Friend Codes Switch

I need friends…

Sw 7027-4657-8305

I’m looking for people to play with recently started playing Adventure Mode. I need people ! SW-5102-2620-6155

Got a switch last week & just finished the campaign if anyone wants to do some adventure mode together.


if you are not playing season, then i doubt you’ll get anyone to play with you.

Hi. Been playing d3 on pc for years. Need peeps to play with on switch now


Looking for more friends on the switch to play with. Add me: sw-5079-6477-1305

I’m searching for players who can play Hardcore. I hope to play in squad team with similar Levels. 7041 7941 9521 Enjoy

Looking for more friends on the switch to play with. Add me: sw-1232-2184-0738

I just grind seasons mostly as a monk. Not a super hardcore gamer, just having fun and trying to get as high as possible in rifts. Add if you like to join me.


Anybody able to help with Curses? It’s the only thing a friend and I need to complete Season 20. Thanks!!

Hey everyone! I’m relatively new to diablo 3 on the switch and potentially looking for some friends to play with! Feel free to add me! My friend code is SW-1096-8175-6130

Fairly new to game, looking for friends to play along with. FC: SW-2106-8538-6506

I play pretty regularly, currently paragon lvl 565, feel free to add me SW 1586-1026-7030

Just started playing, so I will need some friends that want to play the seasons with me! SW-0362-7529-2511.

Please add me on Nintendo Switch I like farming rift 1757-1895-9676 porygon 314 and slowing growing

Got a monk and necromancer available to join. My code is SW-5343-6441-3918. Feel free to share with others.

My friend code is sw 2216 7255 8711

Just bought it and found that the whole “uses Nintendo app for chat support” was a lie.
Add me to bitterly slay demons together.
My spouse and bro in law just got it too

Add me! Got my switch for this 2nd lockdown. Absolutely loving this game. To play with 3 others would be awesome!

Friend code: 4809-0761-5692

I need a power level \ friends.
Please add me.