Has Blizzard abandoned console support?

Hacks and cheaters proliferate leaderboards. No qol updates (ie mass gem combine, no gold pickup counter, leg gem sort, needed details/info on some screens, gr selections, inconsistent/sloppy ui nav, etc). I’m coming from PC to Switch. Huge difference, console is very unpolished.

What do you expect Blizzard to do to cheaters? Consoles being flooded with cheaters is the fault of the platforms. There’s very little what Blizzard could do against cheating, other than adding sanity checks to gear and like. Even if Blizzard purged the leaderboards of all cheated runs right this moment, all of those cheaters would be back almost immediately as Blizzard can not do anything to stop them from playing online.

Keep in mind that unlike on PC, there’s no Battle.net account requirement to play online and to get to leaderboards. There’s no license to be attached anywhere which Blizzard could ban as a punishment. On PC if one cheats and gets permabanned, that player has to buy a new license. On consoles D3 works as any other game, unattached to anything.

Also, Switch is the worst platform to go. You should’ve stayed on PC. Sure, there are botters and maphack users but at least even cheaters have to actually play the game too to earn their spots on the boards. And there’s always the looming shadow of the banhammer.

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I completed S27 on both so I’m just telling what I see. Playing on couch was way more fun and natural, and way less tedious levelling/running for mat/grifs.

But it’s never too late. Blizz should integrate bnet in and give the game the proper respect it deserves on console. D3 is still one of the best ARPGs out there today. Keep pushing them about this. They need to listen and act.

I see blizzard making 4 , so I’m assuming that just going to continue with mini maps and quick cash grabs for console every yr without fine tuning or adhere to fans. Not sure why open world concept is not on the design board but will loose alot of fan base to the free zone if just mini mapping and same templates every year. Expansions can bring more money than releasing new game yrly.

Releasing a new game yearly… Right, because Diablo 3 is NOT 10 YEARS OLD!!! We get updates every three-four months FOR FREE!!! PLease explain where the Quick Cash Grabs are, as you are talking absolute nonsense as far as the Diablo Frencsise is concerned…

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As I’ve said before…The leaderboards (if one cares about) are a complete joke. You have Cheaters trying to out-cheat each other…I play for fun like I’ve always done.

Recent other post was about players with Mega High PP not wanting or kicking out players with lower Mega High PP…good grief what has this, cheating, the rush “Got to Be First” and other gaming gone to…

Did you post this in the wrong thread by mistake? Seems a response to the Public Game Nastiness thread…

Console issues including hacks and QoL items were added to the list the D3 content creators gave to Blizzard. The content creators asked them how they could supply feedback on D3 and Blizzard asked the community to make a list and Rax put together a list.

So we will see what comes of that, one of things asked for was Blizzard’s own feedback on that list rather than be silent on it.

But of course the D3 dev team is very small and limited, the fact they are giving out all pets and hard to get wings in this mid season buff potentially suggests D3 dev time is winding down as D4 approaches.

We may have just one season left before D4 given S28 will not finish till February and D4 is out in June thus maybe one more final patch incorporating some of the feedback on the community list?

Who know…PC will get priority but some Console QoL stuff would be great but can’t see them addressing the hacking issue given it is the platform being hacked that is the issue and not the game and I can’t see them putting in game measure to stop items being modded.

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I have very little faith with any of the suggestions for the console being implemented.

Take the Holiday Event for example. It’s plain busted on the Switch. Sure, there are workarounds, but even the slightest testing of it, any developer would notice problems. The gifts have no names, they disappear if you quit the game, and half the time, you get into a state they won’t drop.

If they can’t even do basic testing for that event, my faith that they’ll add in functionality that’s a bit more complicated is low, at best. The PC will get a few fixes, but I wouldn’t count on the console.

I thought it was just me, playing for an hour on Switch without any gifts… That they’re nameless doesn’t bother me, allthough it’s weird that the cursed sword (mediocrety) is also nameless…

I still think that if this is it for D3, we went out with a cool season (I warmed to it!), and the ultimate send-off would be season mode options: choose your season, and play THAT buff, giving us access to all seasons as D3 sails off into the sunset…

I can dream, right?

Anyway, if you’re on the Switch, and gifts aren’t dropping, do the following:

Switch to campaign mode with the character you want to farm gifts with, then switch back. Gifts should start dropping again.

I’ve found that a simple log on/log out did the trick, after three rifts without goodies!

So, I found a video online (can’t link it here, because it violates the terms of service), which explained why.

If you start the game too quickly on the Switch, the patch will not be applied. Switching from Campaign to Adventure will apply the patch though. But you can also just wait 30 seconds and you can collect gifts, and the gifts that you previously had in your inventory/stash will still be there.

I wonder if this applies to other consoles as well, but I don’t have an original Xbox One or PS4 anymore.

If someone has the slow loading Xbox One or PS4, could you try the following? Have a gift in your inventory. Quit the game, and try to load into the game as fast as humanly possible, and see if the holiday gift is still in your inventory.

I’m just not sure if this is a Switch issue, or a console as a whole issue.

Not possible on PS4/PS5, you need to patch to continue your Seasonal toon AFAIK.

I guess it makes sense. Both the Xbox and PlayStation got a patch for the Holiday Event, whereas the Switch did not. It seems it applies the patch every time you connect to the network. And I have not been able to acquire a gift in offline mode on the Switch. (I haven’t tried offline on the PlayStation or Xbox though.)

I haven’t tried offline but the seasonal gift is available on Switch in season. I got 3/3 gifts from gr115 runs.

Haven’t played for 4 months. Fired up D3 for the first time in 4 months last night to check out the holiday gifts, complete waste of time as expected (I’m only missing the cosmic wings and rainbow portrait - I have everything else).

Nah, people are like me - they have left the game in DROVES.

and this begs the question - the people protecting Blizzard and saying “it’s a 10 year old game” are hypocrites. If PC gets fixes (10 year old game) and console gets nada, then that shows Blizzard’s true light. And it’s a company that should NEVER get a single dollar EVER again from consumers.