DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

99% of Ethereal items I found in D2 were never used. I’d consider such an “update” equally garbage. My request for permanence in my original reply here doesn’t just apply to temporary content, mind you.

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For me, this is Blizzard killing Diablo 3 so people will buy D2R and D4. They have obviously moved the last talented devs away from the game, and left it with devs who don’t play it, and don’t understand what the players want. To me, this seems like a tactic to sell more of the new games.

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Fix the DH Class !!! Tired of not being able to push GR’s! Tired of your tempering with the classes sets! So what classes are there left for this new season, wizard and sader - another season I have to pass, this is so uncool. @Zefre - I agree with you my man.

Fix the DH class! all of the dh sets are underperforming and ranked the lowest - not a single of their sets can push Gr’s that very well anymore.

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I know but if they want to promote D3 Ethereal, making them 50% stronger but destructible will be a good start. At least D3 players will farm it vigorously and then using them to push until the weapon broke, and refarm the ethereal weapon again. Rinse and Repeat.

They said Ethereals are unique. Does that mean they only roll one way (meaning one specific weapon power coupled with one specific passive), or each player can only find one of each of the 21 items? The latter would make it easier to find all 21.

Okay, but how many set builds break because the legendary shoulders become mandatory? I mean, in theory, we could view such as a buff to LoN/LoD where it’d most easily fit in, but the sets still often do unique things that can’t replicate.

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Well at least from the theme, we got the hint that D2:R release likely ties in closer with end of S24, and S24 being the last season before D2:R releases, we should give our best shot before we shift focus to D2:R? :sweat_smile:

I don’t quite her what you mean about shoulder. I thought that D3 ethereal is only focusing on weapon slot?

I THINK they mean that the names will be names of D2 Unique items. That is how I took it anyway. Clarification would be interesting.


Regardless of where you put a temporary item, if it’s that good, the means to make it permanent will be sought. The concept spreading to other slots a la D2 just magnifies that requirement.

But looking at it another way, no one wants an ultra rare item that will only last 2 hours of play if you don’t die.

That is why I suggesting that making Ethereal in D3 not super rare and powerful with a drawback so the players will have restock them without feeling too grindy.

It is not like I want D3 ethereal or something but if they insist to push the pathetic ethereal idea to S24, I would prefer my idea of D3 Ethereal over the Blizzard one.

So pretty much a endless grindfest to rng drop a legendary power addon that’d make sense to your build + a useful passive to boot. urghhhhhhhhhhhh

And you cannot reroll the regular stats on the weapon. This is just a massive troll. And its not even April 1st.

Only way this would make sense is:

  1. Either, chance to reroll normal affixes on wep or give max stats on the rng affixes.
  2. The drop rate should at the very least be same as ancients, not worse.
  3. Allow Ethereals to be cubed!!! (i don’t think i have seen any clarification on this. Correct me if i’m wrong)
  4. Fix the crash and freezes already. Its a very old game. And i crash 1-2x times in a 6 hour gameplay. Too many freezes while teaming up to do GRs. which pretty much makes me solo only.
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Me too. Items we call “legendary” items in Diablo 3 were called “unique” items in Diablo 2.

So I was “sort of” right expecting PTR notes this week at least. I was hoping it’d hit yesterday.
I wonder if they re-consider their ethereal item idea later on to implement it in the game for non-seasonal play as well. Server memory can hold all those extra class item power and extra passives but can not give us extra stash space or make power layer additions to cap the paragon race in-season.
It’s also concerning there’s nothing about the classes I expected changes to. Perhaps they’re doing playtests still and tweaking something. I think next season will be significant to wide variety of classes and gameplay builds.

Yeah, I think this needs to be broken down by class. You get all three for your class, you keep the transmogs.

For me, who only has 1 character slot open, it means either deleting my NS characters to make room for more seasonal, or farming a class on S24 until I get all 3 Ethereals, deleting that character, then making another seasonal.

I’d bet 99% of players only do 1-3 classes per season, so this requirement seems too punishing.


100% agree with this. It seems much fairer to make it that you keep the transmog in non-season if you collect all 3 for a specific class.

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Necro nerf. Top I burned all my Mats for and equipped with 150 Caldesans everywhere. First the witch, then the DH, now the Necro. Blizzard doesn’t like me. Because I have a job, I am completely left behind with 5k + Paragon. Can only provide a Barb in the meta. Then I’ll get a nice tan this summer because I won’t waste any more time with Diablo.

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D2 has Seasons too. Ethereal as a word is simply abused in this Theme.

most here are fixated on either transmog or how to finish feat of strength challenge. I mean, you are all playing seasons just for transmogs, achievements and quit? i mean, i know several who do that and nothing wrong. But i’m more concerned about if its worth spending long hrs to grind this season with the rng buff, no rerolls, and a very low drop rate.

And i’m not sure if you can cube the ethereal’s 2x buffs

Ethereal Recollection

Collecting 24 items over 6 classes just to enable future transmog is quite a hard challenge.
Most players won’t do it, since they stick to 1 class per season.

It would be better if this reward was more progressive.

  1. One solution would be to offer transmog once you get all 3 items for one class :
  1. Another solution would be to offer the transmog per Etheral collected :
  1. One last solution would be to offer the transmog per Etheral collected, but still reward the grand completion challenge :

Seasonal items

Ephemeral, temporary items sound cool. They make Season even more unique. I wish these items could introduce new gameplay but eh, that is a start.


Intriguing, I will try it !
(It would have been even cooler with new items to collect)

More content

For people who want more content and fantasy, please check these links of two Necromancer proposals with strong seasonal vibes (4K poster images with items changes) :

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Upvote them if you like :slight_smile:

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