Diablo IV Announcement Discussion

Idea for the Druid class:

Was thinking you could add an optional toggle/lock feature for the Druid class that allows the Player to choose a form they want to stay as while playing through the entire Story.

My only real ask is that magic users use magic and meme characters use weapons. Basically all the classes in Diablo 3 are doing magic stuff. Let’s have some true mele characters, please.

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Another idea for D4:
*Hope both the Cow Level And Whimsyshire are in D4
Could have an Undeadshire where the entirety of Whimsyshire has gone into chaos with all the colors turned to darkness and the unicorns are now dark Undead unicorns with red glowing eyes or something. Could have a unique Lance weapon drop that is actually an undead unicorn’s head. And in Undeadshire is a hidden quest where if you kill every undead creature in the place, including a boss, Whimsyshire then returns to normal with all its colors but filled all the corpses and blood of all the creatures you killed. But, as you are about to leave the place, Whimsyshire suddenly turns dark again and your character says, “Oh Well.” Could make this hidden quest within the place just a one time thing per character. That way if a Player decides to farm the place over and over just for fun, your character won’t say “Oh Well” every time.

Here is my idea for a crafting system in D4 as well as how I think its implementation can help D2 and D3 fans move forward.

hank you guys, Here is what i think, I wrote a thread on it but it was my first post xd, there you go :

I do want to start by thanking the development team for keeping us on loop and wanting us ‘‘fans’’ to be a part of the development of the game. That said I will start with what I think about the early itemization for the game.

1- Crit Change/damage: Having crit chance and crit hit damage create a huge power gap with the other affixes, eg: In Diablo 3 if an amulet or rings don’t have Crit hc/hc for most DPS it would be not good, I haven’t had a different color gem in my weapons from the release of D3. The more you stack it the better.
Suggestions for it: I wouldn’t suggest removing as in D2, but it is possible to:

  • Set a maximum for them , and a maximum that lets other affixes compete with them mathematically like let’s say 10-15 Crit hit chance and a maximum of 100% Crit Hit damage.
  • Make them only mythic item affixes , as you can only equip one of those, this will make getting a mythic item makes you relatively stronger, thus holding up to the ‘‘Mythic item’’.

2- Ancestral, Angelic and Demonic Powers: I think this a very good addition to the game which will give more depth and variety to the Game-play, I would suggest adding:

  • Special buff for stacking one of the powers, let’s say the maximum power you would get from all sources is 120, hybrid builds will have 40 of each or 80 of one and 40 of another. However getting only of these power and stacking to reach 120 would give you a buff different from what having it does, eg:
  • Ancestral power gives more proc on hit chance, at 120 Ancestral power you get +20% magic find buff.
  • Angelic power gives postive buffs, at 120 Angelic powers you get a 5% increased damage.
    -Demonic power gives negative buffs, at 120 Demonic power you get +20 to all resistances.
  • Having hybrid builds of Powers won’t necessarily be less strong as it would be a more flexible build.

3- Gems: I know you haven’t shared any information about this feature, but being a Diablo game am just gonna assume it’s in the game. I think the sound of a Gem dropping in D2 was one of the most stratifying that could happen while playing, said that i think Gems dropped very often in D3, probably lowering the drop chance for them a bit would feel more rewarding. Again we haven’t seen any of it yet but I would like to suggest the following:

Bring back the elements : different elements on gems brings more diversity on Game-play, eg:
- Sapphire: (Wep) +XX% to Chill target and adds X-X cold damage to your attacks/ (Helm) +% Resources Regen/ (Armor) +XX cold resistance/ (Misc) +X% Cold damage.
note: Chilled targets take more damage.
- Topaz: (Wep) +X% Stun chance and adds 1-XX Lightning damage to your attacks/ (Helm) +XX Angelic Power/(Armor) +XX Lightning resistance/ (Misc) +X% Lightning damage.
- Ruby: (Wep) +% chance on kill to burn One close target and adds X-XX Fire damage/(Helm) +XX Demonic Power/(Armor) +XX Fire resistance/ (Misc) +X% Fire damage.
- Amethyst: (Wep) +X% chance on hit to apply a debuff on target for +X% damage taken, stackable 5 times/ (Helm) +% Health/ (Armor) +XX Defense/ (Misc) +% Physical damage.
- Diamond: (Wep) +XX% reduce All resistance to target/ (Helm) +X% Cooldown time reduction/ (Armor) +XX All resistance/ (Misc) +XXX% damage to Undead.
- Emerald: (Wep) +XX poison damage over X.0 seconds and +% to spread to close target/ (Helm) %Fear attackers/ (Armor) +XX Poison resistance/ (Misc) +% Poison damage
- Skull: (Wep) +XX to Life and Resource Leech/ (Helm) +XX Ancestral Power/ (Armor) +XX to Life Regen and +X to Resource Regen/ (Misc): +XX Thorn Damage.

I do think bringing back elements gives more choice to the players and balance out the different gems and it could synergy with the legendary powers or skills.

4- Runes: I think the model that was shown at Blizzcon is good, though I think there could be a compromise to have the Runewords too and I suggest the following.

  • You could Bring back Socketed common items as rare drops or craftable items with them being the only Items eligible for Runewords, which will have determined Affixes on each runewords, making them rival good rare/legendary items. This Will provide more depth to gameplay and more control to the player as he can work towards an item that would be good for his build with less RNG.

5- Jewels & Charms: Also we don’t know even if this 2 features would be in the game, but in case they do make it, I suggest the following:

  • Jewels: Should provide 2 affixes with different effects making them more hybrid.
  • Charms: As I’ve seen pointed by some streamers that there could a different space for Charms as there is for gear and mats. I think the best way is to introduce as the Kanai’s Cube with only having 3 slots for the beginning and unlocking more with future expansions.

6- Overall Damage: Again we don’t have much detail on this yet, but from what we have seen from the demo, Level 20 Items had XXXX of Attack and defense, and as the level 40 being where the endgame this numbers will go high significantly. People Don’t like big numbers and in the same time they don’t like getting nerfed, and as you are planing for future expansions hopefully, the number will keep going up. So i Suggested to squish the number to X-1XX in leveling to 1XX-XXXX on endgame.

Thank you for your work, and I hope this would be helpful.


Still waiting for blizzard to walk back their stance on offline as the #1 topic is about offline.

Great post dude, good job!

I also like the new A/D/A Power system. There is a lot of potential if they fine tune it. I like the idea of some (3-4) threshold point that give a fix bonus (ex: +50 HP or +5 Life regen, etc.) and also a Bonus that scale with the Power itself (Like Ancestral, the more Power you have, the more it increases your Hit chance/Hit chance effect.) Now I can try to reach the 2 first passive bonus in Angelic and try to get lvl 1 Bonus in Demonic and Ancestral if they fit with my build.

Affix linked with Power should not be completely nullifed if you don’t have the amount of Power required. Instead you should get a smaller % of the bonus or you get a Bonus/Optimized affix if you have the required Power.

4- Runes: I think the model that was shown at Blizzcon is good, though I think there could be a compromise to have the Runewords too and I suggest the following.

  • You could Bring back Socketed common items as rare drops or craftable items with them being the only Items eligible for Runewords, which will have determined Affixes on each runewords, making them rival good rare/legendary items. This Will provide more depth to gameplay and more control to the player as he can work towards an item that would be good for his build with less RNG.

The new Rune system is great! It has the potential to create a lot of diversity if well done. But yeah, it will be really easy for them to add some Runewords (Item crafted by placing specific Runes in specific white item with the right number of socket) Something like 20 Legendaries of different level of power with 2-3 GG Pow-Pow reaaaally hard item to get.


Blizzard have said they are not going to support offline mode so you’d be waiting forever.

Better get comfortable.

Nah that’s the same company and the same president of said company that said “you think you do but you don’t” when asked about classic servers for WoW.

We know we want an offline mode and we will get it. I just hope they’ll officially support mods. And fix party sizes to 8 players so we can play with all our friends and all classes in the game.


hello, i’m extra hyped for Diablo IV!

i just hope they make endgame good so you have stuff to do and grind.
and for seasons i don’t want to level again every season (just my opinion)
World PvP! damn can’t wait to see how good will that be! :smiley:

Not getting my money on this one.
Diablo MMO?
Forced multiplayer?
No Offline?

= No purchase.

It was fun while it lasted but the love was lost quite some time ago and I feel like I have been playing with the corpse of an old friend for many years now.
There are other things that I didn’t like as well but to sum it up this is the last straw for me concerning the Blizzard Brand. I will now go dig a hole in the backyard to bury whats left of the memories.


open world is a great upgrade in my opinion.


i cant wait for the online open world of diablo. sounds amazing.


I am writing this with a hope may someone read and may think about it.I am a old fan of Diablo and for Diablo 4 i really want to have real pvp world.When i imagine an open world like wow and pvp mechanics like knight online ( you may havent heard it before) diablo 4 can be a game we can play for long years without getting bored.Even if you ask for montly membership after a while,i am telling you; you will have bunch of active players.Please dont disrespect us this time about pvp,mercandising,trade and open maps for all players can hunt each other with oe without parties.

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Let me dual wield swords on my gosh darn wizard.

Am I the only one that feels like time is standing still until D4 releases?


No offline and forced multiplayer… bring IT ON. How can you not love the fact of playing with others… I been a PoE guy since closed beta, and let me tell you, I’ll suck the D for a good ARPG multiplayer game.
And as for the MMO… what’s there not to love about that idea?

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Made a topic for it, but gonna post it here as well.

So we know cross-play is supposed to happen for Diablo 4, but is there any chance that we could see cross-saving? It would be nice to be able to play on PC when I want to really nerd it out, but playing on console when you’re feeling lazy is amazing too. Are the developers considering cross-save at all?

Some games like Ark have cross-save between Xbox and PC. If you buy an Xbox Play Anywhere title, such as Ark, this allows you to play on PC and Xbox and your progress is synced so that you can switch between platforms.

I would even be content with Blizzard charging more money for a special edition that allows this feature. Would anyone else like to see cross-save as well as cross-play?

I think that having this feature would also help Diablo 4 to stand out from competitor games such as Path of Exile that do not offer cross-play or cross-save.


Hi Mr.David Kim, I known my English is terrible but I have to try write that letter to you about my thinks, sorry about my English.

First, please bring back the originals RPG games in diablo , we can buy mana, poiston, buy amor or weapon to stronger in early game, and make game harder, we need spend time to clear own ways, spend time to find the ways, spend time to read the quest. It is more interesting to enjoy game.

Second,In Diablo III i had felt too bored in campaign., because game too easy to defeat boss and monster. I had don’t worry about when I death, because I know that will reborn right here.

Thank you for readin!.And I trust you can make D4 better.


I would love to be able to access and play D4 on my mobile as well. Using the same account and characters as my PC D4.

Not as a mobile game, but more like accessing my PC D4 account and play.
Perhaps make an option where my PC can stream the game over the internet to my mobile and accept my mobile inputs.

Or have a graphically less challenging version that mobile devices can play, yet using the same account.

Obviously the PC D4 should not be in any way be compromized to achieve that.