. Sure, the 200 poins in AD does increase the power from someone with 800 allocated points before, but it does NOT, in any shape or form compensate for the HUGE loss of Paragons

And thats not even mentioning the biggest issue with the Cap, which is cutting off a chase the game had before. A lot of people LOVED the fact that they could get progressively more powerful without needing the blessing of the RNG

And yes, you are trying to do damage control. At this point, everyone should know that the Season has lost players from previous seasons and its a failure, but you guys keep trying to blame others for that

Its not myopia form players, its myopia form the Devs, and their reluctancy to listen to PTR feedback that caused this failure


Jesus, those weren’t opinions, Crash. They were from analyses from those who run the numbers and those who put them into practice.

Nevermind, you’ve stuck your fingers in your ears. You don’t want to see it.


They are opinions, and you want to know how i know it?

Because they are general statements that cant be done, since the redistribution of points affect all the builds differently

So yeah, those “analyses” you claim they have done, are either really bad ones, or made for specific builds and their results being generalized, which is something you CANT DO, and anyone that has any clue about math knows that

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It is a fact that D3 has an ingame leaderboard.

It is a fact that you or anyone with a PC D3 copy can view that leaderboard.

It is a fac that one can count the number of characters who have solo cleared GR 150 in each season.

I looked at total GR 150 solo seasonsl clears. It includes all classes on the solo leaderboard.

There is no analysis or opinions, simply facts.

The simple inspection that I did does not require any analysis beyond counting of the in game leaderboard.

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that’s my secret, captain, i’m always right. hulks out :troll:

So, not all of the loss.

So, not all of the gap.

So, for some classes / builds, the paragon re-allocation allows you to compensate for some of, but not all of, the power lost due to a capped paragon.

In other words, the analysis, from those who run the numbers, this season is objectively worse than a season with no cap, even with re-allocations.

By your own argument, using the analysis of people that know how to do the numbers, you’ve admitted that this season is objectively worse than seasons with no cap and you’re still arguing with people whose opinion is that the season is worse than other seasons?


Don’t know who this person “Raxx” is, but sounds like one of those “influencers”.
If so, then let it be as it is, as I view it as a derogatory term. I’m fully capable of making up my own mind and decisions, thank you. I don’t need a shepherd.


Yes, its a streamer, that made a post here with some demands, then made a document and push it to Blizzard

Blizzard gave him almost everything he demanded in this season, including the Paragon Cap, and Raxx declared the Season dead even faster than the previous season

What that shows is that even those that demanded the Paragon Cap didnt even lasted long on this Season

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As for me my NS main have all primals with perfect rorlls. What gear must I farm more?

That’s not true. The Altar gave a lot of the QOL features listed in the document, with public user contribution, he conveyed to the the D3 team. There is no Altar this season.

A paragon cap was mentioned in the document, but not what level it should be at. The reason for a cap was to get away from mindless paragon farming by rat runs or other means.

If you search for “Raxxanterax” in the search field you can find the thread in general discussion.

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Best post in this thread.

Streamers/influencers are the reason people ate tide pods and considered it a “great idea”.

You don’t see with your ears, Leviathan. smh

No, that was never my argument:

… meaning the perception of this season by itself without comparisons.

And besides, even if I had been comparing seasons, most, if not all, seasons were ‘worse’ than S28, so what’s the issue of S29 being worse as well? Hence, what’s the issue with your questions above (the loss/gap)? Are you suggesting every season should be successively more powerful than the previous?

My point about farming wasn’t about farming for NS characters. It was about farming for seasonal chars, like is most often done. Which is based off the fact that the power drop due to the paragon point cap is not nearly as much as people think.

Thus, farm gear of your seasonal? If your NS is perfect, that makes cleaning up before season’s end a breeze since you will be able to delete the character without fear of losing anything useful.

Or, the gear for your non main(s)? If you have a main, that suggests you play other builds/classes some of the time.

Power droped tremendously. LB doesnt reflect consistency in GR clears, its best run record. 1/2000 key fishings isnt the same as 100% clearable or 50% clearable consistencies. Not saying these records needs 2000+ keys to clear, but you get the point.

Paragon grants powers to weaker builds where their multipliers and toughness are maxed from gears and with no hope of getting attention from Blizzard. The only way to push these playstyles further is from paragons. While somewhat “artificial”, there isnt another way. There’s quite a big gap/incentives to play between s tier and low tier builds due to paragon cap.

While 800 paragon cap guardian sets offers full augmented at around 28k main stat for capable builds, the damage isn’t as big vs 9k+ 50-60k average main stats. If we consider an approximate 2x difference, it’s still somewhat quite acceptable. Toughness however, 28k main stat roughly grants 3k all res/ 30k armor (exceptions to specific builds) and 50k+ grants roughly 6k all res / 60k armor. The difference in toughness is around 69%. While damage difference is 2x or 5 tiers, mob damage is increased by 3% per tier. 69% toughness roughly equates to 18 tiers rounding. Guardian granted toughness negates this so some degree but still a substantial margin. In a pushing through limit scenario, ability to tank and drag multi pack elites for conduit is crucial in time attacking which toughness plays a heavier role than damage. Paragon plays a vital role in EHP even in softcore. Power in my opinion shouldnt be limited to discussions on dps/damage only.