S28. Can't wait. Make it happen in Early Dec 2022!

Most of us enjoy playing Diablo even though there are some drawbacks. Your analogy is like if we’re playing football/soccer and there is a dog turd in the field somewhere. Most of us see it, are a bit annoyed about it but avoid stepping in it and keep having fun.
You, on the other hand, immediately run over to it, step in it, grab it with your hands, dig your fingers into it and shout: Look! A turd! It’s disgusting! It’s all over my shoes and fingers! It’s disgusting!..
So while we enjoy the game you’re forever known as the smelly turd guy.


I think that PTR will be opened at end of November. And S27 will end near the new year.

I don’t do drugs, that’s for losers. It was an analogy, get over it.

11 hours a day eh? Let’s see, 8 hours for work/study, 6 hours for sleep…an hour for eating and personal hygiene. Doesn’t leave much spare change out of 24 hours does it. And consistently, for what, 4 months? Righto…

Good for him, it was a crappy season.

LOL, righto. You are free to believe that nonsense.

Really? When I have Sony legal telling me this? mmm?

So are the people moaning about the Crusader in that Crusader s27 thread not the same? But suddenly, according to you, their posts are valid. Hypocrite much?

lol, only 1 turd :wink: I guess I must have stepped on you.

Have a nice day.

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That is impossible considering they’ve added new ones relatively recently such as the Book of Cain and the puppy zombie. Also, lollipop goblin. But, so? I didn’t play back then so those pets are not in my collection so I really don’t give a fart’s mouse about what others have done… I am not them and thankfully, you are not me.

I’m not. I didn’t say I wanted, or cared for, the transmogs. For example, I didn’t even attempt to get the ethereal stuff. Once I had the one item I needed for my character, I was done with that “hunt.”

Oh, and lest it be said I think the pet collection thing is “hard”… I don’t. It is fun, for me, to get them but that is it. The new ones from the seasons are not challenging to get but they give me a false sense of completion. Other pets, like Liv Moore, I did finally find in the wild but I was not exactly farming for it… just happened.

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It says alot about you in the analogy, i didnt mean you actually do drugs, just like you act like one according to your own analogy.

Who says he works 8h/d? He does alot of streaming also so he is sitting physically there for hours straight during the day, so the proof is there.

It is not a question of belief, nothing is without plus or min, but there are always some plusses to a game.

Look at the discussion right now in the console part, even console people disagree with you.

Well lets see the difference, one has a realistic view and has contructive feedback and the other is just a ranty old man yelling at the clouds.

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Great comeback :smiley:
A great day to you.


No Jazz actually is more correct here, unless you want to include botters; good luck keeping your meta group engaged all season long vs you can just play whenever you want. The group will cap out much quicker and solo will catch up, never with pace but just with pure difference.


These are pets via the season journey. If you are motivated and any good, you can do this in a day in a group, and 3-4 days solo. After getting your seasonal journey rewards, there’s little reason to play the rest of the season unless you want to push on the LBs or gain more paragon (both are valid reasons to continue playing).

yeah cos streamers haven’t cheated before lol.

So, wait, Sony’s legal team doesn’t know what’s what? Right? Some randoms in the console section know more than Sony? OK…

And there is a licence for the game on PS4. You have to agree to it when installing the game. It is separate from your PSN account obligations.

A realistic view? Let the cheating continue without punishment? OK…

I had a good chortle at it as well lol. Nothing personal mate. Just a cheeky riposte.

Not even then. Do meta groups peter out? Sure. So do solo players. The serious players, pushing for top spots on the LBs will push the entire season. Both solo and meta. Groups earn paragon significantly faster [than solo players]. There’s zero competition there.

I got it in 5 hours this season, so what does that matter, not everyone plays the same way, some people like to take their time and fiddle around. And he hasnt played all season long, from what i get out of it it was max 1 month he played this season.

Yeah great comeback, you have 0 proof him being a cheater. 11h/d is not per defenition botting, period, you can call it nolife sure whatever, but just because you cant do this or dont want to (both understandable) doesnt mean someone else cant.

So wait, you dont think SONY legal team just brushed you off to shift the blame? Because lawyers are super honest people who dont interpret rules to their own benefit? Blizzard’s legal team says its all in the hands of the console’s, they have no access nor rights to the console’s…
It is just not as clear cut as you make it out.

This just proves you are stuck in your rant, as this part was not about cheaters, this was a response to “So are the people moaning about the Crusader in that Crusader s27 thread not the same? But suddenly, according to you, their posts are valid. Hypocrite much?”. So this was a response to the difference between you and dmkt, so one is an ranty old man yelling at the clouds (you) and the other has a realistic view with constructive feedback and doesnt have a history of incessant moaning about the same subjects over and over in a ranty way.

I already explained the diminished returns of para and main stat, people roll of main stat from gear like rings to dmg because of that diminishing returns. Furthermore you just played 1-2h/d even when you were really playing so you would not catch up to solo blasters either.

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Perhaps Blizzard is, wait, lying? Bethesda’s ESO servers are controlled by, wait for it, Bethesda.

You were the individual who bought up the cheating on PS4 mate. Not me.

That is true. And I still kicked nearly all of their butts on the DH HC LBs. Remove paragon, let the game sort the men from the boys.

I reallllly dont care, my point is; it is not as easy or clear cut as you make it out.

Again that part was not about cheaters, is it this hard for you to follow your own rants? It was about the difference between you and dmkt, because you felt that he was allowed to complain and you werent.

Besides this is getting crazy, YOU were the 1st to brought up cheating on PS4: :point_down:

Anyway i think we have lost you, you went off the deep end and you even think blizzard has made code especially for you that has it out for you by withholding a certain belt to drop… :point_down:

not just a belt mate. I’m nowhere near 60% upgrade on lgems and this is over 10s of thousands of GRs. Closer to 38%. Either I’m the world’s unluckiest bloke, or something is up. Occam’s razor would suggest the latter.

you are wrong :):):slight_smile:

Well you sure did tell him off. :dizzy:

Maybe your console is mad at you and keeping you from getting what you want…


You don’t find the good one or The Good One?

Maybe Blizzard reduce your good loot.



I have seen this often in the game or on the forum, but thats just negative memory bias. Or did you actually made a spreadsheet of all those 60% attempts? I also have sometimes 0 out of 4 60 percenters and sometimes 4 out of 4, but when its 0 out if 4 i also go “seriously…”.

Besides i highly doubt you did tens of thousands of grifts, let alone tens of thousands of grifts at 60% upgrade level.

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OK, time for a new estimation. If (and that’s a big “if”) we get a PTR announcement within days that it’ll run from November 24th to December 8th, that could mean S27 ending on December 18th, patch release on the 20th and S28 start on the 23rd.

Otherwise S27 will end and S28 start after Christmas, in January most likely.

15th Dec / Early Dec !!!
Has Thurs been a good reliable indicator of new season ptr content announcement?! :unamused: