Diablo IV Unable to find valid license Code 315306 (Xbox)

There should always be a problem. Some guy always forget something. It’s by default.

Now they are restarting the servers, says they are not available

Now I’m just getting a problem logging in error. God i’m just too hype xD

Looks like they fixed the license problem. Back to Servers not being online now lol.

Beta only goes live on 17 March at 9:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles time)

Patience !!


Keep in mind the Beta does not start until 9am Pacific Time in the US on the 17th.

You will need to adjust that for your time zone. There is a nice map in the Blizzard D4 Beta Guide


I know lol. The license error was an issue, not the times it launches.

Same here, Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV (Cose 315306)

I’m in Malaysia, so MYT… I tried converting the time zone for the early beta launch, it’s supposed to be available since about 9hours ago

Its probably because the beta hasnt started is what everyone is saying. You cant possibly have a license, the game and beta hasnt launched yet. Once it goes live that error will probably clear.


I hope that this is the only reason why

I think 5am Saturday for NZ so ive read

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Well, here it should work, they said Paris 5am, it’s already past that and still the same error with license. Typical Blizzard.

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So here I am at 12:19 am 3/17. I know it said it would be available today but does anyone know the exact time? I have seen posts saying 12 am est, 10 am, 12pm. I don’t know which is correct.

12:23 EST and same error.


3/16 11:25 pm CDT same error code 315306 on PS5

Every. Single. Beta.

Friday, March 17 at 9am PT. Some of you can’t read

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328pm Australia. Same code. Has it dropped in Australia yet?

It’s already past that here.

No its not, I assure you

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