Nintendo Switch friend codes purely for Nemesis and friend-gifts features

Like the title says.

This is only for those who want more friends on their list who play D3, and want more nemesis spawns and more friend-gifts dropped/received.
I don’t pay for Nintendo Switch Online, so I’m not able to play co-op, and not planning to get a subscription any time soon.

If you want people to play online with, go to Friend Codes Switch

If you are new to the Switch you can google: switch how to find friend code
And use the official Nintendo support page to find your friend code.
If you change your mind in the future, and are scared that your friend-code is public. You can use the same guide to get a new friend-code.

If you want to post your code here, there is no need to include the SW prefix.

My code:

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Hi my friend code SW-8111-4423-7827
Started playing season 23. For today ive got 87 paragon softcore. Wanna play? Add me :slight_smile:

Did you miss that this thread is from September 2019?