GoD DH Exploit wrecking S25

exploit just hit the NA servers too, there’s a solo DH with GR150 1 min plus, and a 4man DH with GR 150 1 min plus

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Both those clears have a common player… It’d be awfully sad if their clansmen got banned for riding on their coattails. :rofl:

Of course I’m not naming names because that’s silly.

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How about put all your anger in DH and DH recovery and rollback.

My inna monk didn’t have a thing to do with your upset.
So leave me alone.

There’s a ban wave on NA, but the DH GoD exploiters were untouched.

If they cant hand pick out who did the exploit, then …

Regardless, s25 is killed… shame for such a good theme

It’s against Twitch TOS to stream cheating/exploits. Report the stream.


Yup, same here… no DH player, so spare me with rollback.

As a legit solo only player I couldn’t care less about the cheat and bot boards or whatnot. From my perspective there’s no need to rollback and restart the season. You should not ask to punish everyone just because some MFs used exploits.

Now you know why I posted this nearly two weeks ago:



So, that trumps those that do care? Righto…

what’s up with the curses conquest?

it’s called cheating. And it should NOT be tolerated.

That’s nothing. modders are clearing a GR150 in as little as 3 seconds on the PS4…s25 (and s24) has been utterly ruined by them. Blizzard has done nothing. I repeat, nothing. Now, before you say it’s a Sony problem, it is and it isn’t. Sony PS4 keys were cracked back in 2018, true. But the whole issue could be avoided by online seasons and sanity checking of gear when character loads into the GR.


Nothing much. I was just having a tongue-in-cheek complaint about how long it took me to do it (~1 hour of restarting games.) :wink:

Ahhh, that’s a doddle vs curses on console mate. It’s near impossible to do solo, and a 2 man group usually will fail it too. 3 man and 4 man groups fair better. We have fewer waves and less mobs per wave, making it much much harder for us to do.

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Yeah, I gathered that from other threads on this conquest earlier in the season. I forget how lucky I am to be on PC.

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I haven’t even started playing this season, and I don’t know if I want to start …

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Hmmm, so Trump should still be president, right? I mean, some people still wanted him to be, and the fact that more voted for Biden means nothing, right?

Exploits or not, hacks or not, bots or not, the leaderboards are broken beyond redemption. Resetting the season will do nothing except infuriate the majority of players. Close the leaderboards for the season instead. If the exploiters and botters miss out on the incredible reward of seeing their anonymous battletag on a list somewhere on the internet they’ll soon stop, right?

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Blizz logic: “hmm, DH does 150 for 30s, need MORE NERF WIZARD”


I don’t want a rollback either, they can just ban those that have used the exploit. Taking that extreme of a case you would have to rollback all accounts, punishing all because a few players cheat. What is next perma ban everyone just because there are those that cheat.

So it is impossible to perma ban all that take part in using the exploit. Where it is impossible to clean the game up, so rollback all. What were you playing in Asia region and suffered a rollback there and didn’t like it so you are now requesting one here.

They don’t need to do a rollback unless everyone took part in using the exploit. Since that is impossible to happen with a lot of players that play legit. So a rollback of even a few days is not needed. Let them do a data mine to find out who and any many used the exploit. Then perma ban the ones along with removing them from any leader boards they are on.

They don’t perma ban all accounts when they ban botters and clean the leader boards by removing the botter’s leader board clear times. They do that just fine without hurting anyone. Heck they did just fine many years ago during the days of the RMAH. When you had the gold dupe bug, every account wasn’t banned nor was their a huge rollback and that would no doubt have more of an impact than what this exploit has had.

The Asian season server reset happened because they didn’t reset that server properly. They just had Ethereal items IIRC along with paragon and maybe a few other things.

Now you have a better attitude, I highly doubt that Blizz would be for a full rollback unless there are so many players that a rollback is needed. I am sure though that it will turn out where there will be no rollback. Where only the ones using the exploit will be perma banned. Along with having their clear times removed from any leader board they are on.


The fact that Blizzard hasn’t acknowledged the exploit and issued a warning for abusers is worrisome.

The fact that the exploit hasn’t been patched yet is also worrisome. While I’m not the most savvy programmer, a couple lines of code should be able to easily fix the momentum stacks issue.

A rollback at this point is not the proper way to handle the situation. As mentioned above, there are too many legit players that would get hit. Blizzard was able to track those who exploited the hellfire amulet bug, and they banned accordingly. Anyone who has used this exploit will be easily trackable by Blizzard. A ban is the best course of actions on those accounts, as you have to really try to replicate this exploit. It’s not something that just accidently happens.


I’m so sorry to say, that the best solution is a patch and rollback the season. Why?.

Because you can make look this exploit “legit” by closing GR 150 in 12-13mins, and then just basically do your GR 148-149 hyper fast rat runs, with your friends and dont appear on the list.

Do you really think blizzard is going to check one by one too see who earns “x” amount of XP/h?. They dont even care about botting anymore, there’s going to be a lot of people that will get advantage from this season to get loads of paragon.

This is the perfect situation in my opinion to change the End-game and paragon system.


We got a response in the german forum. But it should be clear anyway that nobody should use exploits.


The best solution for this exploit abuse after a week into the season. Is to first release a patch that fixes the problem, obviously. Then just restart the leaderboards.


that’s not a good attitude you have. Imagine you are an honest player and you invest a lot of time in a game and you strive hour after hour to get good items and ultimately make it to first place. wouldn’t you be very proud of yourself then? and now imagine there comes a cheater and takes the first place away from you what would you say ???


Actually I was just casually doing speed 109 solos with the deathblow gem because that makes it faster, And my weapon of choice was my primal Pus Spitter which spits acid every now and then. I had the glitch happen to me and I didnt know what was happening. I already emailed blizzard about it and I can’t think of anything that would have caused it other than the new soul gem and my weapon. My damage gems were Taeguk Zeis and Simplicities.