LoD Blessed Shield


This build lacks mobility, but if you find that you have too much defense you could always drop Iron Skin or Judgment for Steed Charge or Falling Sword.

We’re using SoJ for group play, but in solo you may want to swap it for Unity depending how far you’re trying to push. I’m not confident about the survivability with this one, but the damage is definitely there.

On the bright side, molten explosion will heal you if you need it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’d go Flavor of Time myself.

2x Conduit or Power or Speed… GG.


I plan to do a little write up on this build myself, but my first observation is that not using Leoric’s Crown is sheer and utter madness. ESPECIALLY since you are stacking so many sources of fire damage that you are getting diminishing returns from Andariel’s.

Andariel’s can be useful because it also gives 7% attack speed.

Generally speaking though, I agree with you. Most players should probably take Leoric’s for the extra CDR and increased AC/IS up time.

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Not consistent. So it either does great or it does nothing.

Or you could just go something like my seasonal and be tanky and solid dps. I have about 4 different combos of equipped/cubed gear and skilled based on what i’m doing.

www .d3planner . com/101780545

Top crusader on the leaderboards right now is running andariel’s visage in their build. Actually looking at their build the other day caused me to swap around a few pieces to up my damage, biggest game changers for me though was getting a solid amount of Life on hit on my neck. When i’m pushing I run as much fire damage as i can and I drop stone gauntlets and ice climbers (especially in groups). When i’m speed farming i run stone/ice.

Next change i’m trying to accomplish is getting a crit/crit ancient unity and cubing my COE.

Andariel’s Visage is not that great because you’re trading Strength, Blessed Shield skill bonus/6 CHC/CDR for Fire bonus and IAS.

Ideal Leoric’s Crown:

  • STR, CHC, BS, 25% CDR

Ideal Andariel’s Visage:

  • Fire, IAS, CHC, 12.5% CDR
  • Fire, IAS, BS, 12.5% CDR
  • Fire, IAS, CHC, BS, no CDR <–good luck with your skill uptime

Keep in mind that LoD BS can stack Fire skill bonus more easily than DIBS unless you use Strongarm or something like Shield Glare Divine Verdict, which makes 20% fire only a few percent better than 6% CHC/15% BS with highly optimized items.

From affix’s worth point of view, it doesn’t make sense to trade 12.5% CDR for 7% IAS if you have to roll 8% CDR on other slots instead of 7% IAS to compensate for it.


I totally agree with you. I was simply pointing out the top LOD crusader right now that completed a 118 seasonal is using the Andariel’s helm. I personally don’t see going that route either. I’m really liking the setup I’ve got for fire damage (thought unity/COE swap would probably net me some gains on elites), and love the toughness setup with stone/ice. I’ve mainly been focusing on getting all my gems pushed up and paragon farmed, I need to try to push some GR’s and fish a little to see where what i can complete.

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Other gear becomes a factor I think for Andariel’s vs. Leoric’s.

i.e. what other attack speed do you have? how much elemental damage do you have? Etc.

Another ring to consider would be a legacy justice lantern if anyone kept one. Added block chance for extea damage reduction and single target damange

Nah, I don’t think doubling up on JL is a smart allocation of Ring slots. The one should be good enough if you also have Provoke Hit Me and Hold Your Ground.

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Just managed to eek out a 116 Seasonal on my first try. Terrible maps honestly, lots of long tunnels and dead ends. Honestly didn’t think I was going to make it until at the last second on the rift boss I got an occulus circle and purple seasonal circle to overlap and destroyed 50% of his life in short order.

Side note: got a jenka primal today, not a single usable stat on it, 15 primal souls was its value :frowning:

That’s the worse feeling. I’d rather destroy a primal trash item than a primal staple item with trash stats :frowning:

Heya, new to LoD BS this season, I used to play akkham BS (and even adapted it with crimson for more goodies).

I saw 2 versions of the build, one with ice climbers & stone gauntlets and other with illusory boots.

I am only 1200 paragon atm and I am forced to use esoteric gem to stay alive in GR100+ (I am running the ice climbers & stone gauntlets variant, with leoric crown not andariel’s). Am using CoE and Justice Lantern (with unity cubed), ~300mil toughness before getting hit or popping skills (akharat champ / provoke), sadly I still need to get 5 items in ancient version (chest piece, gloves, justice lantern, shoulders and boots).

Also running gogok to help me with AS / CDR due to non-ideal rolls on some of the ancients (and primal shield) so I am at 2 attacks / second outside of Laws of Valor (as I figured out having more uptime on Valor & provoke & champ akkharat will give me more overall DPS / toughness than using bane of trapped for example - could be wrong tho).

In my position is it more important to get the ancient version for the pure dmg buff and DR, so I can drop esoteric and get bane of stricken / trapped even if they don’t have ideal stats / rolls, or stick with the non-ancient ones who have the right stats?

Cheers, any input much appreciated!

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I want to help based on your current gear, but your profile isn’t in the Americas so all I can do is point to the OP. To save time scrolling:


Well, that doesn’t take much fixing. Just change the US in the URL to EU and you’ll see their EU region heroes…

He got a Primal Jekangbord to drop, and he didn’t roll the socket off???

Well, my dude. From EU land. Basically, you need to go find yourself some gear before we can talk about rolls. Also, don’t use shattering through. It’s shiny, but it’s trash.

The primal was before this season, I didn’t had much clue when I was playing back then and was mainly playing DH N6M4 / Impale, crusader was a side project, so I did what I thought was making sense. I will replace the shield with an ancient with better rolls don’t worry ^^

Also the saved build is what I use for speed keys / bounties because shattering hits more stuff (also using stead cooldown passive and holy because it’s fun for farming) for pushing I use magefists and ice climber boots (cubed stone gauntlets) and combustion on BS of course…

I was asking regarding the ancient / non ancient for LoD gem bonuses vs the stats as a general rule of the thumb not 100% specific to my gear, as I simply can’t get hit in GR 100 without Esoteric gem with my current gear missing 5 ancients (which means quite some damage output and some tankiness as well, not even looking at stats on gear).

So anyway, it’s the build supposed to be so squishy at low paragon compared to Akkham set? Cheers!

No. The build should be pretty tanky once you get the right gear.

  • ~52% damage reduction from LoD
  • 50% damage reduction from Aquila Cuirass
  • ~50% damage reduction from Justice Lantern
  • ~50% damage reduction from Stone Gauntlets/Ice Climbers
  • 50% damage reduction from Unity
  • 50% damage reduction from Iron Skin/Prophet (you should be alternating and cycling between these two as needed based on incoming damage and cooldowns)

Important key to the build is getting Life on Hit on gear. This combined with high attack speed plus all of the above sources of damage reduction makes you extremely tanky.

Thank you!

How much LoH is needed? I have ~20k atm. And AS, is there a breakpoint or sweet spot? I am sitting at 1.96 attacks / second atm before Gogok / Laws of Valor active, and about 59% CDR.

Also should I prio Attack speed over crit chance or cdamage? (I know ideally I want 1:10 ratio between ChC / ChD).

More so, how important is BS damage rolls on gear vs other offensive stats? (for example my helmet had 6% crit chance but I rolled it off for 15% BS damage to stay within 1:10 ratio for ChC / ChD).

How much base HP should I try to get so that I can actually afford to take damage until Stone Gauntlets stacks to 5 (so I don’t explode if some mob charges me off screen or I get shot with some fireballs / spears / arrows etc)? Once my defense is up (5x stacks) and I rotate cooldowns it’s smooth sailing for most part (I did an 103 with about 3m left and it was the melee boss that with blade hands that keeps doing random 3 point charges, but I could facetank him pretty much).

For example should I get AS on weapon instead of Reduced Cooldown?