How powerful did LoD BS used to be before its nerf?

Hi all,

I was a recent player when the patch 2.6.5 was published so I was not following what was going on on the PTR back then.

However, I recall I’ve since read on the forum that LoD Blessed Shield was originally much more powerful when it was first buffed, before being then nerfed on the PTR to its current level.

So I did some research and it seems that the affix of Akkhan’s Leniency went from 15-20% to 75-100%, before being nerfed to 35-40% as it is today.

So here is my question to those who know how to do the math or who remember that time: if Blizzard was to restore the affix of Akkhan’s Leniency to 75-100%, where would that put LoD Blessed Shield on the solo tier list? How many tiers would the build win?

Thanks for your input!

About 12-13 GR levels bonus…Blessed Shield might actually reach GR 150.

Many thanks for your answer!

That would be so awesome to see this build coming back at such a level…


Problem is bad single target damage. The solo grift bosses were the worst. Even unnerfed it would take 5+ minutes on the boss that high.

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Assume 75 average stacks in density:

40% * 75 = 31x
100% * 75 = 76x

Difference: 2.45x (almost 6GRs)

Assume 9 stacks on the boss:

40% * 9 = 4.6x
100% * 9 = 10x

Difference: 2.17x (almost 5GRs)

The answer is 5-6GRs

And yes it would be balanced with modern builds.


I wouldn’t mind if Akkhan’s Leniency was buffed back what it was originally on the PTR. As the math above shows, it wouldn’t be an excessive buff. The build is actually really fun to play.

It propably wouldn’t hurt either to give an extra buff to single target damage. The trash already gets demolished with enough density but single targets like RGs without adds are a pain.

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Thanks for correcting my answer. I grabbed the 20% original value (instead of 40%) and compared it to the 75%. Listen to dmkt, Nikookaburra :slight_smile:


I would like for Jekangbord to help with single target damage since it is mainly responsible for raising the ricochet cap, perhaps via the follower:

Blessed Shield ricochets to 6 additional enemies and has its damage increased by 400%. Your Blessed Shield will ricochet to your follower up to 3 times when there are 3 or less enemies within 30 yards.

If not that, then:

Blessed Shield ricochets to 6 additional enemies and has its damage increased by 400%. Your Blessed Shield will ricochet to the same enemy 3 times when there are less than 3 enemies within 30 yards.

Blessed Shield can be lousy with no nearby targets. This would help.


I wonder if it was boosted, how many would play it if power was similar. With all the blessed shield %s its very difficult to gear for.

I’d play it for sure. There is something incredibly satisfying about the ricochets and watching what happens to an elite’s health bar when your Akkhan’s Leniency stack counter exceeds 130+. Like watching a speedometer needle snap from going too fast.

The damage is very respectable for brief moments of time. I recently saw a 1.2Q hit the last time I took it for a spin. Maybe we ask for this to hit for 3Q in best conditions while allowing it to initially peg an isolated guardian for ~300-400T in Fire CoE?


The ISO guardian thing is okay. I don’t want them to redo how the damage is distributed. We more than make up for it when we get Hamlin. I think barbarians are up next for a power boost.

Blessed Shield is definitely an interesting (and incredibly satisfying, as you stated) way to play the Crusader. Once you put together the build, it is super easy to modify it for all sorts of other functions too.

Right now, incidentally, I use variants for both TXVI and Bounty runs. IMO, this is the fastest farming method for Crusaders. A GR push mix would be super nice as well.

For your reference, see my TXVI build in url provided here below:


P.S. If you know how to insert active Maxroll links here, please let me know. Regular hyperlinks seem to work for me only for select websites.


I never tried it with Reaver, it makes a lot of sense for zipping around and 1-shotting everything.

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Who do I sleep with to get a TL3?

…And thank you for creating the hyperlink.


Mess reaver wasn’t a thing yet lol. Easy to miss.

As a faithfully devoted Sader main.



Well, it is back. Maybe. The 2.7.6 PTR notes say:

Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 35-40% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 100 times (No more individual stacks).

The timer has been doubled but stacks no longer have individual timers. This means that you can reach the maximum stacks even against single targets which has always been the weak point of the build.

I’m not entirely sure this enough to really make it viable but it is still a major boost.

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Akkhan’s Manacle helps the build decimate single targets…GR bosses drop in seconds with it. That was added long time ago.

Well put it this way. Before you could get maybe 20-30stacks going because each stack had a seperate timer…so by the time you hit 30…the other stacks were falling off at a very rapid pace…3s was and is crap.

20x40=800, 30x40=1200, so around an 800-1200% damage increase to the build on top of the 9750 from LoN gem and they are seperate multipliers. Now you can get up to 4000% multiplier damage from Akkhan’s Leniency and the stacks don’t drop off individually, the whole count is now considered 1 stack with a timer of 6s…which means you can also utilize this for bosses. Have fun trying to get more than 1 or 2 stacks on a boss fight.

TLDR: Old BS Build - (Trash) 9750% + 800-1200% (Boss / S.T.) 9750% + 40-80%
New BS Build - (Trash) 9750% + 4000% (Boss / S.T.) 9750% + 4000%
Anywhere between 3,200% to 3,960% multiplier damage boost to any fight. That’s a massive boost. I’m dropping monk for S29 to play this build…and monk is above all my fav and I can’t stand other classes…EXCEPT Capt America! Can’t effin wait.