Friend Codes Switch

Add me! I’m an old school D2 and D3 PC player but I just got a switch and need some frands.


Hey all. Australian here :relaxed: New to D3. At about mid 40 level. Working towards 70. Would love to have friends to join as I don’t have many on my switch!

SW - 6445 - 2743 - 9212

feel free to add me i play diablo 3 alot
have 2x lvl 70’s geared up

Playing seasonal as necro running rifts
CODE: 2988 8249 9861

sw 1678 4670 9985
Just reached lv 70.
I need powerful friends to clear season mission T_T

Just bought a switch needing help to level and gear please help me out usually a pc gamer but I love Diablo 3 too much.

My Friend Code: SW-3157-8788-8972
In need of friends!

Hey hello all. I could use friends on switch. Women especially welcome:

What’s this, Diablo III Dating?

new to switch need friends friend code: 2990-8635-4696

Friend Code — SW-1173-1908-9407
I am fairly new to the game, but I have a necromancer level 70 paragon level 35. I just want someone to level up with and find legendaries!

My friend code: 8111-4423-7827
Playing now season 23 softcore. Got 87 paragon. Wanna play - add me also give my code your friend. :slight_smile:

My friend code: 2875-3890-6595
Playing now season 23 Hardcore. I have many experience. i can friend to find gear & farm level. I like Hardcore!!! . It funny…

My friend code: SW-0616-5225-7222
Playing now season 23 Softcore.

Curretly playing on season 23

SW-7985-0821-4789 im on daily farming

I just started playing on switch and just made level 20. Looking for people to play with.

I too play on the switch. I have a 70 DH (non-seasonal).

Friend code is : SW-6326-0281-1047

I play on the switch - down for some smash and bash.

Can i get a fresh invite to your discord? Says it expired. here is the new link