Friend Codes Switch

Just started seasonal level 40 so far let’s rip haha

Friend code is SW-2223-8083-2442

I have 4 classes 3 are level 70 with paragon of 370 and a 4th one at lvl 57. Friend code is SW-5362-6940-4033. I’m usually on early in the morning or late at night. Add me and we can go to town on this game.

I play solo, but i like to have a new friends! :slight_smile:


High switch player online very often mostly farming paragons :wink: last stop 1 month 1188 points

I just got on the Switch wagon, and Diablo 3 is my first game, could use some help and new friends. SW-0310-1933-9526

please add me 2793-7868-9574
im still new, thankyou

Hello! I started playing D3 a week ago xD. My Friend Code is SW-6004-4163-2543 :slight_smile: feel free to add me!

Hello i started a few days ago, im looking for friends to play.

Still looking for people to play with - SW: 3293 8843 7897

I’ve got a normal 70 monk 185pgs and 70 necro season 19

5727 8067 8787 feel free to add for new season

Add me on ps4 if you’d like to play. PSN Cheah9

Add me


FC: SW-5835-0148-8793

Looking for friends to play with!

new to switch have well over 700 hours on pc and ps4 versions

look at the bright side of getting the switch, after playing PC and Ps4, this is one system you don’t have to complete campaign to open up adventure mode non season.

Feel free to add me i need some friends for this game to boring to play it solo… ×(
SW 8007 3967 7592

add me SW-6504-3279-8989

hey guys iv been playing on the switch during quarantine. currently running a wizard paragon level 25 non season. this is the first diablo game iv played


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Hi I just got the game and have been looking for anybody to play with, only level 11 now, would love just have some casual mindless demon killing and questing/grinding feel free to add me, SW-5333-3157-3718

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