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Diablo 4 Runewords Why not have it all and more

I gotta say i like the new rune system, adding more customization options, so that i can spend hours planing what my build would benefit from totally forgetting to lvl up, yaa that’s the kind off nerd i am xD

But why stop there…
why not implement D2 Rune Words to Grey Items
why not keep it simple to use and integrate but complex to master…

Why not let Each Effect Rune have 2 or 3 effects
Example: If conditions are meet within x seconds
1 Condition meet :: Effect
2 Condition meet :: Boost
3 Condition meet :: Special Effect

And Increase the number of Sockets to 6 on some items, the would add more customization playing with multiple Runes Condition and Effect Runes. like 5 Condition Runes to proc 1 effect rune ALOT xD or 1 condition rune to proc 5 Effect Runes… and for balancing you could very the amount of sockets


Grey Items
Max Sockets :: 6
Runeword:: Yes special order of runes, creates Runeword like in D2

Blue Items
Max Sockets :: 6
Runeword:: No

Yellow Items (maybe Green)
Max Sockets :: 4
Runeword:: No

Orange Items (maybe Green)
Max Sockets :: 2
Runeword:: No

This will also add to the Balancing between the item types making a prefect stats Rolled Blue Items, with high lvl Runes As good or better then Orange Items with mid stats, Making many many more early end game options…
It will also open up for more Item Abilities and more,
Potions that count as 1 condition meet.
Runatic : Doubles the Effect of runes sockets

what do you guys think is it way off…

If not start listing different ideas to Condition and effect runes… and how we could scale each effect on 1 rune… Example:: 3 conditions meet :: special effect: changes dodge to 10 – 15 yard Teleport for 60 sec. (speed build) :stuck_out_tongue:

Numbers were catered toward late game i.e. max level, earlier on those numbers would be quite lower, not too much but still, quite a bit lower

The level cap per white item would ALSO drop down at lower levels, from 2 to 3 to 4 to 5… Think of “D2” class progression type of an item, from Club to Cudgel to War club, or from Eagle orb Crystalline orb to Cloudy orb (was it ?), point being - EACH type of item back in D2 had 3 “classes”, same could be done with these

The ONLY downside for this particular mechanic IMO is because it’s weapon-only (or maybe could work with an offhand too) but NO armor and NO jewelry… I mean don’t see how you’d have something like “get hit X times to gain X% resistance from certain type of monsters” lol

Oh, and no no no, the thing is the “leveling up” is CAPPED, at lower level items up to 2 (you could get +2 to a higher level skill if you use it, chances you might not even have such a thing “on the market” even at the time), then it goes to +3, then later +4, and finally and ultimately +5 at only max lvl items

Don’t think it’s THAT bad of an idea because I think it’s almost virtually impossible to find say 200 + 300 + 400 + 500 fallen and not a single thing hit +200 before that happens, OR say things like, sooner or later you’ll get challenged by higher class mob so you won’t be able to have the luxury to “choose” what you kill it with u know

Meaning - it’s STILL a mechanic you have HIGH amount of control of but NOT 100% to get what you looking at… IN ANY CASE, the “off affix” would still be something you use just as often

While that’s somewhat valid - certainly, D3 overused the concept - it’s kind of always been the case that caster-oriented classes use weapons as stat sticks.

all classes did that afaik

In most cases yes it’s weapon based, but I did add Gloves as they could do Cast/Attack speed and the like, others could be Chest Armour but this is where it gets hard to work unless being hit is kept as value. Then some type of resistance buff could be linked.

Also as they want us to plan for key dungeons this mob based bonus comes into play.
I know I am going to a key dungeon with mostly Khazra, Fallen, Lacuni or some other monster family, I think wait I have that bonus on a weapon at the time it’s only level 2 but after this dungeon i should get at least another level. I know it adds more inventory swapping but I think it could be a good one, and it also may mean that it’s one less BiS item to work for until something that is better all up.
These types of items are used as stepping stones as you build gear or as a different BiS but S in this case Situation.

Yes the numbers are only a base to build from if need be keep it simple only give +.25 damage on top of your base damage at each level, that’s for the Math Wizards to look in to and get the balance right.
To me adding % this and % that, before you know it we are in the +1000% range if its coming form to many places.
I don’t what to be walking around with everything dead when I look at it.

Capped, 5 levels capped, so what’s that up to 75*5 = 375% damage ?, don’t think it’s THAT much of a bonus since any other item could simply have something like lightning+fire damage and nearly outmatch it

Plus, that’s only for a certain type of monsters, the one you played the most against… The +x to skill MIGHT be a concern if it goes the highest within time, but then again = chances a level or two might get “snatched” by killing a certain type of monsters quite a bit so it ends up something like +3 to X skill and +150% (only physical attacks lol) to X type of monsters… Also, things you could lose by not getting anything else:

Crit damage,
Crushing blow,
Lightning/Fire/Cold/Poison damage (though some of that could be added via socket if a quest exists for that)
Extra attack speed
% Damage to Elites & Players (yes, that was an affix in D4 as well)

Like, there’s waayyy too much to choose from and you’d get basically NONE of that, instead you’ll have a highly-specified item that is “tailored” toward what you did, and frankly don’t think would be THAT good (i.e. bad) in the lategame that you’d have to stick to them cause dungeons would have special/extra affixes most of the time as well

Anything is better then built in tick boxes for power creep, in the +1000% of anything range, keep numbers low and the damage will improve as you level.
I don’t mobs to explode as I walk in to a room.

Concerning the video between Llama and Noxious. There are plenty of very important details to talk about
I think the two topics also matter:

Too frequent dopamine kicks that:

  • are not story related and automatically come up
  • make the player lose interest since his intentions don’t impact the game
  • artificially keep the player playing on a short rewarding cycle
  • rewards the player for coming back to the game, breaking the consistency of the world. The game itself should be the reason to coming back to it.
  • Short dopamine kicks make every new kick unsatisfying unless the dose is increased, hence destroying the consistency of the world.
  • Joe Shely stated “One of our most important jobs is that when you get a new legendary or a new piece of gear, or you level up, that you always feel stronger”
    I think it’s a terrible statement. Loot generation should not adapt to the player. What makes a player satisfied is his/her capacity to judge any situation, and to take a decision. It’s the feeling that decision making improves the situation of his character, and not lines of code.

The believability of the world

  • in the sense the world does not have to look impressive nor fantastic, but has to look believable in order to make it immersive. They keep saying “I don’t buy the world”, “it’s not just about darkness”, I agree and it’s not about graphics neither.
  • Size of items in the inventory
  • Weapons types
  • If the world is believable, the walkthrough is much more vivid experience, and there is no need for frequent dopamine kicks that ruin the game mechanics.

No to this BS… Yes I get it but also no, don’t make us “tetris” again… People overreact to “look and feel” without realizing D3 was a completely different game

In D3 you weren’t even “allowed” to be in the world, you were OVER IT (both physically and stat wise), you only fought “the best monsters” Hell would throw at you, not all of them

Also, you weren’t just stat-wise demi-god, but Physically ON TOP of 90% other things… No, don’t make this mistake, there are other ways to make game feel right don’t just add inconvenience for no reason, game realism could be achieved in different ways

One example - instead of being on top of bridges, be under them, instead of fighting archers on top of the bridge, fight them from under, if Barb then jump-slash… Instead of fighting on a platform up in the heavens could make the same fight in a colloseum-like environment… Make the game make you feel inferior to the environment (as opposed to superior/high-class), THAT is the main topic/thing I think people dislike from D3, NOT because it wasn’t “inefficient” in old/“inefficient” ways

That’s what many tend to not understand, D3 was not a sequel but a completely different game… People overreact when it comes to “look & feel” and never even realize the background of why things felt like they did hence suggest such ridiculous BS, I seriously hate that

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You seem to be really scared of Tetris :v
Bad experiences? :v


Even if I am, you gain MORE than you lose without it

You can simply make vertical different amount of spots by different types of items, without being slowed by BS, you still preserve the differences without making things inconvenient for no reason

I agree Olbat.
It feels like what they want to plan with D4 “forces” you to like whats in the game instead of you liking for yourself everything thats in the world for you to like.
The rewards for quests in D3 feel dull and repetitive, like who cares if you get gold/experience and a blue magic item that you will end up dropping or selling anyways?

And one of those aspects are in regard to player decision making.
There is just too many restrictions skill-wise and the system just does not allow you to customize your character stats and skill progression as you desire.
Items affixes seem too dull as well, repetitive and on every item same affixes.
There are no unique affixes making uniques particularly different.
Its like you said: “Oh wow here is a legendary item, so this legendary item is good and all other magic,rare and whites are worthless because its a legendary item, the strongest in the game right?”
I dont know if that philosophy is meant for the D4 developer team to introduce new and common players to the market as they did with D3 targeting simplicity instead of complexity, more possibilities and focusing that the player may think of strategies and builds on their own.
Diablo is a game for rather older people i dont understand why older people would enjoy simple and monotone push button and clicks instead of enhacing the RPG role to make the game more interesting and challenging.

Its no inconvenience for me :slight_smile:
Its simply part of this genre and I like it
Hell, in sacred there was horse gear
It was soooooo big xD
I just left it in the ground most of the time since noone uses horse combat

This problem is easy to solve

  • low drop rates
  • bigger inventory
  • auto sort button
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So you say you like the inconvenience and require this ?

No ofense it’s BS… There was a separate thread for this whole mess, took like 300 posts, pls let’s not do that again

Thing is this - if you want to make it realistic, then plate armor should take 4 spots, shields should take 2 or 4 depending on width, weapons 2 (unless 2 hand then 4 vertical), everything else 1 spot (yes, clothing if freakin’ foldable)

But still, you’re quite hypocritical to ask the feature AND an “autosort” button in addition I’d say

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I’m asking for the auto sort button for YOU my dear <3

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Thank you my dear, but I’m a literal GOD at tetris myself :slight_smile:

Then, why not enjoy this little minigame AND the authentic experience

I personally hate the idea of MTX and transmogrify = (Dress up for Diablo), but if there is no way to stop this here are some ideas.
Make resources for re-specs and to transmogrify = (Of items already owned?):

  1. Lets say you can farm rare resources called "Essence of Time and Essence of illusion that can be found in the world at any level. Make these spawn in certain locations (Maybe changes every season?).
  2. Make the ability to trade in X number of these essence to a vendor in town to get a one time use per re-spec or transmogrify “Crystal of time or illusion” (Carried over from season to season). (Maybe give players a quest to earn 1 re-spec without farming or paying).
  3. Also, make it possible to buy credits with real world currency to purchase these crystals from the vendor.
    This will allow players who like farming a way to earn these rewards and give casual players a way to receive the rewards as well.

Also, if the Crystals are bought/traded in for and essence is farmed, the essence can be used as gambling currency to make it useful to players not interested in re-specs or transmogrify.

I don’t care if Pets and cosmetic mounts are paid.

Because makes us look retarded in the face of the devs. Unable to separate important aspects of the game from “baby cry” demands

It’s important for us not be that “TV repair guy” who tells the other squad engineers “I know what’s wrong with the TV, it’s broken” :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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Yes to your statement here, not every item that drops should be better but that got out of hand in D3 most drops where junk.

Next I’ll be told that a Battle Axe is the same size a Dagger.

So you do want Tetris.