Diablo IV Announcement Discussion

Honest Software engineer opinion: Letting yourself have a mobile access to this game would be death sentence due to real-world trading black market + mobile and IoT botting black market - those two things destroyed thousands of businesses, media companies ETC. Now with Machine Learning avalible on the fly it would be practically suicide.

As for the game itself… Why so generic? Come on guys… Pretty graphics would sell a game 10 years ago. Nowdays every title has pretty graphics and in reality NOBODY F****G CARES.

Generic story, generic gameplay mechanics, zero innovation, zero implementation of new complex systems that would let players use their braincells for at least one second? Do you really think releasing diablo 3 with graphics update and story script that went through “spinbot dot com” will make sales?

I know money is tight and black tie investor 1 wants to be safe and do the safe thing that works, just like black tie inverstor 2 who lost so much profits because all those media firms are going bankrupt… But they have to realise that this is exatcly the mentality that brought all those businesses to bankrupcy?

I feel sorry for all of you employees of blizzard… I know how frustrating it is to work for such company… Just got laid-off after begging my bosses to follow my advices for 4 years straight. And after begging for 4 years instead of listening to me finally they said they gotta cut the costs because the business is losing too much money. So yeah… If this message ever reaches those mysterious idiots owning all our companies this is what I say to you: TAKE A DAMN RISK BEFORE YOU RUIN THE DAMN COMPANY FOOL.

But as for the one or two people that worked on textures, models and sound design… 10/10 good job, but please if you ever played a game you know better than to stay silent and release the same game again.

Much love <3
Sorry for my bad English.

My excitement for Diablo 4 is tempered by the fact stating PC which usually doesn’t include Apple/Mac version. Latest trend in game releases ( Overwatch, Destiny 2 ) confirms this trend. Hope not but Blizzard Activision money managers will probably decide this.

I hope we get an offline mode, linux support, 8 player parties and unrestricted trading.


I hope we dont get an offline but Blizz already answer this so here you go for time 10000
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMyj29Dgnzg&t=2115s *( Timestamp )
Linux Support is without a doubt a side project at best and not the target selling audience
8 player parties have already been stated as a NO. Cross Plaform means you get 4 to support consoles . This isnt D2
Unrestricted Trading has already been answered its not happening we dont want massive 3rd party seller sites. Unrestricted Trade is rubbish
https://youtu.be/sMyj29Dgnzg?t=2158 *Timestamp

Although you have not truly posted this 10,000 times, you have posted this to the point that it could be considered spamming.

Using this logic that anything Blizzard has stated is case closed, then you should accept other Blizzard-stated posts that you comment repeatedly about your personal disagreement.


I have an idea for Set Items:

What if we could unlock “set transmogrification” upon collecting legendary items that fit some same theme? : buffs similar skills, buffs farming, has same naming theme or similar.
Then we would need no set items at all :).

Possible concern of mine with set items is that pretty quickly they would become glorified salvage resource, since their main purpose is basically transmogrification. I would rather get excited about legendary and double exited if that is i.e. 4th Leoric item which unlocks me set transmogrification.

I don’t see why not, assuming you own the game for the platform you are switching to. Characters are saved server side so it should just be a matter of you logging into your blizzard account on the ps4/xbox.

Hi Team,
So, a little background on what this game means to me. First off, I am rarely, if ever, on forums unless it’s something I am passionate about, hence why I am here. I played through Warcraft, W2, Lost Vikings and Blackthorn when I was a kid, Blizzard became one of my favorite gaming companies and I would buy anything they released. When Diablo came out, I found my game, the one above the rest. The blood, the horror, the darkness, it all sucked me in. Because it had the ability to have 4 people playing together through LAN, I used to have my friends bring their big’ol PC’s and we’d have all weekend LAN Parties to play it. Those were the days. If we didn’t want to lug our PCs places, we would go to an internet Cafe and use theirs for a while. Time went on and Diablo 2 came out and took it to another level. The darkness stayed but we now got other locations and more baddies, which all expanded on the great story. I was again hooked. After that, Diablo went silent for years, as you all know. D3 finally came out, I watched people play the beta’s online and thought, it looked different, but still the same and I was intrigued and excited to get my hands on it. The game was good, it has cleaned itself up years later to be much better. But it definitely was a bit off compared to the first one. I won’t go into those details, we’ve all heard many people’s opinions on it. But in the end, it was fun and I still play it to this day. But when I saw the gameplay trailers to D4 and spoke to a couple Devs, my mind was blown. This 40-year-old totally went back in time to that feeling I had when I saw Diablo and diablo 2. If there is anything I can do to help the Devs for this game, please let me know.

Now I have a few things below I’d like to share with the Devs and community, feel free to sound off on any of these ideas. I have been told some are my wish list, but some are also ideas that I’ve thought about since I saw the reveal. Figured now is a good time to write these down and share, in hopes something might take fruition. Please read, chat, expand, and share with the Devs if anyone likes anything I bring up.

Embrace the Darkness

This is key, I’ve heard the team is using it as their mantra, but I hope they stand by it. Don’t be afraid to show what Diablo 1 did in the Butchers room, the naked bodies thrown about on pikes, in very disconcerting positions. Don’t be afraid to let the freak flag fly a bit. Let’s see monsters hunt us from the shadows. When exploring areas, let’s see panicked people running from caverns or caves screaming for help, right before they are cut down or give us the ability to save them, even if we weren’t planning on going into that cave or cavern, it’s now drawn our attention to it. I really hope you can embrace the darkness and make a beautiful world in the process.

Ring of 1000

First off, I’d like to take everyone back to Diablo 1, when I was 17, I was getting PC Gamer and they were talking about Diablo and some special lucky people were able to test the game. These people were called the “Ring of 1000.” I saw it and heard about it but at the time didn’t know how to apply, I still don’t know how people were selected. But I found out this past year, one of my closest friends was a part of that “Ring” and I even pulled up YouTube videos of the Diablo credits to confirm and he sure was.

My point, I know it’s far easier today to share the game and send to people for testing than it was last year, but maybe having something like that again for people to sign up or meet some criteria. And NO I don’t mean only YouTube influencers, but I mean players, fans, people who aren’t in the limelight who want to enjoy the game and maybe let their voices be heard for once about something they feel passionate about. Maybe a “Ring of 1000” or “Ring of 10000” and they could be a part of Diablo history as the credits roll. Either Alpha testers or however you feel it could be implemented. It’s a small nod to the fans who’ve been with this series through its best and worst times.

Character creator

I know this game is in its very early stages, that’s why I wanted to get these ideas out before its too late. For character creation, I loved the demo we saw of male, female, and choosing their heads. I am not sure what you already have planned, but was thinking of basic sliders, nothing deep. Think WoW’s character creator, choose the face, body size (maybe a scale slider), skin color, hair, facial hair, maybe tattoos or scars, piercings, etc. I understand we will be seeing our character from top down, but as you’ve shown in the demo, we will see them more crawling and climbing and such. I also have another idea below where we could see our characters more as well. But nothing too deep, but something to let us make OUR person unique.

Camp Fire for resting for perks/bonus’s

This is a throwback to older style RPG’s like Golden Axe and many more. Camping, where when we are on an adventure, we can set up camp, rest for a while, the camera can pan down into the camp area where our party relaxes. It will heal us, give us a buff temporarily, and perhaps reset some skills or respawn creature when you break camp. I know, this is an ARPG, it doesn’t sound like it would fit, but for role-players and if mechanics are done right or we can think of other uses, it could be a cool added feature. I’ve always loved camping in a game, like Final Fantasy 15, we cook and shows our characters and makes for cool screenshots. Also, it would be a good way to introduce some cool special events, like goblins coming into your camp and taking your stuff or a dream state that may start a new questline. Food for thought is all that is.


Now for the meat and potatoes, the Story, please, please, give us something substantial. We already know you’re expanding the world by a lot, so please don’t let it be like a 10 to 20-hour story, then the rest is a grind fest. Give us something meaty, 40 plus hour story, deep and complex, which I know your team can do, your one of the best story writers out there. I want to get sucked into the story, do many side missions, go from start to finish and after doing everything, be at max level or at least close too. D3 was cool, but I wasn’t a fan of getting to about half way to level cap after a story run through, then grinding out the rest to get to max. However, D3 has changed and added a lot, so its now easier, which isn’t always better. I am one of those guys who will play multiple times with all characters, but I don’t want it to turn in to a job once I finish the game, I want it to stay fun and exciting with a new character or rock out end game stuff.


As for the leveling, lets level slow, like the classic RPG’s, let us enjoy the ride. So many games today rush the main content to get us to end game by 10 to 20 hours, then they don’t have enough stuff at end game to justify it. Give us the content in the story, the side missions, the minigames if you want, little hidden gems to explore. Then we don’t feel like leveling is a chore and by the time we get to end game, it would have given the team more time to introduce more end game features to keep people occupied for long after. Or we start a new toon.

Camera and Character

This was my other idea to see our character that we create more, whenever we speak to an NPC in the game, since we will be standing fairly static while listening to dialog or looking through a vendors wares, why not Zoom and pan the camera down into a close-up of our character engaging with that NPC. Once we get out of the shop or finish the conversation, zoom the camera back out. Also, would be cool if you add a photo mode, if you do, to allow us to zoom all the way into our character to take some cool pictures with the death and destruction behind us.

PVP Optional

PVP, this is a sore subject for many people. PVP has its place in games and it has its fans. It can be a blessing or a nightmare depending how its implemented. I myself loved PVP in WoW at the beginning, the heightened tension when you saw the opposite faction coming, the adrenaline when the battle took place and the disappointment or excitement when you lost or won. But then the camping started and it became annoying, can’t even play your game because they continually kill you because they are bored. While you only want to experience the story, your immersion is broke. As for newer gamers though, this is frustrating because they aren’t used to that. Killing monsters is one thing, but another human is a whole other level. PVP can scare new players away if they don’t know or can’t adapt.

This being almost an MMO-lite, I’d really like 1 of 3 things;

  1. Could we have a server selection screen to choose PVP or PVE?
  2. Can we turn on or off a PVP flag to opt in or out of PVP? That way we don’t get crushed as soon as we enter a new area and players who are waiting to ambush us. Again, food for thought. I want to play the game and clash back at the minions of hell, not with other players who are also supposed to be fighting the minions of hell to save Sanctuary.
  3. If able, can we have a toggle that allows us to only play with friends or people we invite? That way we don’t even need to worry about someone PVP’ing, and if we want to do so, we can go to public and see what happens.

Cross Play

Lastly cross play, this is huge anymore. With so many ways to play, even friends and families have their preferred system to play on. My cousin and I love to play games together, but he recently moved to Japan for a couple years and only has access to his PC, I like to play on my Xbox as my main, but PC when I want to. It would be great to be able to play with my friends and family from any systems we want. Or in the least, cross saves, so I can take my character from my PC to my console and back to my PC. I understand that PC’s have a community of modders and people who will try to cheat or give themselves a benefit, but if there was a way to lock that down and allow us to play with each other with no barriers, that would be a dream. But if you can find the right way to do cross play or cross save, this will be the game that sets the bar!

Atmosphere and Sound

This has a huge impact for me in my entertainment. All the previous games you’ve made have had amazing soundscapes, I could turn on the menu screen or the game, and listen to the birds chirping, wind blowing, fire crackling for hours. In fact, you should sell a CD or download so we can have it as background while we sleep, hah, but I digress. In todays entertainment landscape, Atmos is the new thing and I would really love it if you could incorporate that. Giving us a full 360 sound scape would put us outside in that world like never before. On top of that, support HDR & Dolby Vision to allow the colors and darkness to pop. Let us immerse ourselves even further into your game by allowing us to feel, hear, and see what’s there. I can’t wait to see what you can do.

Thank you for reading,
Josh (ThommyGunn)
SharePoint Developer

Video? Channel?
I’ve thought about making a video channel for D4, but not sure what people would want to hear or talk about. If you have ideas, or if you think there’s already enough out there like Bludshed, Rhykker, and Force Gaming, let me know.


Nice ideas here.
If only Blizz could spend some time reading posts like this.


They have people for this

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Thanks guys, I hope I didn’t type it all in a dead thread. Think I could start a new thread n re-post?

So, I had a few other ideas pop in my head. Please comment, discuss, and share these ideas so maybe someone on the dev team will at least take a look and even if they find 1 idea relevant, that would be awesome.


Crafting has been a part of RPG’s since the beginning of time and Diablo has been no stranger to this as well. With D4 being an even larger open world, I am not sure how they are going to handle the crafting aspect, I mean, will there be a Blacksmith in each town? Will we have to go back to 1 main hub town that is the only blacksmith in the world? I don’t know.

But I had a couple ideas, what if you allow the player to do their own crafting? Let us collect the resources while we are out and about, we can go to any town and use a forge and anvil, give us some profession skills (similar to an MMO), and we can craft, trade, or buy from players or vendors. I’ve always enjoyed crafting in games, collecting the right stuff then creating something a myself or a friend can use.


Pets and companions have always been around in tabletop and video games for a long time. Again, Diablo is no different. With this being a bigger wider world, this would be a good time to allow players to find exotic type pets out in the wild. Pets in D3 were nice to the point they would collect the gold for the player and it was fun collecting and showing off specific ones to your friends. D4 can expand on that with pets we can find as well as collect from other methods; quests, world bosses, special events, etc. Even if they only collect our gold or little things. However, I would also like to advocate some normal pets besides the crazy things D3 has. I would like to have a dog, cat, etc., some normal animals to go along with the mix of exotic. It would also be cool if they would do some basic attacks to help the player out, but not required.

As for companions, with this being open world and more online than ever, it would be cool to be able to hire mercenaries for certain jobs if someone doesn’t want to team up with a stranger, other than that, they may not be needed in this game. Unless the story justifies it because of some escort mission or something similar. I like companions when they have a purpose in the story like Dragon Age’s, but if they are only going to be there to tag along with you, no background, then I don’t see them being needed. We can ask other players or hire a merc. My opinion.

Player housing

This one is more of a Wishlist shot in the dark, but player housing. I’ve always loved playing games that can immerse me and give me a sense of ownership, something I can come back to and call my own. I played Ultima Online WAY back in the day and I had several houses and I could do whatever I wanted in those, post a vendor to sell my wares, store stuff, etc. I always wished WoW would have added it, but when I played it, that never came. With this game being open world now, it would be cool to have a little area dedicated to player housing, even if its an instanced area to go to see your own neck of the woods, a place you can invite your friends in and decorate a little bit with your own style. Again, another idea that is a throw back to classic games and some newer like Monster Hunter and Cyberpunk.

Thank you again for reading, sorry I’m long winded. If you would, lets discuss this and try to keep this topic relevant.

Take care,
Josh (ThommyGunn)


Is there any mention of a fix for color blind people? I just sharded a Primal Ancient that might have been useful because it looks way too much like a normal Legendary. The white tick marks at the top of the frame are all that stand out to me (low red sensitivity - so deep reds look black to me).


How about the demonic frame with the fangs which pops up when you mouseover… I think it’s very different than everything else.
-So you should probably sort your stash before you spam the salvage button.

Diablo IV – Spectre of the past & Vision of the future (Copied from UK forum)

I have tried hard to come up with the “perfect pitch” to sell my vision and seem to have failed every single time. I have written and rewritten this text ever since the initial announcement roughly ten times so far. In fact I have come to the conclusion that it is rather me (and maybe an upcoming midlife crisis) rather than the game itself, I have wishes for. Maybe it is just the feeling, the time (end of school, during university, start of work) that I hope to be recreated by the game rather that the game experience itself. I hope you can empathize and still read through the long text. I have tried to summarize what I liked best in Diablo II and what I would wish for the new game to come up with.

1.) Community: I want a strong Community. The sense of togetherness and companionship is very important. The chance encounters in Bloody foothills, the crys for help for an Uber Diablo Game, the trading: all that led to a community that survived the game.
2.) Community II: I still know most of the people of AUT-1 Channel in Diablo II in person. Shiny avatars and default channels created a community that brought clans to life, motivated to create a unique look and lead to interesting conversations with strangers which enabled beautiful friendships. The pure text Chat lacks the style of the lobby, the channels are created on random.
3.) Competitive Gameplay: I really enjoy watching Mythic Dungeons during BlizzCon. Ever since I stopped playing World of WarCraft, I wished for something competitive for the Diablo franchise. Something that also showcases this game and gives the players a chance to compete. This could also benefit monetarisation and long-term motivation. Suggestion: The same environment and encounters (like a challenge rift) which you can best with your group and your own character an itemization.
4.) Hardcore vs. Softcore: In Diablo II the red letters of your Characters Avatar announced a Hardcore Character and the Titles differed. Not really a difference, but enough motivation for many players to push their own limits, go Hardcore and never look back. Bring that back.
5.) Items – Trading: while I am happy, that some items might be dealt repeatedly, the trading should be free for all items, as this was a key component for a strong community. Everyone wanted that Jah-Ith-Ber, but it was typically achieved by trading, by friends or by your supporting guild. I got my first Harle from a guild mate, my first Schaefers Hammer from my now best friend.
6.) Items - Value: I want to feel the joy over every item. What a rush to cube a decent Blood Ring! Blue weapons with the “Cruel” affix were something valuable, yellow items better than most uniques and don’t even get me started on rune words and socketed ethereal items. I think most of my characters wore Tal-Eth at some point. Meaning? Monty Phython sang “every sp*rm is sacred” – I want to chant “every item is useful”.
7.) Items – drop rates: I want to work for my loot. I did 1.000 Mephisto runs with a dual wielding IST IST 1400 MF+ Ali Barba Barb just to compare the efficiency to a 450mf Sorc (again 1.000 runs) – all before 1.10 . Today I have a family, a job and a lot less time but I would still squeeze in some runs if the gain was worth it. Sometimes less is more, especially if you remove trading restrictions and are able to trade if you find something that you do not need.
8.) Items – Effect: Items should support you, never force you a specific playstyle or be necessary to prevail. Almost every build had its purpose in Diablo II: a healing holy bolt Paladin? Done! An Enchanting Sorc for levelling: thank you very much. A PvP Hunting Necro with Bone Spirit? Nice. A BO Barb? Essential for Hell Runs. A Smiter? Best choice versus the clone! Blizzard Sorc? Bring it on Baals Minions!
9.) Items – Skill influence: Rather than Weapon Damage having an impact on the damage of Spells as well, find a way to separate those. From the roleplaying aspect I never gathered why a Sorcerer would wield a two-handed sword he can barely lift rather than an orb and a wand or a staff (Just because of the DPS)
10.) Season journey: While I really like the idea of a seasonal theme, the rewards should support rather than forcing a specific playstyle.
11.) Monetarisation: Some are still upset about the auction house. Some will for sure be upset concerning cosmetics, but in the end a continuous stream of income will make ensure, that the support for Diablo IV is guaranteed. So set a maximum bid (make it ten bucks), bring back the action house to get a ten percent cut and introduce cosmetics.
12.) Endgame: While Items and Skills hit a cap at a certain point, Paragon Points do not. For a Character with Paragon Level 8xxx+ GR 110 is a walk in the park. While I generally appreciate the feeling of power, this is something that devaluates the content: Endgame should be challenging by itself, not by an increase of Monster HP to a value that is only beatable if you farm for two months’ worth time
13.) While Diablo II excelled at this, Diablo III first went overboard with the auction house and then threw tons of items at the player. Strictly speaking Diablo III is itemwise “every man/women for him/herself”. So unless you want to rush GR to the top, the other players do not matter. At all!

About the Author: I played the series since Diablo I was available (in Austria 1997). My first LAN sessions are linked to this game, Diablo II was the first game I ever played online. I have always played “Hardcore” and was able to secure Rank #3 in Europe’s HCL in Season 1, in Season 2 I ranked first for some time (until I quit after I finished my studies). In Diablo III I played most seasons and finished the season journey mostly at the first weekend. The friendships I gathered playing the Diablo Series have lasted half my life now, I even met my best friend playing Diablo II.


D4 feedback from a D1, D2 and mostly D3 player

Imo the interaction with respected streamers and the community is great so far.

Now on to my feedback.

New gameplay elements
Imo D4 could use some new gameplay elements to mix up the gameplay. There are great gameplay aspects in other Blizzard games like Overwatch that could be considered.

Some ideas:

  • skills that repel monster attacks when timed correctly
  • skills that have a different effect based on your vs target positioning for example a shield that absorbs frontal damage
  • skills that target a specific body part, possibly reserved for an assassin class Hero
  • rune combinations applied to projectiles where the combination determines how the projectiles move and interact with the environment and enemies (i.e. homing, split, scatter, multiply, bounce, change direction)

Legendary item rotation
To make seasons even more refreshing it might be interesting to rotate the set of Legendaries like Legendary cards rotate in Hearthstone.

Hardcore-lite game mode
Another idea is to add a hardcore-lite mode inspired by roguelike games where you lose all gear and gold, but your hero is reborn in town and (s)he still has all experience and skills.

Can D4 revolutionize the genre?
When D1 was introduced it was revolutionary in many ways. For example it utilized the huge increase in processing power to make the game real-time and imo so much better than everything else in the genre.

Some examples of evolutions and revolutions in the last years are cloud computing, raytracing, holographics, VR.
Will it be possible to utilize one of these for D4 while maintaining the Diablo look and feel?

D4 could facilitate trading much like in D2 with a small adjustion. Every gear piece could have a status:

  • self found: found by you
  • game found: dropped in one of your games, not found by you
  • traded: got it by trading

There could be seperate leaderboards for players using self found only gear, players using game found gear and players using traded gear.

Thanks for reading!


David Brevik, Game Designer for Diablo 1 and 2 said in Interview that he planned Diablo to become an MMOARPG. Keep in mind Blizzard, ARPG is important to keep. Do not change the Diablo concept, make it dark, scary and terrifying!

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Personally I’d like flesh to be cleaved away exposing bones and other gore.

It’s February and the quarterly update is more or less due.

We’re also excited about a cool update we’re planning for you in February of next year. It will be the first in a series of quarterly updates where we’ll share behind-the-scenes looks at our progress going forward.

Nevalistis put out a note on IcyVeins saying how they had their holiday break and to expect it at the end of February beginning of March time frame.