List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/18

Diablo is experiencing quite a few bugs:

Party Chat: party chat is not working (update, this is working in pubs but not private)
Clan Chat: not working for some still
Groups: Not allowing players to accept invites or send them out. Not allowing 4 users in a game. Receiving errors “This player is a non seasonal character” when they are.
Friends List: Displays player level at 0, displays as non seasonal when they are on seasonal characters. Displays Unknown instead of player class.
Community Chat: Says no one is in (update, this is now working)
Profiles: Not visible (update, working now for some)
Unable to Change Character: When in a party. (seems to be working for me)
Invisible Characters: Some characters are not displaying in Party Menu.
Broadcast: Not working


Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch - game crashed twice after 9.0 console update. Campaign Act 3 - Torment 5 - The Keep Depths Level 2 - using Necro with siphon, decay golem, frailty curse and spamming skeletal mage / archer, bone armor w/ dislocation. Game crashed twice mid-battle with skeleton hordes. Immediately exits to main home screen with error message.

Wrong forum for Switch bugs, this forum is for the PC version. Switch bugs belong in the Console bug report forum.

I also cannot CLAN chat. I get error 10014 No permission to chat in CLAN.


Having the same issues as Metalhead. Unable to use clan talk or communities. Unsure if broadcast msgs are seen or not. Unable to invite or request party invites. Message saying game party membership is locked?

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Replying here because it seems that moderators are deleting posts in regards to this topic, not sure why.

Some of the posts are being deleted are because they are being posted in every forum when its already being discussed in the Tech Support Forums where it belongs.


I opened this thread because I saw none like it in the bug forum at the time.
Hopefully Blizz will get these functions working soon since grouping is rough with these bugs.

Basically all party options are broken, even if you can get into a party it doesn’t recognize you are in. I tired joining a game and nothing happened but my friends said on their end it showed I was in their party. Weird things in D3 since the maintenance

Hi all, we just posted the following Breaking News: “We’re aware of an issue where some players are showing as level 0 in the Clan roster page, and other players can not see their level or receive invites. This is actively being investigated by us. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.”

Soon as this is resolved, I’ll chime back in here.

@ Beast, I saw your posts about the Switch crashing; I haven’t seen any other similar reports as of yet, but we’ll keep our eyes out! Of course see about powercycling the Switch as well as the network devices to see if that might help in the meantime. Keep us posted in your own thread, ty!


Thank You Araxom! Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.

We have a clan bug too. The clan name does not appear before our own as well.

Just take the game offline and fix it. Would be faster and easier.

joining someone is spotty, at best.
It seems some can join from menus on others
No one can join on me…
Error Codes 10022 10028

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having the same Issue as Lyrecyst with error codes 10022 and 10020

My friends and I are having trouble grouping with one another. We keep getting error codes.

Still unable to make a party of four. 3 works fine, getting error 300008.

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Game won’t allow me to join Parties. Error Code 300009.

*300008 that is. Very frustrating.

This is the message I received:

I can message in my Community. I can whisper to my Friends. But, I cannot message to my Clan.