[Guide] H90 Frenzy: A simple guide

Nice, thx for the quick reply man <3

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Does anyone know if H90 still doesn’t have good WOTB uptime? I remember playing it last season and it felt kind of bad waiting for WOTB so I wouldn’t die…

I really like the set, probably my favorite, I will still use the set regardless, just think it would help it out a lot if it could get better uptime on WOTB.

Nothing has changed with the set. Season 22 can opt to include the Zodiac ring in the Cube, though without a spender in the build, that won’t do any anything.

Thank you for the information and the reply!

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You could perhaps include In-geom in the extra Season 22 cube slot to help WotB cool downs, once you’ve taken out that first elite.

I guess the major options for S22 will be:

  • Add RoRG in cube, wear Aughild bracer plus one other piece.

  • Add Echoing Fury in cube. This has the benefit of not proccing fear, in addition to the obvious AS buff.

  • Add Flavor of Time in cube. Doubled pylons? Yes, please!

  • Add Furnace in cube. Probably a little less good than using Aughild, but lets you use a different bracer, if you want to.

  • Add In-Geom or Messerschmidt’s Reaver in cube. Helps with your cooldowns a little bit. In-Geom will be better for speeds, Reaver for pushing.

  • Add Unity in cube. If you need more toughness.

  • Add Vambraces in cube. If you need more healing and aren’t already wearing them.

  • Add Oathkeeper in cube, carry the IB set. You have to spam BR to keep stacks up, which is kind of a pain, but this is a pretty decent option.

Ultimately, I think adding RoRG+Aughild is going to be best for most people. You get both more damage and more toughness. In a really optimal rift, taking FoT might be the best option.

A lot of good and interesting stuff to choose from!


Reaver in cube would be my pick tbh, since possibility of 100% WoTB uptime seems too good.


That’s a good point. For speeds, In-Geom would be superior, but for pushing, Reaver would be significantly better.

I don’t think either would be as good as RoRG/Aughild, EF, FoT, or IB, but it’s another nice point of customization.


Thank you for these pointers, very insightful!

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Hey :slight_smile: Im new so thank you for your guide, i tried to read all of the comments.
Just something i found and am still playing atm because i still havent found a good azurewrath and lack paragon for hp i am using EF Lightning dmg with wyrdward and parthian defender bracers to not get oneshot. its just another tanking EF option i wanted to share.
also fear on EF plus at some point u cant keep up the stacks makes it clearly inferior to azure. sadly.

P.s.: i know i shuld rock BoM but im too lazy to keep it up lol.

I am currently testing ess of johan with painenhancer with the lightning wyrd EF build and it looks very good

Hey mimung,

I’m glad you’ve found your own variant that you’re having fun with. I just wanted to make sure of one thing: you do know about CC resistance buildup on mobs, right? After a few seconds of stunning them via Wyrdward, they’ll become mostly immune to stun/freeze/fear, which will make your APDs much less effective at providing defense.

Hey Rage thx for the reply and for the guide again. It really got me going! =D

Yes i know about CC resi and H90S suffers greatly from it. But that aside i learned that APDs are a contradiction in themselves. I dont need the defence when im not hit because stuff is stunned. It only helped against magic effects and only so much and unreliably.
Since then i am experimenting with Fulminator Ess of Jordan and Strongarm bracers (apart fromn the beaten azure path). I dont understand Fulminators interaction with bastions lightning dmg spread yet, furthermore i cant wrap my head around how much dmg it can do in theory, all i know is that fulminator ess of jordan has the potential to be the density multiplier fury desperately needs.
things i dont know is e.g. if the fulmi proc crits count toward bloodshed and if they stack stricken on the main target.
since fury stacks a lot of enemy damage taken i have a hunch of an oportunity with fulmi.
All i know is that fury attacks crazy fast and shuld insta stack fulmi on every enemy in the vicinity.
lets say you have 20 enemys each pulsing 100% weapon dmg each second to eachother thats 2000% a sec against the yellow main target and 19 times 2000% weapon dmg aoe dmg. lets say half of them crit for 500% percent and that all gets added to bloodshed…
cant rly test that right now because i mistakenly cubed my only ess of jordan and cant swap a ring because im low para and need both aquila (via grandeur) and unity to not be onehit.
anyways i will see if there is still something good to be had with lightning and will keep you posted about it.

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Hey mimung,

So, Fulminator isn’t going to help you out. Because the damage buff on the H90 set (as well as the buff on Undisputed Champion) only apply to the Frenzy skill. So, between those two items, your Frenzy gets buffed by about 600x, but Fulminator’s damage doesn’t get buffed at all. Hits from Fulminator also won’t count towards Bloodshed.

Hmm yeah i knew the 6er H90 is only for frenzy; 10000% right?.
I did read that there was a paradigm shift from proc weapons to skill dmg set boni over the course of D3s history. still i hoped that big mob stacks would help get fulmi raket up and i especially hoped that it would count towards bloodshed and would stack stricken gem… so thanks for clarifying and sorry for being a noob here haha.
I am kinda dissapointed how limited Fury seems. EFs fear makes it unplayable if not at least annoying and you cant stack its effect in higher rifts. and other weapons either proc too low or nonsensical or too random to rely on. azure has the aoe stun for double dmg build right into one item, with inc cold dmg to boot.
Also BoMs 80% forces you to use it. I dont enjoy it at all so i worked around with Unity and ignore pain but it aint as good. thats ok because keeping track of the BoM buff is stressfull.
i think i will shift my gameplan from achieving high rifts to just chill and enjoy playing a build i like and see how it goes.
thanks again for the help.



Sure thing man, good luck out there!

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Yo Rage i respect your knowledge about Fury and the game a lot, you seem to be a gozu i can learn from. I now found a legacy of dreams build that i enjoy a lot, i still dont know how high itll rift but its easy of play and the quality of life features it has are fun. i would rly lov if you could check it out in my profile, its the seasonal Kelky. still switching and finetuning a lot but youll get the jist.
the tank is ridicul. i still cant say the max rift potential because i lack ancients to fully benefit from legacy of dreams but i totaly love that with LoD all the legendaries are again considerable.
its amazing how u can fine tune the build either if u need more trash clear or faster rift boss kills. since i enjoy exactly this in games: building LoD is my way of D3. It may not make it to the ladder but its good jolly fun.

cheers Rage, much respect!

im currently in my push build.
the Rift speed farm build uses EF, Pandemonium, rampage and whatever else tank you can give up for more speed, might even drop stomp and BoM for sprint marathon. its a LOT of fun stuff just evaporates lol.

sry if i hijack your thread. afterall its ment to be about the H90. i will make my own in the future.

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Hey mimung,

Glad you’ve found a setup you’re enjoying. I haven’t personally played a LOD setup at all, but I know @Poconut#1717 tried it out a good bit in the PTR before the Frenzy upgrades released, and said he thought the build was about 5 GRs behind H90. I think that was before the 2-piece was extended to include Freeze and Stun (originally, it was only Fear), so maybe it would be more like 6 GRs today.

Still, if that’s accurate, then that means that I could do something like 123 or so with it, and a really high paragon player could hit the low-mid 130’s.

If you’re looking for the optimum setup for pushing, then my guess would be that’s something like this: https://www.d3planner.com/133631469

You could also play a super-cooldown version that would look like this: https://www.d3planner.com/842700167

For your current setup, one thing I should warn you about is your Stone Gauntlets. This item is great for toughness, but each time you get hit, you slow down. This negative effect can be nullified if you are CC immune, but with this build, just like with H90, there’s no way to have 100% WOTB uptime. So you may actually end up getting stun-locked by enemies for a while. If you want another glove option that helps with survival, try St. Archew’s Gage.

No, it’s totally fine. I’m way more likely to see any questions you have about this setup here than in a new post.

Edit: I set up a LoD push build and gave it a try. Feels a lot more than 6 GRs weaker to me- at least 10 GRs.

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Thx again for answering.
Stonegauntlets debuff is nullified by ice stompers :slight_smile:

I totaly disagree to use EF for pushing.
It relys on deaths and has too low uptime in higher rifts.
It can snowball in speeds, especially together with rampage and pandemonium but imho it has no place in a push.
If going fire i wuld prefer sankis.
But Odyn gives +20% lightning and can proc 3x400% weapon damage without icd. It works against Trash as Aoe and against single target; intesifies the effect of bastion wich has lower single target dmg the higher the denisty.
Double ess + stomp and strongarm procs and stacks the 30% inc dmg for 8 seconds.
leorics crown and diamond gives a ton of Bersker and stomp uptime.
Stomp and double Ess (Strongarm) both help to sort the mobs and make area damage, bloodshed and death watch mantle rly shine, standing in occulus is childs play.

the issue with S90Hs double damage on CC mobs is that due to immunity that boost is lost in higher rifts where the fight takes longer. one could argue that it gives a burst in beginning to help clear trash around yellow when u aoe cc with AZ and rely on Bloodshed and area dmg to clear trash in the timeframe where they aint imune to cc for double dmg.
the problem is you cant profit from the trash deaths, you could use rampage to get 25 stacks faster to help against yellow but u loose area dmg against yellow if its solo.
but again high rifts= long fight, lower rampage uptime.
hard trash: lower trash death profit uptime, lower CC doubledmg profit uptime. wich makes EF, Rampage and Pandemonium and H90Ss Azures double dmg against CC fall off the longer the fight takes.
other trash profit triggers like pandemonium dont slack in H90S because only frenzy dmg is boosted vs LoDs general dmg boost. and even in LoD pandemonium falls off because hard trash has less death time so that pandemonium proc uptime is too low to argue for its use.

Let me sum it up:
the longer the fight, the higher the rift:
H90 CC double dmg boost: zero
EF, Rampage, Pandemonium “trashdeath triggers”:zero

Trash death = bad.

  1. you cant profit from it
  2. you loose area dmg against (yellow or blue) main target

stricken sotosay takes over the longer the fight takes so the H90S double dmg from cc is only in the beginning until stricken takes over.

LoD Odyn Strongarm does neither rely on CC nor on Trashdeath.
It thrives on density and scales with it.

That was a lot and a bit freaky man but i hope u get what i mean.
Still man, if it aint rift it aint rift I just belive in the build and i cant wait to get the gear together to see how high it can push.

i believe the perfect build kills everything in the pocket at the same time.


Hmm, a few notes:

Good point!

Well, a lot of folks, like Sengerene and Trikalicious, have gotten really good results pushing with it. I’m not a big fan of the weapon, though I did do a 125 in just a few keys with something like 17k STR. You may not like it either, but it is definitely a good option.

Even though the proc damage of Odyn Son gets boosted by LoD, the effect is still basically zero. It doesn’t tie into Bloodshed, and doesn’t get multiplied by Oathkeeper, Undisputed Champion, or Bastion’s. 20% elemental is good, though.

Be aware that Strongarms is additive, so you’re actually only getting about 12 -13% damage out of it.

No, that’s not really how AD works in this build, either with H90 or LoD. The amount of AD dealt is fairly constant, no matter how many enemies you pack around you (unless it’s just one enemy, of course). This is because your damage gets split up more and more for each additional enemy around you.


This is REALLY not true. Once you’ve mowed down all the trash around an elite, he dies super quickly because 1) he accumulates a ton of Stricken stacks really fast and 2) the entire pool of Frenzy damage is focused on him. That’s why you can kill a single-target RG quicker than one with adds, and also why it’s so incredibly fast: generally less than 60 seconds, even at a high level of push.

So anything that helps you chop down that density (like Rampage or EF) not only gets you progression from that density faster, it also helps you get to the part where you slaughter the elite really quickly, even if your Rampage and EF stacks fall off at that point.

Anyway, have fun with the build, and let us know how it goes!

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You are right i will be silent now and stop with the theory and just see how high itll go. Reality check sotosay haha. We need hard numbers now. Working on it!

Edit: I just saw all the in depth replys from you thank you man!

I see i have to learn a lot.
Especially that i was wrong about area damage completly contradicts my asumptions and reasoning for the build. I read about AD in the wiki and aparently understood it wrong sorry! I thought the more enemys around a yellow the more AD he recieves.

I also did the calculation for Odyn again and found a mistake i made. Odyns proc is only 3% more damage even with LoD. Your right. I thought it was 10%.
Even in LoD fury has such a ridiculous multiplier (through undisputet 5, oathkeeper 3,bastions 2, from the skill itself 2 and 2 from depth diggers so a 120x multi of base weapon dmg + ele damage multi) that any proc of any legendary like odyns 12x/3chance = 4x or death mantles (10 multi 30%chance to proc after being hit, hits every enemy…) is still meaninglessly low…

didnt know about strongarm being additive… lol dayum

sorry mate, i will think things through more carefully and doublecheck before talking again


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