Looks like the seasonal paragon cap isn't too bad

I can get bored of the season early and move on to other things in life. :stuck_out_tongue:


Assassins Creed Mirage next week. Looks promising.


Casuals leave seasons no matter what

Looks nice!

Those games come out faster than I can play em.

It was so good so I skipped S29. Nonseason until S30 patch.


can we interest you in some D4 microtransactions?

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lol I think at this point, even Diablo Immortal is better than D4 :rofl:


That’s a shame. The season theme is actually quite fun.
In all previous season, you would hit paragon 800 and literally forget about all the paragon bonuses. Now, you have some amazing new options, and almost every build can take advantage of them in different ways. Some of them are insane. 40% CDR is game changing. 200% AD is so strong it is probably the equivalent of 2000+ paragon for some builds.
The fissures are also fun. I’ve never had so many mats for reforging that I don’t even care about running out before. In previous seasons, you always get to a certain point and after that the only thing you can do is blast GRs. This season, you can finally relax and do other things without feeling like you’re missing out.
It’s not perfect but it’s not one that you want to miss out on.


All this.

People missed that the season theme compensated for the paragon cap quite well.

The visions give so much gear and mats that I never had such good gear, either through drops or reforging, so early. Along with much faster upgrades as well. Add the 200 point categories and the paragon cap is virually nullified.

But all some people could see was the paragon cap, and off they went.


Raxx left the Season in a week

Is he a casual?

Everyone is leaving the Season, and they are doing so way earlier than in previous Seasons, because Paragon Cap was a TERRIBLE idea and there is nothing to do

Sadly, Blizzard didnt listen to the PTR Feedback, the Season could have been much, much better with an uncapped seasonal option

But we will have to waith untill S30, lets hope this is a short Season


Raxx, like blizzard, isnt a gamer, he’s a businessman. He’ll jump ship wherever the views are. Wudijo, on the other hand, is a gamer, and he is still running D3 today.

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Raxx didnt only leave D3. Raxx left Blizzard games because Blizzard games no longer making him twitch $.


That’s why he’s still actively working with Blizzard, and is still a Blizzard partner. That’s why he reviewes the live streams, and said he likes what we are getting in D4, so he will be back in S2. Never the less he can play what ever he wants, because he’s a gamer. So why not profit from playing any game that his community and he himself is interested in? Gameing doesn’t start nor stop with Blizzard games. Every streamer is in it for the money.

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Raxx is my favorite streamer
He taught me how to play Diablo 3
I vividly remembered in his 3 man Rank 1 video on youtube, he knew there was a power pylon behind the tree, which is in the fog of war.
Ever since then, i am using the same program he does.
I can see pylons very clearly!


S29 can’t compensate for S28 altar.


Mate I know you are being nice. But S29 is not for me. I’m not sure any season forward will be for me. Maybe 4th cubeslot season could be worth it.


Why something you have said sounded right, and not sarcastic for once? That’s odd. Is that your honest personal opinion? Hard to tell.

Season 29 meant to be three months long, looking at their blog posts.

Not everyone likes tests and metrics. Don’t think too hard about it.
Season 29 walks so S30 can run; people wanted new features and now we’re at the brink of getting them after this test phase. Although, cap is not bad as you make it out to be. Just because you have reached the Paragon limit, doesn’t mean game ends just right there. That’s only a mentality you have.

My mentality is better than yours? Don’t really understand what you are trying to say.

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Thats a mentality alot of other also have. Some like this season, some dont.


At no point was I comparing two season themes. It was only a statement about some people’s myopia of the current season.

Did the statement include S29? Or was it talking solely about start of the season recycling?

Edit. Went back to reread it. It states:

Following Season 30, iconic themes and features from Seasons past will be reintroduced roughly every 3 months,

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