Diablo iv quarterly update - q3 when?

So… if it’s the end of september… will the next one be during the online blizzcon event around january?

4thQ ends 12/31 (so sometime at the end of Dec.), they have not said when the virtual event will take place just “early next year.”

Tbh the s22 and q3 update is too clumped up. They need to spread the hyoe trains abit :man_shrugging:

after all the silence you could clarify a bit more on both q3 and ptr notes tbh :cry:


PTR notes likely thursday. Be patient. Don’t panic. Not yet :wink:

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Yeah when it comes to ptrs, they usually implement them on Thursdays. So my guess is that it’ll either be this week or next week. We’ll see.

Quarterly Blog.

PTR is still a bit further down.

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Hmmm a blue response.

Didn’t even say “soon”…

I’m very disappointed.

Ah well I’ll just believe they said “soon”.


We are expecting nothing less than 30 GR137+ competitive builds Pez. :smile:

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:roll_eyes: :grimacing: :unamused: :pensive:


Well, looks like my guess was off.

Whoa, has the PTR been that long delayed? Three months of S21 is up October 3rd, isn’t it? Give or take a few weeks.

Ow well thats good new for the ptr i guess. That means massive update i presume!

… that mean that there isn’t anything to look forward in this week and next week then. :frowning:

True enough, as such we’ll have to be patient a tad longer.

It’s possible, but I wouldn’t count on it honestly.

That wasn’t so hard now was it

Would it too much to ask when to actually expect the PTR?

The expected end date for S21 would’ve been October 4th if the season length was going to be normal but with the extension already known (due to PTR) it would be nice to know how far will S21 be actually extended.

It sounds like the “slightly” they mentioned is sounding like a least a month, maybe 6 weeks.

What i see with other game companies is they give small bits of info untill all the notes are ready. Maybe put 1 item which is not subject to change each week to keep the fans thrilled :thinking:

Some do. I love how Bex handles things for PoE. Different companies have different polices though.

Blizz fans tend to get super upset when something they are testing out during development does not quite make it to the final version. The stuff that “won’t change”, as you mentioned, tends to be kind of dull.

That said, I am not against something kind of generic like guess the new item name and properties type engagement campaigns. The details of the item being subject to change of course.

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