Looks like the seasonal paragon cap isn't too bad

Okay, I’m not going to keep repeating supporting facts to my argument. For the final time about the the power loss from the paragon point cap…

No, it hasn’t tremendously.

Some? Yes, but only a few GRs as has been shown by the anylses by those who know the numbers and math. The 200 points for an attribute offsets the majority of the power loss from paragon. Why? Because paragon doesn’t contribute nearly as much as people think. Add that to some of the fastest drop rates and crafting mat abundances for upgrades, and 5 of the 7 classes have already made GR150 (last I looked) only three weeks in.

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If you work the numbers, yes it is.

Looking at data and playing the game isnt the same either Mr MvP.

Like wise, have a nice day.


Of course not. However, the numbers show what is achievable. And with the season only 3 weeks in, we can all see the numbers in practice. How much one plays is the difference, which has been true for every season.

I look forward to your analyses that counter those that have been done and presented.

I still play even after achieving all my goals.
I’ll play the next season… and the next season… and the next season…
Will I need an intervention?

If you don’t like the season, take a break for a couple months and come back for S30 when the Mighty Altar AND paragon points above 800 will return!

I already did.

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That’s the point. A HUGE amount of people are doing that, and thats a problem

Last Season lasted a lot longer than a couple of months, which was great because it was a great season, hopefully Blizzard understand they failed on this one and make it as short as possible

And we are not even talking about how the Paragon Cap DESROYED any kind of build diversity in the game


I’m still holding to my theory that lack of addinional power plus the fact of returning Altar in the next season is more important than paragons and people just skipped this season

and idiots stay no matter what.

Ok, so staying longer than needed in a season to play content one fancy makes one an idiot. Cool.

My seasonal hero…

…only needs the 3 conquests to finish Guardian and haven’t logged into the game since 27th September, because I’m not sure I can even be bothered.

Season theme does not account for paragon cap.

Who cares if you can have CDR for 50% or whatever the max is.

You lose CHC, CHD, and AS.

Now of course, every build is different, but I highly doubt having 50% CDR compensates for the lose of paragon, CHC, CHD, and AS.

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The max CDR from paragon now is now 40%. But here’s the thing, to achieve the same amount from gear you need 6 separate rolls (if I remember correctly) since they are combined multiplicatively. For CDR dependent builds that is a huge benefit as less CDR is needed on gear and can be replaced with something else.

Compared to normal paragon distribution you’ll lose 5% CHC and 50% CHD. Relative loss compared to the total amount one generally has is not huge.

The attack speed loss can zero depending on a case. Whether a build benefits from greater attack speed or not, one still needs to hit certain break points with total IAS before any benfit is gained. If forgoing IAS from paragon doesn’t drop a single breakpoint, nothing is lost.