GoD DH Exploit wrecking S25

The exploit is very severe. 149 30 sec GoD Rat runs or solo bot exploting the bug resulting 16T - 40+T xp per hr.

Banning the accts wont solve the issue as there always players escape the ban wave.

Theres only 1 solution, roll back ALL accounts or reset S25 like Asia did on Day 1. Legit players will suffer, but oh well, life sucks.

EDIT 1: for some context : https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianExpensivePidgeonMcaT-h7f0Ui1xijCp_1OS

Judge by your selfs

EDIT 2: If they cant solve the situation, there is no point in s25. Atm, you either join the exploit wargon or phased out. Not even 24/7 botting has a purpose left in s25 let alone manual play.


There have been multiple posts on the forum about this exploit now. I half expect there will be a mid-season patch and I would also expect every single player who has used the exploit will be banned permanently.

Of course expectations are made to be broken.


F that dude. What the hell for? Because the leaderboards would be broken? NEWSFLASH: They’re already busted, and have been for a long time, and the vast majority of the playerbase doesn’t give a rip about them anyway.


Mid season? More like patch and roll back ASAP.

There are people PAYS on twitch for streamers to explain how the bug works.
Humanity I guess.

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I’m not calling you a cheater but what this post looks like is “If they ban me for using the exploit, then they should roll everyone back because I’m mad!”

Just sayin’.


I definitely don’t want a rollback. I’ve completed the season journey and don’t want to do it again. I bet there are a bunch of other casual players who feel the same way.

Edit: everyone’s already seen my post complaining about the Curses! conquest. :rofl: Y’all know how I feel.

Why hurt a majority for the bad behaviour of a minority?


I’m not prepared to start season all over again. Playing legit and solo apart from split bounties!! (EU server)


Not for nuthin’ but if they roll the season back, I’m done. I took a lot of breaks, but I got to level 70 on Monday after three days of work, albeit not massive work. I don’t want to go through the leveling process again so soon and I’ll probably just end the season. Wait a few weeks, ask for plvl so I can re-earn the Guardian rewards and then be done with season completely.


No, I am saying there shouldn’t be anyone benefits from this exploit. Rollback requested because you cant clean ban everyone. How and what level of rollbacks depending on how Blizzard can clear up the situation. If they can manage to fix the issue in few days, then rollingback few days is sufficient and fair in a way.

Point is it’s not “fair” in any way. I don’t know where you even get that from. My original guess is starting to look more likely.


What benefits do i gain by posting if i am one of beneficiaries of the exploit?

The issue isnt NA alone. it affects all servers. Like the Asia season reset, not every one exploited but its reset. How or if fair or not isn’t up to you and me to decide but the scale of the exploit spread. CN is looking to either rollback accts or season.

Ultimately, what we think may not matter in the end.

It’s not benefiting you to get caught but it feeds a bit of the sadistic side of cheaters to watch everyone rolled back which was my point.

I mean, if they’re depraved enough to cheat in a video game then they’re depraved enough to do it and hope everyone gets punished.

But I’ll throw you bone. We’ve been through this before with Frailty/Marked for Death exploit and what happened after they reset the leaderboards without rolling back accounts and only banning the obvious cheaters was they buffed every class the following season and they’ve been chasing balance ever since.

Point is, Blizzard’s track record isn’t so good when it comes to stuff like this.


Well i guess should just publicise how the bug works so EVERYONE benefits from it, not just the selected few. Its a 10 year old game, no body cares for it anymore.

First, that’s a sure-fire way to get a forum ban.

Second, if you did do it, only cheaters would use it. If I wanted to know how it’s done, I’d look it up. But I don’t because I wouldn’t use it even if I knew how.

But yeah, sure enabling everyone to cheat fixes the problem, absolutely. /sarcasm.


I am casually playing all 3 regions on 2 accounts.
I would be quite upset if Season rolled back to start.
That would kill Season for me far more than knowing some cheaters are cheating.


Anyway Blizzard should be well informed already They will decide what’s best to be done.

Yeah do it man, let everyone speed 150’s for the season, where’s the harm? Who loses? I’d vote yes for this and a hard no to any region-wide rollbacks. 6 minute 150’s legit, 1 min exploited, what the difference? I don’t care either way.

They do that, my season is done. Have not used the exploit (you can look at my chars), but have done a lot already this season. If it was first day, ya sure, but you are a week in already, so it is already too late.

We go almost every season with the bot exploit. We went an entire season with the Wizard twister bug. Just add this to the list of things they have F***ed up on.

If they can punish the cheaters, then punish them. If I get punished because someone else cheated, then I am out for the season.


A roll-back or reset would’ve been a viable options… 2-3 days ago

Now, it’s too late, it would screw over more people than it would please.

Hopefully they can easily detect anyone who had any of these ridiculous clears and ban them / wipe them from the leaderboard, including the 5Heads who are speeding 1 tier lower than their highest legit looking clear to avoid detection

Otherwise it’s a Journey then bail season again i guess, hopefully they end it early and roll on the next PTR.

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Well, one require some (a lot) of dedication to reach, the other requires nothing at all basically going by the gear the chars I’ve seen on the board use. One had a blue weapon.

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