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See you in Hell.


Arreat Summit


That website makes my vision blurry. Looks like a lot of work has gone into it though. Just opinions:

  1. The grays in the background with the pale font colors, font choice, and font size coupled with the amount of stuff on the page hitting you at once makes the screen difficult to read. Information overload. Needs more contrast, larger font, and less stuff on the front page. It’s different, but there’s a reason most sites just give people link options for where they want to go.

  2. When I go to the item database, specifically Mauls, they are not in order in any way. Not alphabetical and not by tier. Why are they not ordered by tier, then from lowest to highest level? Same on swords. It’s odd and makes finding something a pain. Then it’s all splattered on the screen instead of placed neatly in aligned rows.

  3. Runewords, same as #2

  4. Trade and the Price Guide . . . uh… okay.

  5. Forums - seems interesting enough. Problem: I can hardly read them.

Mostly, you guys have some serious layout issues. Readability is a huge factor. It’s better on my phone, but everything is still in some odd random order. I understand it’s a database layout, but it needs a lot of work. Hope the advice helps. Lots of work has gone into that, and good job with what you have so far :slight_smile: I know it’s not easy.


I like the font, it’s oldschool and looks like the same font that’s used D2 dialogue boxes


Just helping with link :smiley:


2 amazing resources for sure! Everyone should definitely check them out.
Arreat Summit was/is still an inspiration to us.


Signed up. Hopefully it’s a good place to trade on launch.


Thank you very much for your time and feedback.
Imma let the team know about this and, hopefully, we can make some good changes in the future.
There’s still a lot to do :slight_smile:


Initially I thought maybe it was font size, but I went back and zoomed in on the page to 120% and while “technically” that does increase the size, what it also does on my screen is puts three boxes across instead of 5. It doesn’t throw out everything at once.

I can’t imagine what it’s like designing stuff with everybody having such different screens sizes and devices. That said, it transitioned to the zoomed in size very smoothly. Some sites get a stutter when doing that :slight_smile:


You are a Legend, Zax.
Thank you very much, mate!


The Diablo II resource website I never knew I wanted.


We are working hard to meet everyone’s expectations :crossed_fingers:


the site looks amazing. I really like the font and the header image.

I would recommend with the voting to allow more than one option since people may be playing on more than one platform.

Also, just a heads up, when minimizing the screen the far right div/cards get pushed to the bottom of the screen (register, login, etc). This is mostly accessible still in the navbar, but given its placement on the screen initially, it seems important enough to point out in case you want to keep it up top.


I like it too!
But for those who don’t, we also have Sans-Serif Font that you can choose from the account drop-down menu, on the top right corner.


One of few mobile oriented d2 website.

I would suggest a skill tree approach on skills, felt a bit random. I selected skill and gone to blessed hammer, which makes 0 sense. Try filter class and be more ordered in that aspect, because search each skill to found out they have pre-requisite isn’t great. If you already have, make it default not the random thing.

Also, be careful how would handle “outside trade”. Because could be against the legal session.

Create some spaces between the links to avoid misscicks also. When I tried to select skills I had doubt for a moment if I selected the right one.


Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:
Regarding the multi-option vote, this is not the first time we get feedback on this topic. Noted!


If people complain about the font more, just change it to comic sans to piss them off more.


Right? ^^
Thanks, bro.

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I should be able to search runewords based on runes I have.


Just use the Rune & Socket filter and select the runes you want :slight_smile: