We won, my brothers and sisters!

You maybe have not spent enough time on the forums but what I mean by purists is exactly what I wrote because they are against stackables, charm inventory, consensual PvP, personal loot and even more storage.
They were also against ladder content in nonladder, fixing abusable bugs and I am sure some even has a say on removing cow king locking cows level.

In fact some of them were saying “just google it” in response to more information like on the list, forgetting altogether console players.

You’re not purist you are like me so heads up you will be called D3 Kid and “go play D3”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You truly won nothing. The game will launch with FFA, no roll system, hostile mechanics remain as is. The best part, once it launches good luck combatting those features.

Typical to proclaim victory before its even happened. You heard it here first: Hold the L because those features will never hit live.

And telling people to go play D3 is a valid response. You are asking for things you ALREADY HAVE in a modern trilogy. Go where the things you want exist, because they don’t exist here.


dude is just trolling. he has too be. that or I simply have too much faith that the human race cannot produce a specimen that idiotic.

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Dear Lord you actually want this crap added to a perfect ARPG. This is ridiculous can you please keep these crazy ideas for Diablo 4. These are bad ideas for pvp and shared loot is for newbs.


You seem mean, i wonder whats your trauma

Well Temperfied, I present to you my response to you on other topic:



Me and the vast majority that support Blizzard. Stick to 2000 please.

Awwww how cute, little kid watch some DC animations or something.

I told you earlier he had ffa loot while giving brain on birth. And maybe had connection issue at this time…

I believe you were attempting to make a joke.
You seem to be struggling over there, don’t forget to breathe!

And you are asking to keep things that ALREADY EXIST in the original game, which is still available and you can play right now.
D2R shall not just be D2HD.

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More signs of victory, my brother/sister!

On Personal Loot:

On further updates:

It’s all too clear now, like I said, refund now “purists” or pre-order and savor EVERY minute of launch because the days of griefing and being toxic are long gone!

I am so excited, going to hit that pre-order button soon because I assume Future Plans will be revealed within next weeks!

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You’re toxic AF. Also if you haven’t even preordered the game who really cares what you think you’re not even a customer yet.


You have no understanding of business whats-so-ever, don’t you? This is how they win me and the vast majority, Blizzard understands that which is why they are still here and have made the fastest selling PC game of all time (Diablo III).

And yes I am toxic because I want to Make D2R Better, right?
Sorry, this is today’s world, I hope we get Personal Loot and Consensual PvP, opposites of both are the true definition of Toxic!

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I own two. Meanwhile you haven’t even bought the $40 game.

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Blizzards decline started after D3 was released an continues till this day. D3 lost 65% of it’s player base in less then two months after release because D3 failed in so many ways. Reaper of souls opening sales was 2/3 less then D3 release. So they managed to burn 2/3 of their customers from the D3 franchise just between opening release and expansion.

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I have the cure for cancer.

Not buying it has nothing to do with $$$, even if it was $5 I wouldn’t buy it unless it stands to today’s standards. Like I said though, I am excited for Future Plans… Vote with your wallets and all of that.

I don’t understand still why you guys are into Shared Loot, it just benefits who has less latency and/or hacks, and who isn’t ranged, and has absolutely no skill in click click click. As for Non-Consensual PvP that is just being toxic and griefing.

Why are you guys really mad? Why do you want it to be anti-social toxic playground?

Oh God, this again!
D2 = 4 million copies sold, of which most individuals buy 4+ keysets (standing strong 20+ years, totally flawless, haha :roll_eyes:).
D3 = 6.3 millions shifted which 3.5 millions sold day one only (almost outsold D2 LTD sales in 24 hours!!!), stands at 20+ million copies (not sure as of which date, 2015?), of which most individuals buy one copy.

D3 was a massive critical success, whether you want to be an emotional fanboy of D2 or not, facts remain facts.

Also for the record, RoS sold 2.7 million copies week one.

This is actually a very dumb statement. D2 was released in a ERA of gaming when it was only “niche” it wasn’t mainstream yet. D2 was also not heavily advertised compared to D3. Blizzcon, social media, TV, Internet everywhere… half these things didn’t even exist in this capacity when D2 came out, an people were gaming on freaking Dial up. To even compare the ERAs is a joke an very unintelligent.

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D3 was a massive bait. Hence why 65% of the players who purchased it left in first two months. D3 sold 30million copies of games and can’t even maintain a 1% playerbase. Over 99% of the players quit so they decided to try to seek redemption with D2R.


Then how come games that came up during D2’s era have done way, way better in terms of sales? Dumb statement yeah. :roll_eyes:

The Sims, 2000 (before D2 even), 11 millions.
Half Life, 1998 (again, before D2), 9 millions.
StarCraft, 1998 (again… and same company so marketing is not an excuse at all), 11 millions.
Myst, 1993 (!!!), 6 millions.

Absolutely baseless talk with zero sources to cite. I mean, as opposite to the “masterpiece” Diablo II that had retained players right? … Right? :joy:

Again, I use facts and logic. Yeah, I am very unintelligent obviously. At least learn to use “Edit” feature instead of posting multiple times before insulting people’s intelligence. It’s 2021 not 2000, stop being so stuck in time people. :woman_shrugging:

However, I ask again:

Actually you use biased opinions an speak like a child. Look at you’re original post you sound like a little kid. D2 still has players 21 years later. Also a lot Diablo 2 player base went to POE (which is way more popular an active then D3 an released around same time), so the game players were literally split because D3 was a huge failure we sought out other alternatives. Diablo 3 Live Player Count 16,519 such a huge success, it makes a great coaster for my drinks.

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The fact that so many people are swarming back to D2 21 years later for D2R just shows D2’s success. D3 wouldn’t have the same effect if it was re-released. Yet here you are claiming I’m making stuff up cause you don’t understand basic math. 30milion copies sold an only 16k players playing it… to even maintain 1% of it’s base it would need 300k players. Low budget Indie games have more players then D3 cause it’s trash.

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