[Guide] H90 Frenzy: A simple guide

Hi Rage,
Yesterday I cleared 123 in 10:40 with the AW setup (S21).


I have a few questions for you.

  1. Haven’t rolled my chest yet, shall I stick to your guide and roll thorns to Missile dmg reduction or roll Vit to reduced dmg from elites?
  2. I also have a primal EF in my stash with STR, AS and %dmg, what should I roll to CDR? I suppose AS.
  3. Wanna try the setup with Sankis too, do I need AS on the Sankis or does the same apply as above?
  4. Any other tips for my gear?
    *Have also a primal CoE in my stash with chc, chd and cdr but with poison ressistance. Haven’t used this because I can’t get 47% with my gloves even if I roll CDR on my OK.

Good job! You mean the AZ setup, right?

1: STR-AllRes-EliteRed will be the best set of rolls, especially as you gain paragon. But, rolling off Vit now will really mean you have to make that up by shifting paragon points from Str. At this moment, that looks like it’ll cost you about 2.8% damage. That’s not a lot, but if you feel like you are just missing clearing the next GR “by inches”, you may wish to just leave the chest as it is (and maybe reroll it later).

2: Yeah, for your paragon, probably reroll the AS. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but because of the low base speed of maces plus the EF stacks that speed you up, having AS there doesn’t help you as much. If you were Paragon 5000 or something, however, you would do better to keep the AS and roll off STR.

3: For Sankis, the best set of rolls for you will be Fire%-AS-CDR.

4: Not really. You already know that the 47% CDR breakpoint is optimal. But, missing that, the next one down is 29%. Just make sure you stay above that mark.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply Rage!
Good to know that the next CDR breakpoint is 29%, an ancient compass rose with chc, chd will do fine then for me :slight_smile:

Hey Rage!

I’ve tried H90 today for the first time.
I was surprised because I can do GR around 110 actually pretty fast. Things start to slow down after 115, and above 120 (my current record) I will need to start fishing.

My Gear is still far from ideal (I used the items I had available in the stash) and I have no augments yet. I chose CDR over AS on all the rolls because I couldn’t get both with my imperfect gear - not sure if it was a good call!


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Hey Wanderer,

Glad you’re enjoying the build!

If you can optimize either CDR or AS, you will probably get a hair more offense out of the AS. But, CDR is better defensively, as it means you spend more time being immune to CC. There’s no obvious choice there.

Most stuff I know about the build is in the guide, but if you have any questions, ask, and I’ll answer!

Good luck out there.

First time looking at the frenzy guid, awesome! I’ve played frenzy since last season when I was still on console before getting a pc back.

Must say I’m glad to see some 120+ clears with it. I’ve only managed to get 119 gr passes before I hit a wall and proceeded with wwrend to edge to 121.

I hit 123 on console using aughilds (spelling) so tried it again this season on pc but couldn’t quit but 120 with it. After looking at this guide I’m sure I did not optimize good for rolls lol. There is something special about generator builds that can hit above 110GR I just love.

Just tried 120 with Augh set and FoT with CoE instead of endless walk set and with a bad start to maps, I did complete it so will be experimenting with this setup more. ( lost augment on amulet with this change and not fully augmented. Also do not have my simplicity gem up to the 120 level yet).


Hi Rage. Got a question :slight_smile:
The frenzy - dmg on Belt, is it a differnt multiplier than the one on the set?

background: I got 2 belts, 1 with +399 Frenzydmg 550 Str , Allres and Life per Fury (not needed)

Second Belt 580 Str, 550 Vit , same amount of Allres , +394 % Frenzydmg. So i could turn those 550 Vit into an extra 550 Str.

Its 550 Str vs 5% Frenzydmg. Which one wins in terms of dmg?

Set and belt multipliers are different. 4% more Frenzy there will give you about 1% more damage. Go with the 2nd belt.

so 550 str > 5% frenzydmg ?

Yep, 550 Str will be better as long as you have less than about 45000 STR.

Nice, thx for the quick reply man <3