LoD Blessed Shield

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By cdr 65+ (my is 65.92). But i not try IceClimbers yet.

It depends from situation. You should always thinking how you should to attack, while moving or being standby. I`m not always choose right desicion.

Depends from elite (mod type, affixes) and situation.

Spasibo. I would love to hear more on your strategy. Im in the low 300s on US LB. 115.

Negator You always should looking what item to change. Every time when you pushing you should discover, what item in your gear is a “weak link” (example: non-ancient boots in the build where other items are ancient) and what to reroll easier to compare with others (very hard to take good shield, better to reroll weapon for example). And, of course, what mod type better past to your current build. About tactic… try to play higher and higher! For example, you have cleared 125, its you personal best. Then try to play in solo 120-122 greater rift for better feeling of gameplay and took experience.

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My geqr is mostly pretty good. But impatient play and sun 2k Paragon.


Schyzo, whats that? Its wrong. No attack speed, no items for defence.

I want to put the d3 planner link of mz solo build, but d3planner now works not so fine - it always saved my “keys” build and show me it. ))


I think you misunderstood his question about Stone Gauntlets drawback w/o Ice Climbers. CDR has nothing to do with your movement impairment and AS decrease. Ice Climbers makes you immune to both debuffs (or you can use the gem that makes you immune to crowd control effects, same result - I do that on my meteor LoD Wiz).

If you can live with the debuffed movement speed / attack speed and clear that high, then all the kudos to you! Personally I live by Attack speed, going from 2 attacks / second to 3 attacks / second helped my clear speed and RG boss kill by a large margin (talking at 110, playing season for now so didn’t try to push past 110).

I have done the same indestructible for towering shield trade in groups, but I’d never think to do it solo. It made complete sense when i picked up Andariel’s, and rolled main stat to CHC. Maybe all of the uptime of AC/Iron Skin changes things?

65% CDR makes the downtime of Iron Skin about 3.5 sec, the downtime on AC is 11.5 sec. Trigger Iron Skin 4.5 seconds after AC fades, you’d be vulnerable to Stone Gauntlets’ slow only for those 4.5 seconds.

65% is a magical value because you won’t miss a Fire cycle with AC, ever.

In our paragon range, it feels dangerous again GR130+ and I understand this gearing approach for near constant attacking and increasing the average shield stacks.

@Borfet, good work succeeding at GR132.


Ah ok got it, was too focused on the detail and missed the bigger picture! Cheers.

So, does Iron Skin negate the Stone Gauntlets negative effect as well?

[Normally, I’d test in the field on my own but between work and grinding caldesan gems in my spare time, just haven’t really played with the build itself much]

Yes it does. It gives crowd control immunity like said on the skill.


I currently use a Gyrfalcon’s with IAS instead of CDR, and a Jekengbord with 342% power, 10% BS, 8%CDR, and 9.5% CHC.

I just had a Primal Jek drop with STR, Vit, CHC, and one more slot.

Which do I use, and if I use the Primal, what do I roll on the last slot, and do I move my other gear around?

Will be 8% CDR or 15% BS depending CDR on other slots. Personally, I d consider Area damage as well and look for BS% from tower shield passive. Gz on the primal.

I have poor CDR, as I went with IAS everywhere. So we only have the Leoric’s Diamond, the shield, and the shoulders. Nothing on rings, weapon, or gloves.

Sounds like 8% cdr probably best suit your current gears.

Is trading 10% Blessed Shield worth the maxed Jekenbord special bonus and the 1000 vitality?

Personally, absolutely.

400 vs 342% is 5.0x / 4.42x = 13.12% upgrade.

BS 10% worth, (assuming maxed from helmets and boots + tower shield) w/o SA is 1.6x/1.5x = 6.67%

BS 10% worth … with SA is 1.9x/1.8x = 5.56

13.12- 6.67 (5.56) = 6.45 - 7.56% net upgrade. Let alone the 1k vit, meaning you can assign 1k more STR.

First, thank you for your help.

Second, I only have 15% from Ice Climbers. I did not have a BS% Leoric’s Crown, and I use the Stand Your Ground-Finery-Indestructable-Fervor package of passives.

What is SA?

Cool. That does create an interesting alternative to going with Ice Climbers.

I’m assuming Strongarms… but they shouldn’t even be a thought in a Blessed Shield build…