How to Happify Your Forum Experience

For Firefox Users:

  1. Download AdBlock Plus
  2. Go to your Firefox extensions and click on AdBlock Plus
  3. At the top right of the textbox you will see three dots. Click that. Then click Options.
  4. In the new AdBlock Plus tab, click Advanced
  5. Scroll down to My Filter List.
  6. You’ll see the “Add” button is greyed out.
  7. In the block next to the Add button type the following:

'>td>a[data-user-card=“BBB”]) [NOTE: don’t include the apostrophe at the beginning of this line]

  1. Where you see “BBB” type the BattleTag of the person you want to ignore. To get this battletag you can hover over their name and you’ll see a white popup box on the bottom left of the screen. OR you can click to go to their profile page, go to the url and replace everything after their username with “.json” Then, their battletag will be at the top. NOTE: The battle tag will have a hyphen between the name and number instead of the pound sign. Use the hyphenated version.

  2. Click “Add”

  3. Now, when you go to the blizzard forums on any game everything posted by somebody under that BattleTage will be blocked by AdBlock Plus. You now no longer just see “hidden” in threads, but you won’t even see threads created by that person.

[Edit: Forgot to give credit to the original person.]

[Edit 2: I forgot the part about hiding their posts. This will only remove their threads, but you’ll still see them inside other people’s threads. You have to follow both steps in the link if yo want to completely get rid of them.]


Brilliant. Thanks, man.

Oh neat Blocklists. No thanks.
This is pure cancer.

This is a rather complicated thing to go through to block somebody, so I would assume anyone on the receiving end of it would have to be making the forums really unpleasant for somebody. Like incessantly replying to argue, taking up the front page of the forums with their spam posts, etc. Equating a way to make the forums better for somebody to “pure cancer.” Really? You’re welcome not to use it. I haven’t :slight_smile: But, flagging doesn’t do any good since these forums are poorly moderated, so I can “moderate” it on my end if I want to.

Very good man. We all need to be happy.

the forum has it’s own built in blocker… i use that, yours has WAY too many steps lol. TL:DR

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This is a lot of steps. The forums does NOT have a built in blocker that will prevent threads from appearing for when the same spam clutters up the front page. It will simply mark their posts as hidden in the threads, which is generally enough for almost all uses.

so far i haven’t run into any people on the d2R forum that are that toxic… on the sc2 forum i had to block one guy and his like 10 troll accounts etc… sure people have bad ideas here, but it’s easier to ignore for me.

Yeah, this is a bit extreme. But I was looking up if I could hide threads in the default settings (because I would neeeeever be looking directly at something and miss it lmao) and this came up. I thought a few people that hate each other could use it :slight_smile:

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