Friend Codes Switch

Hi, let’s share our friends codes to play together
FC: SW-2572-5979-3001
Lets Hunt


Sw-3780-2983-8111 let’s play am only lvl 20 just got it on the switch

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FC: SW - 1732 3462 4620

I started playing on the switch recently. I play every night. add me.

SW-5147-1539-7793 new to Nintendo switch but do play on the ps4 …

Im new just beat story mode my code is Sw-3038-1611-9135

My friend code

Add me for the new season if anyone is interested sw-6566-9075-4602

Friend code :slight_smile:


Hi. Realise this thread is a few months old, just started D3 on Switch. Friend code SW-0483-8406-4417. Anyone can add.

I know thread is old but wanted to add my code. Been playing non season mostly. But whi knows may starts this season or maybe wait till next one.

Friend code

Ive been pretty lucky non season and tend to throw most gear away and dont really find anyone in the matchmaking system (maybe im using it wrong).

Anyone can add me. SW-6809-5228-5780

Playing hard core or normal hit me up
FC: SW-0217-2070-2837

I sent you a friend’s request on Switch. I am playing on Torment 4 non-seasonal character and Expert/Master seasonal character. I would be happy to help you level Seasonal or Non-seasonal. @CurzonDax

Hello i keep getting invites to play diablo on switch, but dont kno how to accept it, can anyone help, its not like ps4 i cant send message to let them kno.


To accept you just hit A then it will take you to the main screen to join the party. Once you join the party, you will be in the game with the person who invited you to play.

can we chat somewhere?
(HEMIK Playing hard core SW-6363-2172-3437 )

Thanks @nezumimousey

If you are looking for more people to play with, we have quite an active discord community here:

Or just add me, playing a few classes on S18 paragon 950, powerleveling friendly: SW-2616-4935-7978

Hey all, new to d3 on the switch (or in general). Code is SW-2736-8105-4026. Just made a seasonal necro. No exploiters/cheaters please.

Just looking for cool people to hunt with.

Hey, D3 switch looking for friends or group to play with and maybe level up my characters. Current main characters: (seasonl) Monk lvl 70 para 47 and maybe help leveling up a new player soon. Code is SW-1402-6275-5236.