DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

It amazes me how much Blizzard consistently clowns itself by not even understanding games their own company created, especially when using it for promotion and marketing. The team running the twitter account seems equally clueless on these matters.


You guys need to talk to players BEFORE you create this stuff, not AFTER. Hopefully there is enough time to make changes to Ethereal – a very flat concept so far. :frowning_face:


And maybe they could name it something else so they don’t keep meming themselves.

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You’re late to the party if you think that. Diablo 3 already did away with uniques and instead called such items Legendary items, which featured some unique items from the previous games. So honestly, I’m not sure what you expect at this point.

That has to mean multiplicative to additive. Again they should have just done: 65% * 65% * 65% so it’s easier to understand. It is a 3GR nerf.


D3 right now is like a giant pizza with all ingredients in it, however you aren’t allowed to choose what piece to take. Said otherwise - a mess.

Legendary is a different label than unique.

I have a huge tip for the devs: play the game and understand it. This is a huge miss, noone wants this.


They should open source D3 and let the community do the rest. We can push such Seasons every month besides reworking everything else that needs to be changed.


Bug Fixes

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Glad to see the freeze bug has not been addressed yet again. Thanks guys.


And Diablo 3 is a different game from Diablo 2. Once again, some items that were unique in the previous games were brought back as legendaries in Diablo 3 (stone of jordan for example). The so called consistency that you’re talking about has been lost.

Ummm, are we even playing the same game here?

GR 70 is as simple as getting a full 6 piece set + 1 supporting legendary for said set.

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Nothing wrong to have the same name of some items. Labels of item types is a whole different story. Just as the story in the game. These have to be consistent. It’s not like you have 5 labels/words in the English language and you can’t replace Ethereal with something else.

What they are doing with this Season is some meme marketing. Nothing more.

Getting Ethereal will be ridiculous hard considering that most D3 players got their Primal and Almost-Perfect Ancient from Reforging and Upgrade Rare.

I don’t mind the rarity of Ethereal but if you can’t use it at non-seasonal is really a good way to demotivate/discourage everyone to farm it.

How about just make a simple and accessible seasonal theme such as Extra Passive for every character or Your character now deals extra 50% damage and move 10% faster in season 24.

And where is the more emanate list for the followers? I thought that they will expand the emanate lists for followers over time?


Yeah I disagree.

If it’s fine to have an item of the same name but of differing effect and rarity, then it’s also fine to have an item rarity/type of the same name but of differing effect as well.

Ethereal “fits” as it pertains to the fleeting nature of the items within the season. However, as a reference to D2’s version, it’s not a very faithful correlation. I think the problem there is if they suddenly made D3’s Ethereals 30% stronger, we’d have the same people whining about power creep that we normally do as a V1 Primal situation all over again.

Yeah thats lame, looks like those random freezes will still exist in S24, so dumb lol. It just makes the D3 team look unprofessional and irresponsible infront of us, their customers.

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That section will be updated when they are SURE the bug is fixed. They are working on it. We shall see on the PTR if there is progress.


Honestly, if we really look at it. We’ve been had ethereals in the form of ancient and primals. The only difference was that there were no drawbacks to said items as there were with the Diablo 2 ethereals (unless you socketed it with a zod, which was only available to some items or it was self-repairing).

They should just make D3 Ethereal has 50% stronger but can’t be repaired. So the players will have a lot of spare Ethereal weapons prepared. And yes, increase the drop rate for Ethereal so D3 players can stockpiled them and burn it when it is necessary without feeling bad.

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I won’t disagree, and have been personally against bringing D2’s Ethereals here because it would mandate things like the legendary shoulders or new sources to repair/maintain gear.