Forum RNG Theory

…just came here to test the theory regarding complaining in the forum about very bad RNG immediately gives you what you want in the game proven or debunked…

Had no “trouble” with the RNG on the EU server, but the Asia server is a different story.

Having a bit more than paragon 1000, basically happy with my DH, but…

So far found exactly three Petrified Screams, two of them ended up in the Altar… Good thing is, this season they are not needed to get gear augment with 625 stat points of your liking.

The big BUT is, found only two primals, one became Potion 1, the other the DH is wearing.

The stubborn me wants to finish the Altar! :slight_smile: And then continue on the Americas server…

Gonna report if the theory is total billshut or a “string” between the forum and the game. :wink:


I’m sure good luck and fortune is coming your way :+1:

(Maybe posting on the Asian forum - if such exists - will speed up the process?)


Ah, my bad… :wink:

Had not thought of that… Gonna see if I can find a promising translator and the Asia forum…



This is how Blizz RNG works:

(tin foil hat on)

Blizz has spent billions on AI algorithms to determine what items you currently are looking for. They then use this information to change the drop rates of these items to 0 for just you.

The only way to defeat their Skynet AI, is to focus all your energy on not wanting the item you need. AI can always be defeated by reverse psychology.

The other option is to curse at the game when you do not get what you want. I use this frequently on the Mystic and Kadala. My 4-letter word combo bonus has far exceeded anybody’s massacre bonus achieved in the game. While this method isn’t as successful as the one above, it does make me feel better.

(tin foil hat off)

so, simply rng = rng. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Two primals in less an hour for my WD, none for my necro, probably a bug.

Sarcamass here

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Your hat must be broken! ;-)))

I swear at Kadala since years, she is totally resistant towards me! I even think she thinks something is wrong with me when I do not swear at her! :-))) My girlfriend on the other hand, some seasons ago accidentally shredded some piece of the class set she was trying to gather. Went to Kadala, second try and she had it “back” - in better! THAT is RNG!

Relating to the “billions on AI algorithms”, I think they are both totally overrated, the billions and even more though the AI algorithms.

Ever heard of reverse reverse psychology? ;-)))))))))) Military all over the world “swears on” counter counter measures (and pays billions for it…)…

So, not just RNG = RNG. Even RNG <> RNG! Lot’s to see whille I am not playing, nice forum comments for example, not like in some other neverending threads here in the forum… And… Gone… For now… :slight_smile:

What else can it be? I can think of two long time forum posters that would absolutely agree / disagree! :wink:

(You have the Altar finished?)

“Wanting Prevents Having”

I coined this phrase years ago. That’s life in general.


Be careful… Once you know the secret, and with even just an inkling of doubt (because you don’t believe in magic/miracles, etc), that’s when it stops working.

The subconscious works in mysterious ways.


We keep talking about D3 RNG. But, let’s not forget that Blizzard admitted years ago that they weighted certain items and item Properties.

RNG is RNG. But, D3 RNG is like:

  • Playing with a stacked deck of cards.
  • Playing with loaded dice.
  • Playing with a 3-sided coin where 2 sides are tails and 1 side is heads.

…You get the idea.  


So, done.

I hope the online translator did not glue too many weird words together… :wink:

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I liked my short formula better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But your description kinda nails it too…

In about an hour (if not, then tomorrow) I’ll find out if “dark magic” works for an unbeliever (what a “nice” word that is… :slight_smile: ) by heart… :upside_down_face:

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The subconscious is the worst, err, the best! By total chance you meet a person, and POOF :boom:, many years later there are still this annoying :butterfly: butterflies :butterfly: when you expect to see her home again after coming back from a work trip (e.g.)… Sorry for the romantic interlude… :blush:

Work with the RNG. Get legendaries to drop more frequently to improve the occurrence of primals dropping.

I just run Fissures when I play (1-2hrs each night). I usually get my double primal drop every 1-2 days.

It’s anecdotal but I find that when I’m stuck trying to farm something on my main if I hop on an alt it sometimes appears almost instantly. Today, for example, I was trying to craft the ancient Hellfire amulet for the altar on the EU server. 25 tries on my DH main and nothing… started a Sader alt and the very first amulet… ancient hellfire (with the Heavenly Strength passive… grr) sacrificed it and 2 tries later… another ancient with the same passive. Yeah. Tell me that doesn’t feel contrived. I know, in the rational part of my brain, that it’s just me seeing patterns that don’t exist. But how many times has stuff like that happened? On NA couldn’t find Rama lamas or Screams with my wizard main last week so switch to an alt… first GR Scream, send GR Rama. WTH is that about?

On the EU server it worked exactly as you just wrote.

That is why I give the theory a try… :slight_smile: Was doing speed bounties with the Gold build (BOTH) for days, with my enchantress wearing the Nemesis Bracers and trying to get as many Fissures as possible (and having quite some fun with all the goblin levels). Crafted some Bardiches to do cows. Ran lots of GR100s. Even cleared some normal rifts until the end…

This is not a complaint thread, “just” a japing mock complaint while relaxing from the game… :wink:


:game_die: :black_joker: :slot_machine:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But hopefully, it makes you feel better. She usually caves to my combo bonus though, you might need to practice more. :slight_smile:

You didn’t get what you wanted, so obviously it is working. Conspiracy confirmed. :slight_smile:

Don’t need. As I already stated, AI cannot detect simple reverse psychology. It is AI’s only weakness.

That is why you always wear the tin foil hat.

Or that is what they want us to think. :wink:.

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I’m sorry, I had 4 Primals in one Vision yesterday. Must have been yours.

It works like a tombola lottery. You gotta be playing when the manager fills the drum with the daily ration of primal tickets… sort of…