LoN/LoD Bombardment Build Outline (Solo and Group)

I would probably just go with Addendum for Rally, use a 1 hander w/ fervor passive to activate it a little sooner. Rally’s timing is more suited for push.

Downtime for me while running the Addendum in hand, is about 2 seconds. With the season theme, running Reaver in cube it’s only going to take the initial call down to get a kill or 2 to have the second Bombardment ready.

Mind, I don’t have perfect CDR on gloves/shoulders. So it may be possible to get the delay lowered. Still a fun weapon to use when running speeds.

For my current mainstat, 108 solo speeds seems to be it. And this with the Heart Slaughter+Hellskull I mentioned before. Times average around 2-4 minutes. Top end of that, when I get maps with really bad density and Reaver can’t be fully realised. SoJ+Lantern with Unity in cube, no COE. Would prefer the Unity equipped, but haven’t found one that’s wearable yet.

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I playing in this season too. I use a6i2ccN bomber for pushing. 4th slot is AWESOME!!! I put there AA, and cleared 124 w\o any augments, when i was @p1240. Now i have some augmented gear and my str raise to near 18k, so i will clear higher soon. My purpose is 130 solo for this season. So much fun with 4th slot.

I’m only sad that they killed I6 to the ground, it is unplayaple for me even in 115 solo. Maybe in team it can do something but for solo pushing - it suks and blows.

Also for solo speeds (up LL gems ) i often use LoD Bomb - this is my favourite build ever! Now, with the 4th slot it became even better than before! I can clear 120 with it, but it takes time, because i havent applied any augments on it yet. Theoretically, if we had some good legendaries in shoulders and pants slots - the build сould be jump even higher. But finally - now i can play my favourite bild and feel happy, thanks a lot to developers for that!

I’ve come across a bunch of random ancients and primals which for some crazy reason fit the LoD version of bomber. I am having problems going past GR120 for some reason though. The trash is dying super fast but the elites not so much. I am using a primal stone of jordan with furnace cubed. Im going with a 2H primal mortal drama (perfect roll) and akarats awakening. Champion is up almost 100 of the time. Is this about the ceiling for the lod version?

At 2200 paragon nope. I am sure you can get up to GR130ish provided you can survive.

What is your jewelry config?

primal essense of joh with 20 physical, 8 cooldown, 1000 str
primal soj with 20 physical, 20 AD
a very sturdy justice lantern

Are you running Boyarski and Stricken? My feeling is that:

Condemn > Ess of Johan
Flavor of Time > Ess of Johan
LoN Rings > LoD Gem
Bane of the Trapped > SoJ + JL
Strongarms > Nemesis
Pig Sticker/Sun Keeper > any 2h

These all add up to several GRs, it is rough to run LoN rings at low paragon, my non-seasonal can survive GR140, but my raw 1700 paragon with 17000 strength can’t really survive in GR125.

So i would take a second look at what you have and try the substitutions.

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I happened to come across a primal mortal drama and had the other stuff. I remembered you made this thread so I tried it for fun. I used boyaski (mid 130s) sticken 140 something and LoD. 300k ish thornes. I have a perfect primal invoker bracers so I was using that for the stats.

I was able to take out the trash really quickly. I was just surprised at how sucky it was verses yellows.

Of course you are right about using a fast 1hander. I was just hoping the bombing aspect of the build was more prevalent.

I don’t plan on augging it up and pushing, I was just goofing around.

Right now I’m trying a norvald’s lazy shotgun. You lose the shield of fury but gain 100% damage, horsie and it’s a lot of fun.

Im running A6I2 in push (140 clear atm) but i totaly love LoD Bomba in speedrifting.

Ill explain my idea. I love super lazy builids for speeds. For crusader i found FOH pretty fast but its not lazy at all. I still have to click FOH aim it some. Pretty tirish, no fun after 50 runs.

Here what im doing with LoD Bomba:

  • in geom + akkarat awakening
  • leoric diamond
  • fot + soj + JL + coe (can use dual sojs too, but coe is better for me)
  • 20% physical pants
  • stone gauntlets + climbers for defense
  • any shoulders 4 fecta best, but idk rly
  • trove belt on me
  • heart of iron / aquilla - cube one, wear one

Builid is:

  • bomba
  • speed canon
  • rally
  • reflective skin
  • horse
  • last skill u want (i use divine verdict in the end, no need for punish)

Lord Commander, Finery, IM, Fervor.
Max cdr, some ad, some thorns, u know.

All skills except Shield Glare is on auto-cast. U horse to elite bombas kill, buffs auto cast, in-geom procs. Basically i just moving my cursor and thats it. Laziest builid i ever play’d and its ultimate fast.

With rally, max cdr, in-geom and trove bombas flying 24/7 and i rly wait for it max 3 seconds when i meet elite, usually no wait at all.

No clicking builid for lazy players. Click-heavy is bad in speedrifts for me. This builid is no click at all (just force move) and sometimes Shield Glare if i want to.

115 in 2-3 min at my 5k para, its NS.
Just an idea how i run LoD.

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sounds very chill, I will try it out

Still loving this build, looking to carry into nonseason, but worried about losing messerschmitt.

Does the 20% dmg loss from a 2H affect thorns damage?

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Yes it does. You might be able to counteract it with Hellskull, but then what would be the point of the reaver.

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Ah, bummer. Well I guess it doesn’t matter too much, since the only reason I would want to run a 2H is when things are dying so quickly that Reaver > ingeom.

Side note: I love how much flexibility there is in this build. There are quite a few weapon/shield combos that are all viable for different tasks.

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MSR is fantastic for speeds.

I run almost exclusively solo speeds and was also worried about damage fall off when losing 4th cube slot and not having access to MSR.

Testing on PTR, showed amazing results if you have access to legacy SOJ. Combined with the new Enchantress, I believe you have as much damage as before - If you used something like Heartslaughter. It is actually possible to get more damage, than S22 tbh… while maintaining the possibility to snowball with MSR+FoT.

Though I must confess there were 2 people (5k+ gons) on the LB in PTR that ran a very special Ingeom+Squirts combo, posting 120 speeds of 2minutes. Roughly I think it gave them near 100% uptime on Bombardment. I believe even dmkt did a 120 in roughly 2minutes with his own gear, unsure now if Squirts or no.

I tried to adapt my setup to Squirts while maintaining MSR+Hellskull+Hexing and posted pretty impressive times for 120 with under 3k gons. Interesting to note that the Blackthorne’s Pants turned out to be much less damage for me than Hexing.

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I have been looking for a correctly rolled ancient Squirts to test speeds, but I also want to test it in push with Rally. Rally is hard to pull off in 130s+ I am compromised with the run speed issues from Stone Gauntlets. And survival is very hard in GR140+ even with AC up. Northwar did pull off a 10min 140 clear with Rally + LoN + Flavor. He had not augmented much of his gear.

I really like LoN rings, I have one with CC reduction secondary on season, but I need about 3 good rolls to survive better without full time AC. My biggest issue right now in push, even with just 1-2 rolls at 51% CC Reduction, is getting clobbered when AC drops.

Harnor’s H-Bomb solves all of that, but I am greedy and want Strongarms and Trapped for the extra GRs.

Being able to squeeze more CDR from the follower is really good. On PTR I went full blown CDR with Vigilante belt and there was still downtime, I think Gogok got it really close to 100%. I even tried dropping Lord Commander with this setup — it barely made it without help from Akarat’s Awakening.

I look forward to the season ending so I can merge my loot. I also hope to see additional Emanates effects help with survival.

I’m running the speed build from


but with akarats awakening, justice lantern instead of unity, hold your ground instead of finery, and heart of iron with cubed aquila. can do consistent < 3min@115 speed runs


Currently, the best result in the EU ladder is 1:57 at 115 and 2:54 at 120.

A buddy of mine who grinds paragon regularly with LoN Bomb had a GR120 in 1:54ish. He is around 7k paragon. I am fairly certain you can find his clear on NA.

I’ve done plenty of sub 2mins 121, they just don’t show up because I cleared 125 or so with LoN bomb before.

I bet, if you grind it regularly, like 50-100 runs per day, those perfect maps will show up with the right pylon sequence and elite proximity.