I done blizzard is dead to me

I just have a bad feeling we are going to see

Charm inv
Personnel loot
Changed items and skills
All sorts

This game is just going to be diablo 3.5



Refunded by 1000 people maximum majority of which are toxic. Good riddance, stay in 2000.


We won’t see those features at all. But glad you are in Whimsyshire like everyone else. Fantasy land with clouds and ponies.

On December 23rd you may finally realize you aren’t getting any of those garbage features.

The game will launch with FFA, no Charm Inventory. Rod already stated they are focused on the launch and will revisit changes post-launch. Good luck launching FFA and switching after. They have already squashed feature additions because it made the game “Feel less original to the classic design”

Charm inventory will do just that. Take away from the original gameplay. People are asking for WILD QoL that just simply won’t happen.


There’s no way for VV/Blizzard to please everyone on the “to QoL D2R, or not to QoL D2R” debate.

Some people - for reasons I’ll never understand - prefer FFA loot. Some people want a charm inventory, again, something I’d never support. And that’s the rub, for every QoL idea raised there’s at least two different major schools of opinion amongst the playerbase.

It looks like D2R will launch with only a small number of pretty minor QoL features (shared stash aside, they’re mostly minor), so I don’t think the OP should be too worried.

That it will launch that way, is exactly why I won’t be buying it, but if a QoL-updated D2R is ever launched, I’ll happily give it a go.

You know the end of the world is upon us when people need a gaming company to improve the quality of their life. We are doomed as a species.


I think blizzard should put a hard line what they plan on doing with D2R are they going to keep it close to the core game or put cchanges over time. people need to know what they are buying

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This is very fine.

See, we and our interests evolve within time, we are not people with fixed mindsets and same habits that keep on playing the same old stale broken game.
Fortunately, we are the majority, and the poor fixed souls are like ~1000 people.

So for us, it’s simple, we can just buy another game and play it. Blizzard losses! Oh, and we might get mad and not buy Diablo IV or support Blizzard furthermore. Ouch, what a lose! They are losing loyal customers who literally buy all/most their games now!
(Personally, I cancelled my pre-order when I saw little QoL/changes and went to Project D2 for my itch! Again, if they reveal Future Plans and QoL changes I will buy it and D4).
For you, this game will be DoA or dead within 6 months, just like 2000 “masterpiece”. It will sell how much, if D2 2000 sold only 4 millions? Blizzard losses again!

Poor Blizzard, in a loss:loss situation to appease for a toxic very, very minority that curses it daily (omg Blizz sucks i no trust them) and their products (d3 sux wow sux ow sux) and does not support it at all.

Blizzard knows this exactly.
What would Blizzard do, hmmm…?
Fantasy land, sure!

I’m someone what has brought every CE of every game year upon years of WoW time mounts pets blizzard merch blizzcon stuff.

Aka I’m a blizzard whale.

That’s… good for you…?

Point still stands, we all know who the vast majority are.

Diablo III 20+ million copies.
Diablo II 4 million copies (even though individuals bought 4+).

Enough said.

You and most folks here, should know what they are going to do.

They are going to attempt to churn their old audience out and pull in new, much younger blood.

Whether this strategy includes D2 or D4 is moot (does not matter). Its going to happen, it has been happening, its occurred in other games they sell (World of Warcraft/Hearthstone/Overwatch/D3).

The path from here for Blizzard is very simple, and straight. The path for D2, does not matter.

After 10 years of opining about a D2 re-release. Its here. Right here.

The peripheral of it can be changed so much, as long as the core remains. Its not a subscription or ongoing purchase scheme (yet). It is a single purchase. They do not need to convince you of anything once you have bought it.

Do we finally have a low ping, not-feces, version of Diablo 2?
A version that does not rubber-band? A version that does not kick you for storing items? A version without endless issues in relation to connection?

Mabye. The rest is pointless dribble that connects to Blizzard/Activision and not to D2.

No we don’t some little reditt post is not real info

Thats not life time sales numbers

Seems metacritic would disagree with you diablo 3 or most 10k reviews a 4.6 RoS or most 2k reviews 6.6

Keep living in denial my purist friend.

D3 launch day sales alone outsold D2 LTD’s by far, by the way.

From the love of d2 and it boomed in the reviews

D3 sales numbers are indeed fantastic, but player retention is abysmal. Plus, D3 released on a lot of platforms including consoles whereas D2 is a PC only thing from 2000. I don’t think D2R will outsell D3 though, the ARPG era is way past it’s prime and not a lot of new people care about these games anymore. All I know is that when I was active in D2, everyone I saw there played the game for much longer than the people I see in D3. Even some top D3 players are usually pretty much done with the season in a month or two. It’s some of the worst player retention I’ve ever seen.

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Sales I mentioned were PC only, especially first day’s (doh). :woman_shrugging:

Where is a source for that? I mean, as opposite to the “masteriece” D2 that’s being going “20+ years strong”, right?

If anything, they are more hot now but I can understand why you are not confident in D2R (in its current forms, without changes).
Why would Blizzard invest in D4 if not? And what about so many new successful ARPGs?

Baseless talk.
For the record, most of the “purists” are 1.10+ people. The original fans of D2 left long time ago and might be at D2R for nostalgia trip, but they are not staying that’s for sure.
Do those purists even have the common sense to see how D2 2000 changed and would further change if Blizzard North did not disband? Personally, I think not.

That’s just sad but keep living in denial as I said.
D3 reviewed better than D2. Here, metacritic summaries since I can’t post URLs:

Diablo II
Score: 88

Diablo III
Score: 88

And the expansions too why not:
Diablo II Lord of Destruction
Score: 87

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition
Score: 90

Unless you are talking about User Reviews which mean absolutely nothing because only maniacs like purists would put one there, but anything you can find to show D3 did interior in any way to D2, haha.

For the record, Diablo III was hated on mostly for:

  • Bad story.
  • Error 37 on launch.
  • "WoW"ization it got.
  • Designed with consoles on mind (simple skills/stats, no lobbies, etc.).
  • Itemizations.
  • Lack of trading (and on release only, Real Money Auction House).

None of the things you people cry about were hated about it. None of those things are being asked to include in D2R even. In fact, it had many many positives which should absolutely make their way to D2R.

I don’t care about changes. Even with changes, it wouldn’t make it a better game. If D2 is fundamentally clunky (it is, and this is coming from someone who loves the game) it won’t stop being clunky just because you can stack runes. You’re still dealing with a game that does it’s entire game logic assuming it will run at 25 fps (even in the remaster). It’s never gonna feel modern. If I want a modern experience I’ll play Grim Dawn. To play D2 you need to either not notice the jank (I wish that was my case, seems to be for most vets) or just accept it because the game still has a lot to offer (my case).

Brand recognition. Any Diablo game will make enough money to justify the development cost. But you aren’t gonna get the zoomers (AKA the gaming market of the future) into them. Only the people who are already into the genre.

While I don’t like 1.10+, and I think every patch after that made the game worse, I still have friends who do and they stick for the entire ladder season, as does their entire “clan”.

If you have been paying attention, none of the changes were aiming to change the core of D2 or attempt to make it less “clunky”.

In fact, most of them already exist in PD2 and have proven to be successful, sans for Personal Loot (which I hope they include in future iterations).

Here’s his list for example:

All those enhancement aim to do is make the gameplay less frustrating to the player by respecting his/her time and not have him do tedious chores, that’s all.

Why would you even complain about balancing of a very obviously broken skills-set? It would only open the door for more build variety instead of the same old boring stale meta.

But in their mind - and it seems yours as well - this is making the game “modern”, a “D3.5” or even a “Grim Dawn”. :roll_eyes:

Charm inventory is a HORRIBLE idea. Personal loot is fine, I honestly don’t mind it. Changed items and skills is something 1.10 and patches after that did and I always hated the results, but if done well, sure.

See? I don’t mind changes but some of the suggestions are just stupid.

Which is fine, I mean Charm Inventory could be up to debate even to me but I am okay with it.

Again using PD2 as an example I think it did okayish balancing skills from what I played (only one character so far, an Assassin) and it even added new skills that do not seem OP, this is why it’s a legitimate thing to ask for.

But the problem is with the “purists” who are just “change bad”, who are the vast minority, who are toxic, who are immune to Logic and Reason and even +99 points to Logic and Reason Mastery does not break it (Get it? They should also remove Immunes in my opinion but make them have very high resistance to certain elements, not nullify it totally. That kind of small touches and balancing that would make it greatly more enjoyable experience).

No, PD2 doesn’t do a good job. PD2 buffed a lot of things to stupid levels that trivialized the normal and nm difficulties, but increased hell difficulty too much and made endgame a forced multiplayer thing. If you get to hell, you’ll see things are way too hard to solo to the point where it’s just not worth it. They tried to make support builds more of a thing and force players to group up, which is fine for a mod where you are there to try something different, but should never be the case in the base game where the solo experience matters.

Also, PD2 does some really bad things like put splash damage in pretty much every melee weapon (completely nonsensical).

Charm inventory is bad because charms are not that great of an idea in the first place and charm inventory takes any tradeoff it still had and goes away with it, turning it into just an extra layer of power creep. Charms should be less important, not more important than they already are.

I do like the idea of extended endgame (mapping) that PD2 has though. Just to be fair and not hate on every single thing it does.