LoN/LoD Bombardment Build Outline (Solo and Group)

Do you recall what your main stat was? 55-60k?

60k-ish, I was playing with finery.


You will only have 100% uptime on certain bosses. Hamelin, orlash and stoneslinger (after he spawn his turrets).

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Holy cow! Tats quite a lot of dmg xD

I went through about 45 minutes of footage. I’m sure I could squeeze in a little more damage in with Andariel’s.

The older footage showed a hit of 1.42Q in some thick density. I was at ~45k strength, so that would translate into like ~1.89Q peak hits. I was fighting zombies on that hit, maybe a neighboring mob was a demon or beast… qualifying for Pig Sticker 30% bonus? I went further into the footage, found another hit for 1.593Q and it was a beast, that hit would have been 2.123Q.

That’s not to say that you couldn’t find a higher damage hit in your footage, or your gear rolls couldn’t have been improved too.

That’s about extrapolated 47%+ more damage A6I2 with Finery, which incidentally is 2-3GRs as I guessed.

Aye – and that’s the stuff that counts in max push.

Well…save to say the build isn’t dead

It’s awesome to have options, even some that are a little weaker. I think it’s very fair to squeeze in Pony for an extra 2-3GRs.

I’m rooting for Wizards, Monks and WD and mighty sword with 800%+200%. Variety is important. Maybe something good will turn up in those final season announcement notes?

The hope dies last

  • but it dies

Realizing I don’t have a decent FoT for this build…then realizing that I’ve probably skipped dozens of BiS FoT’s for this build because I was farming element/crit/crit…

Guessing ideal rolls would be phys, str, AD, CDR, socket?

Yes that is ideal.

Be on the lookout for Squirts with Phys, AD, CDR as well. Keep your eyes open for the equivalent Akkhan’s amulet too as it’s very rare.

i think double bounties still active in S21, ends 8 November. It could be a good idea to farm double bounties to reforge all the ‘aids’ item rolls like shield, shoulders, ammy.

Reason why its ‘aids’ is because they can have secondary thorns up to 9500 and requires trifecta primary affix rolls too (elsewhere is only 3500, belt is 9500 but crimson belt is easy to get).


Yeah, I’ve got my GoD DH putting in good work with the double bounties. “Aids” is a pretty apt description. There are a few pieces of gear that have not been kind to my mental health. I have enough to do 300 rerolls after S21 ends, so I think I should be able to get this build at least to a serviceable place, even if it’s not absolutely perfect.

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I knew it! I shouldn’t hope but i still do. Why!!!

Is anyone playing this in S22? Just cleared 120 in 12min, p1282 17.4k str

So glad I can replay the pony sader again. Feels really good… and the damages!!!

Nice. I have it as an alt to my FotH build, so I haven’t finished putting it together or pushing with it, but I walk through 90-100 in <5 min.

1st question: dude…how did you get that FoT so early in the season?

2nd question: (for anyone) Is Votoyias Spiker any good in this build? I know it doesn’t work very well with Invoker, but for a LoD build I’d think it’d be good.

I literally dropped 4-5 primals back to back. Thought then, why not try rerolling a FoT. Got it on the first attempt… My luck has been bad ever since lol

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Spiker shield doesn’t help. It doesn’t raise sheet or bomb thorn damage.

I got up to GR140 very easily. I used Pig Sticker in NS. On season I’d recommend PS with Furnace or possibly Reaver in the cube.

Harnor’s H-Bomb variant could do well too with LoN rings, not LoD.

Loads of good choices for sader.

Reaver is amazing for speeds. With high enough density, I just about have Bombardment+Iron Skin available for each pack. Actually if you have the damage to clear a pack in just one Bombardment activation, then it’s amazing. The only thing that holds it back for me is toughness. And sadly this comes with Paragon.

I just wish all the Barbs weren’t off running 118s rats. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to 110s+ with Warcry/IP. I actually teamed with a LON Bomber in NS just before season start. We were able to very comfortably clear 117’s in 4-5 minutes, and his gear had pretty low augs.

For speeds I’m much preferring Heart Slaughter+Hellskull with Reaver in cube, right now. Less damage against elites, but much smoother getting to the end.

Another fun combo is Akkhan’s Addendum+Hellskull with Rally on AC. You get 2 ‘instant’ Bombardments per Elite. Though the first can sometimes be lower powered if you’re not already Championing.