How many purists do I have?

Sometimes I feel alone here. I want to know how many purists I have on my side. People that are against all these ridiculous changes people want cause if the Devs consider any of this and add any of it they will destroy this game.


I don’t know how in the world you feel alone when there’s clearly people with your ideals. Purists and people for change don’t destroy the game. It’s people who feel the unnecessary urge to make wasteful posts like this that do. Lack of constructive dialogue is the bane of development.


Another clown gathering? Nice.


I am 100% open to QOL improvements.

However, ploot and core mechanics should NEVER change. Changing that aspect ruins the entire point of end game (loot).

Thank God the devs and gm said they would remain faithful to the original and ploot won’t be a thing. (Wish some posters would understand that).


Let’s see… we can count them with our fingers:

There’s you, so that’s one.

There’s someone else. That’s two.

Probably some others, but you can just plunk-o them one-by-one.

The definition of “purist” itself is not pure - some claim to be but accept “non-gameplay changes” and others reject them. Both are umbrellas.

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depends if you think asking for more character slot (and transforming 2 shared stash tab into non shared stash tab) and being against any kind of drop rate increase is still considered purists or not :stuck_out_tongue:
Rather neutral on the rest.

personally i’ve been called both side xD
“purist” / “changeist” or whatever the word is just a question of perspective in the end there’s no clear definition.
Even liking the shared stash is the same liking some kind of change and hence it could be argue that it’s not “pure”.
and i think debating about things is a good way to find compromise , putting label on people won’t help though.

This topic might create toxicity rather than anything else.

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I have seen so many ridiculous takes in this forum.
The most laughable thing I read on here was someone claiming that a charm inventory would be a minor QoL change.

The more of these threads I see the more I want to go back to old versions of these games. Certainly pre 1.09. The 1.10 patch was a bunch of power creep, the Ladder items being the worst offender here. Clearly easy access to self-made unique items was not enough. We need several paladin auras on every character. We need Teleport for everyone.

If you really are a purist then play classic. I’m honestly considering it myself.


There is a lot of truth to Classic being a very good and perhaps even better game.

While I won’t be doing Classic to start I will definitely be playing Classic some. CLassic feels like a different game to a degree because of how much 1.10 (and subsequent patches… I think 1.12 most notably) altered D2 for both good and bad.

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as you post on this thread…the irony ROFL


Depends on your definition of purist…

Some of us are all for a few changes and improvements, but when they crossover into a new game, just because the entitlement era wants it, then no thank you…

I dont think anyone here wants zero changes, if they did, they would be against the modern graphics as well, and thus wouldnt even be on these forums.


Wow! I thought “purists” are the myth created by d3 guys.
I want changes: lowering runedrop, removing respecs, etc. 1.11 version the best.


1.09 patch or you’re too much of a modernist =p


I don’t even believe in the term ‘purist’ that is a label ploot types give us for not indulging habitual demands.


Theres a lot of changes I want but theres a lot of changes I dont. I think my changes would be good but a lot of other ideas ive seen are terrible. So to be fair I will sacrifice my own wishes to the No changes Gods so the terribles dont get to have theirs. I think no changes is actually a compromise.


I can see the point in the 3 respecs, to fix mistakes, but the unlimited should have never been added.

I am not for “no changes”
I am not for “changes”

Why ?


And I don’t have to explain that do I ? our Diablo Blizzard has long been dead (B. North)
This Blizzard is not able to make good choices for D2Res.
Maybe V.V. can but there is still Activision behind which I do not trust further than I can throw them
they want to pimp everything for the masses. And with that, they ruin everything for the people who care about “special” games. Like Diablo 2.

all for the money jeiiii… bah!

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I would say QoL changes make a game more re-playable, in my opinion, certain things are terrible in D2:LOD.

  1. Early game, tediously picking up a few gold pieces at a time is annoying. I like how the range isn’t super infinite, and at times you need to go back so you can actually auto-collect it, so that’s a good trade off, and you can turn it off.
  2. Shared Stash, that makes SP play so much better, without needing something like Plugy, especially with the Ladder only stuff being available on SP, that will allow me to do a Holy Grail run without mods.
  3. Hopeful We get more durability one weapons (mainly for classic, I miss playing a Lancer, but 25 Durability is not very fun, especially when it costs a ridiculous amount to repair), and hopefully under utilized skills and items get some buffing. I’m in a favor of allowing more choices when it comes to gear, and skill choice. When it’s a Cookie Cutter Factory, Lightning Sorc, Blizzard Sorc, Hammerdin, etc… it’s not really fun.
  4. You will always have D2: LOD to play, every “remake/remaster” has things that people like, and people dislike. I’ve been playing Mods for the last few years, instead of Vanilla, but with D2R coming out, I might not even bother going back to Mods, as there’s so much more potential, and what might come, for the better.
  5. Buffs to under-utilized aspects are a BIG plus. Nerfs are a BIG NO!NO! Look at PD2, It’s not as big as it was, and I feel that’s because there’s a lot of stupid Nerfs that destroy the game, for no real benefit or purpose, except the excuse of “balance,” and then adding in an item (worldstone shards) that they can’t even balance effectively.

I’m properly rambling now, but the wisest words “Have Faith, and you shall be rewarded… don’t go in with high expectations, or low expectations, enjoy the experience, and all the horrors that you’re about to face.”

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wait for D4. a Remaster is a Remaster and not a Remake.
New stuff you can get with D4.
or go back to your mods. problem solved. :stuck_out_tongue:

“close to the original” they said.
and i want a ORIGINAL with the new grafics and Sound as they promised. not more. not less.

That’s kind of funny… everything is about money.
If it wasn’t, Diablo 2 would never have gotten made, and even back in Blizzard North days, they had to deal with compromising a lot of stuff, like the Monster parts for Crafting, like not getting to do the 2rd Expansion with the Cleric Class. How they had no control over the cinematics.

I would argue give it a chance, they have a Refund policy no? So worst case scenario, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But don’t bash on something until you’ve tried it.

And! If you go in with Expectations that “oh diablo 2 resurrected is going to be complete rubbish!” Diablo 2 “TODAY” is not Diablo 2 when it came out. It’s gotten a lot better, and all the content that was added later on, was basically done by one person.

Hell, I felt completely betrayed by LOD when it came out, and the Pre-Expansion patch that ruined Diablo 2 Classic, but with time I gave it a chance, and it was a lot of fun. Just depends on how much you feel that a game belongs to you. The Community will decide if D2R is a Hit or Disaster, but I think the common players will really enjoy it, and certain people might as well, or they might not. :slight_smile:

yes only back then they did it RIGHT for once. And D2 is the result.
What is produced today is just bad.

hä ?
I have no idea what you are talking about
I bought the game with the promise to get a REMASTER that sticks to the original.
Not a game that is completely turned around after a month!

This is called FRAUD

I also do not buy a car and let the manufacturer change components after a month.
meh…ok bad example.

And after you have played it you can not refund it as far as I know.
So they should beware of “changes”.

I did not buy D2 res to play Diablo 3.5 after some time goes by!
only because of the stupid excuse that “the players nowadays are different than back then”.
then they should have announced it differently.

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