Soul shard + poision bug on DH

Today the 16/12/2021
I was invited to a group as XP barb, which is normal classic xp barb with 2 chains, 2 savages set piece, but the odd thing is that the 2 Demon hunters more and less did every by them self, i tried to copy what they have build, and everything, but i could not get anywhere close to 150 in the 32 seconds it took them, my build did max a few million damage, they had the game difficulty set to torment X. i prefer to play legit, i don’t know if it is a bug or what it is, but i hope reporting it wille sort it out, it seems odd at least, i havn’t really had much time to play diablo, and now i come back to this :smiley: 150 in 32 seconds seems odd to me

Yeah, there is a known bug/exploit with the GoD set at the moment involving momentum stacking without limits. I won’t go into detail on how this works but it was introduced by the “fix” that was applied to the GoD set for the Calamity weapon. There must have been some workaround that wasn’t coded properly.


Blizzard will likely ban the offending players and possibly wipe the GoD leaderboards. There might also be a wipe of all 2-, 3-, and 4-player GRs which involve a GoD DH as a DPS character.

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