Holiday gift question

It’s orange in picture, but salvages like a non legendary with the auto salvage.

Yes, I made this mistake on my first drop.


I sure do get a lot of bad luck with the RNG in this game.

Interesting - cos 6 straight holiday gifts and ONLY bounty mats, nothing else. No glowing ore, no blood shards, no sword of misc, no pets, nothing. This is why I am asking. I should have been getting 1 of the misc items each holiday gift drop. And nada. Over 6 gifts. That sounds broken to me.

but it’s not.

Not true. Each gift only has a “chance” of the extra stuff. I have had streaks of 20+ gifts without anything extra in them. Granted I already had all the pets but 1 when they started this thing, and I did get that pet at some point.

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Please read carefully. The keyword is marked big → could

Each Gift could also contain one of the following items:

  • Wings
  • Pets
  • Misc

I have opened around 560 gifts and I’ve gotten the sword of mediocrity twice (or maybe three times, not sure). I also have collected 67 lumps of coals, zero wings.

(Edit: more like 580 gifts and 71 lumps of coal… the number of wings is correct though :smile:)


Thats because you are critical towards blizz and end up on the wrong side of their algorithm.

6, really 6? Thats your whole sample size?

So you only fire it up to come to complain?

Haven’t gotten the sword yet, but the Cosmic wings just dropped after about 100 gifts.


Call me surprised. Still looking for the sword now though, I do want one. lol

And, now I have the sword. I just opened 150 gifts that I have been stashing back. And in 150 gifts, I managed to collect both those two items plus some missing cosmetics. Dang. Screenshot:!AjIesNsEIx404xejQaBBcthlxgXh?e=nKbB5p

Just flip through if you don’t see it right away, its the 32nd picture. These are all screen shots from D3.

Those of you still looking, don’t give up, but you only have a few more days I think (till the weekend?)

Game on.


In approx 500 gifts I have gotten the sword but not the wings. Tho I do have the wings on Asia. Not in NA or EU tho. Chances are tho with all the grinding for the Staff this season I may get those too, fingers crossed

Well, obviously its random as hell. I really didn’t expect to manage to get them as I just don’t have time to grind. Got lucky is all.

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Thanks guys. So, the sword is so heavily wrapped around in RNG to make it CBF for me. Oh well, this will be the first item that I’ve failed to collect since s10. So be it.

Thanks Jazz. I’ll pass on it then.

Yes, since I’m obviously not actively playing the game anymore. I thought I’d have a bit of a play and see what happens with regards to the holiday gifts.

Complain? It is accurate - it’s a complete waste of time. I mean Jazz says that they got 2 swords of mediocrity from ~500 runs. I’m not doing 250 runs just for a damn item. I’ll just buy it off eBay for my NS character. Easily solved.


Anyway, I’m not prepared to do 250-500 runs to have a chance of the sword dropping. I have far better things to do with my time. Thanks for everyone’s replies.

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I have gotten everything but the 2 wings from the gifts, so lots of ‘coal.’

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Just an update - I ended up doing a bunch of GR runs for ~50 holiday gifts. Got a simble glowing ember (odd?) from those 50 odd holiday gifts. I had 3 xmogs drop (which I alraady obviously had previously found, and had in my stash!) and did get the sword of mediocrity.

Given the 3 xmogs, sword xmog and a single glowing ember, vs the number of holiday gifts dropped, it would suggest that there’s a 1 in 10 chance of One of these extras (pet, xmog etc) dropping. Given that it’s on average ~3 GRs per holiuday gift drop, that’s a really crappy drop rate. Easier to farm the damn pets directly imho. In the end, I got 3 extra sfrom around 135 GRs (actually, no, add another 6 GRs onto that, so around 140 odd Grs). At an average run time of just over ~2 minutes, that’s around 4 hours effort or 1hr 20 minutes per extra dropping.

Again, if I was missing these pets or xmogs, I recknn it’d be easier and quicker to just target them directly rather than via the holiday gift route.

I did 5 ancient vault runs, for a grand total of 3 holiday gifts. Slightly better rate than doing GRs, but still very poor vs what many others were reporting, with most seeming to say a holiday gift per ancient vault run, sometimes 2 dropping. I don’t know if console drop rates are different, or it was nerfed at some time during the season (you know Blizzard hates it when the community finds a looip hole and has you know “fun” lol).

Bad luck.
Today, I dit 10 ancient vaults and got 16 gifts.


And… no

It’s not that Blizzard nerfed the rate on the console. Just that Vaults have far fewer goblins in an Ancient Vault than the PC version. So, if you expect 4 to drop on average on the PC, on the console, you’d expect 2 to drop. (Or whatever the real rate is, it’s about half the goblins).

Still no coal.

I had hoped to get at least one merely to have it as an outlier, like how I can sometimes get Leoric’s Shinbone from the fireplace. Alas. I’m trying the Xbox now to see what the games are like. Only tried one and it was not that fun, mostly because my lady was annoyed with it in the first 10 minutes (and I was annoyed with it after the first 5 when it was still just a f’n non-skippable movie… oooo, yea, much game there!)

Did you get any glowing ore? THAT is the coal.

I know what it is.

No, none has dropped.

Got the useless wings twice, now. First time I didn’t pick them up. Second time I was click-happy and ended up with them by mistake.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Once again console gets screwed by Blizzard devs. it’s pretty obvious by now, given all the nerfs that console has consistently got vs PC, that they despise the platform. It’s not accidental, it’s deliberate. Console port was just for the $$$ with no real interest in maintaining it etc. Blizzard wants to fully control the game and push players to PC (where they also get the full cut of the game sale value rather than having to share with Sony and Microsoft), so what better way to make the console port sub-standard and fail to maintain it. Their intent is to deter console sales and push consumers to the PC version of the game, simply by sabotaging the console port in every way possible.

Or, and just humor the idea this isn’t a tin foil hat plot, the console versions are based on a design created to work on (now) very old hardware.

Presuming this is true, and I know that’s a stretch, they certainly could be faulted for not just scrapping older iterations and updating the design to accommodate only more modern consoles. Then again, they could have invested loads of money into the PC versions over the last couple of years, too, yet they haven’t.

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