LoD Blessed Shield

He is using Star of Az. So fire damage is not an issue.

This guy gets it. :smile:

This isn’t about the hero taking increased incoming fire damage due to the helm, it’s due to the cumulative increase of having fire bonus on the helm compared to not.

Imagine that you already have 4 sources of fire damage at 20% each then add another 20% from the helm. It’s an increase of…

2.00 / 1.80 = 11.11%

So, whilst you’d be gaining 11% fire damage you’d also be losing 12.5% CDR because you are no longer getting your helm’s diamond effect doubled by Leoric’s Crown. This could mean you cannot maintain as much up-time on Akarat’s Chamion, which is a 35% damage boost.

Essentially, the more sources of elemental damage you take, the less overall percentage benefit each damage source grants your hero and other items might give a better benefit.

You don’t want Star of Az for GR builds anyways… you want Flavor of Time. I hope you didn’t take Star of Az just because you thought it was clever to negate Andariel’s weakness to Fire…

Meteorblade is right though.

The Fire Damage % roll on Andariel’s doesn’t mean as much if you got Amulet/Bracers/Magefist with Fire Damage. The Attack Speed is nice, but Leoric’s helps with Law of Valor, Iron Skin, and Akarat’s Champion up time.

I don’t completely agree with you. Your arguments are true but Andariel’s Visage gives a 7% IAS which can unlock lower breakpoints, so a more reasonable answer could be that Leoric’s Crown is BiS in general, but with some equipments affixes could be more worth playing with Andariel’s Visage (for example if we run Draw and Quarter rune of Steed Charge we could renounce at CDR and use the time in not-AC to group some mobs)

I meant diminishing returns on DEALT fire damage. The first +20% to fire damage roll has more effectiveness than the third.

It actually had nothing to do with Andy’s, I just like not having to dodge molten explosion and fireballs.

That must be nice indeed, but man oh man, Flavor Of Time is good.

There are some decent use cases for Andariel’s.

  1. When you go with LoN Rings, Ice Climbers and Stone Gauntlets. The base element is 60% (amulet, bracers, legs), Andariel’s elemental roll gives 12.5% extra damage, the attack speed benefit will get diluted with PE – but you can reach 8 shield stacks on the boss, which is 14.3% more damage.

  2. In groups, I get to cube Magefist and equip Cindercoat – I notice higher stack counts with Andariel’s Visage. What a good feeling to be locked onto an elite with 130+ stacks going in the fire cycle and oculus ring – chunk chunk chunk chunk … splat. At my paragon level, the BS sader can carry GR130+ with zbarb, zwiz and zdh supports together.

Holy sweet cheeze wizz! I just swapped out my Cindercoat for Aqua. Did a 116 without dying once (last attempt died ~ 20 times). Now I can swap a couple of defense stats for damage and a 120 suddenly feels doable soon.

Cleared a 116 on my holy BS with no power speed or conduits. I can definitely get higher as long as i get a boss with adds haha. Got through a 117 with 4 minutes left on the first try and bad maps and got sand sahper zulton… took for evvvvveeerrrr.


My NEW record GR 131 solo by LoD Blessed Shield.

To push higher i need more AD (now i have only 70).

Damn, that’s impressive.
Well done.

Thanks, mate! :slight_smile:
Time for 132 pushing :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one. Didn’t think you had enough time left over for the RG. Good job grouping his minions though.

I`m too :smiley: Maybe, at another lebel with more free space i would had less chances.

Since last time I posted, I made some changes. Dropped flavor of time completely and got an ancient hellfire with 98% cdamage and attack speed (and with the lovely passive that increases your CDR / AS forgot name).

Still holly, with minor changes (and still not fully upgraded like str enchants on all pieces) can do 105 in under 8 minutes, and just made 110 with 3.5m left (made some mistakes running into dead ends several times hoping I get more elites and map was 2 x skyrock battlements or what is called with all the tiny rooms / corridors).

Pretty much my damage skyrocketed as at 3 attacks / second with gogok stacked and Laws activated (which is non stop for me) and 560%ish CD pretty much stuff evaporates. Losing the double duration on pylons doesn’t hurt 1 bit when pushing - for me - as you may miss couple pylons based on map layout or get the good ones on bad maps, while having a great passive (which allows me to get another damage increase passive) is pretty bonkers.

If I manage to get a better amulet (with 10% crit and 100% cdamage) and couple other slot upgrades am sure I can push past 120 as holy np.

Plus is tons of fun, I can speed bounties and Nephalems with full groups with no worries of ever be in danger (~500m toughness without doing anything or using any skills / gems etc), running Eso for the pull to group mobs in cube and the bracers that spawns elites on pylons - wizards can’t keep up with me or DH. Also can farm GR100 with 8-9m left with this setup which is pretty damn neat.

I never said Fire ain’t better (as in more dmg especially vs grouped up big packs) but holy ain’t really bad, the bounces of shield get all the amplifiers as well, you heal for 1% from each shield hit (on top add the LoH whatever you have on gear) so you really don’t need to worry about anything. High AS with high CC and CD = more huge crits that melt stuff.

Happy Crusading! <#

Grats brother, looks good.

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Have cleared 132.

The new stone gaunlets was the key of success!
I gave:
  • passives “Indestructible” and “Renewal”;
  • 15% dmg to blessed shield from the shield (have changed to cdr);
  • 50% critical dmg in the CoE ring (have changed to cdr);
  • Life per Hit in my previous amulet;
  • “ancientry” of the amulet;
    I took:
  • The Flavor of Time (double effect from pylons);
  • Stone Gaunlets (perfect survivability! much better than indestructible, renewal and life per hit together!!!) Requires more cdr, but the hero will be like a tank.
  • Passive “Towering shield” for dmg compensation after changing 15% blessed shiled dmg to cdr in the shield;
  • Fire in the amulet to compensate his non-ancientry;
  • more cdr thanks to Flavor of Time;
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First of all, malodets parin! A few questions:

-How do you mitigate Stone Guantlet’s drawback without Ice Climbers?
-Why do you force move rather than stand-and-bang?
-Are you largely avoiding finishing elites once trash dies?

I think their profile checker is down still, so hard to look at your profile for some answers. What is your CDR%?