Diablo IV Unable to find valid license Code 315306 (Xbox)

It launches at 9am Pacific Time in the US. That means you need to adjust for your own time zone and date. They have a handy map for you in the Beta guide Blizzard posted.


Ur right, I checked the vlog beta, it’s 5pm not 5am. So 12h left :frowning:

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Damn I was hoping to get to play it before work. Guess not it goes up noon my time

It is what we are all doing, and the code still appears.

Yes, because the Beta hasn’t started yet…

Same error code is happening for me.

I’m sorry for all of you guys but also happy it’s not just me having this issue😅 Meanwhile it’s 11:15 GMT in Germany (17.03.23). I tryed again and the problem is still the same🤷🏼‍♂️

All of us getting the same error becasue beta is not started yet. Beta is starting at 17:00 17/03/2023

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You guys do know that the beta starts on 17 March at 0900 PST. That will be 1700 in Germany, 1600 in UK.

Hello! Good morning from Brazil! This code error is from the timer hour release the eraly access in your country. In here, the access occur today, march 17. But the hour realese is 1:00 pm BRA (9:00 am PDT, Los Angeles Time). Take a look the hour of realease in your country. Good morning! Sorry for my bad english!

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Salvou, eu já tava escrevendo e-mail :joy::joy:

I am experiencing the same issue

same i hope someone posts when they get in

17.09 pm still code problem ??

Same deal with me in London. 2h to go …not very reassuring :sweat_smile:

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Just tried logging in. Same problem and it’s the 17th, so kinda seems like a Blizzard/Battle.net problem.

I purchased Ultimate edition for XBox series X and am getting the same error.

I have a same problem. Hello from Turkey.

I looked further into it and it turns out the Beta will not be open until 09:00 PDT, 12:00 EST, and 16:00 GMT, on the 17th.

So, I jumped the gun a little bit. Still another hour and a half to go.

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Did you ever get it fixed I still can join