DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

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So we search all season to get some items that we will lose when the season is over? :cry: :crying_cat_face: :sob:

  • This one is depressing.

They are eligible. The items will drop with the usual smart loot 85% for your class and 15% not for your class.

It makes it harder for sure, but not impossible.


Oh IC. So basically then the Patch is even worse hah.

Honestly, unless a person is supremely lucky or Blizzard decides to up the Ethereal droprate, I don’t see how a person will be able to get all 21 ethereal weapons just by playing only few of the classes during the season.


Easy fix - disable for the Season.

That’s what I said. Might take longer, but still doable.

With drop rates lower than acients… We can pretty much say it’s virtually impossible for someone who doesn’t own the Necro pack to get it.


Maybe, but I doubt it’s one that they’ll explore.


And for those who don’t play season with more than couple classes.

Maybe. I am interested in the fact that they drop under level 70 and I don’t see a difficulty limit on them (Torment or level 70 GR solo). They may be pretty easy to farm and you don’t need a good one to get the achievement.

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This Season I might just play more POE. :upside_down_face:


Then don’t call these items Ethereal. It doesn’t make any sense at all.


Ethereal items in Diablo 2 had a bonus to the base modifiers at the cost of fragility. They would break and could not be repaired. I have no idea how this Seasonal theme has any relation to what ethereal items were in Diablo 2. :man_shrugging:t2:


Honestly, I don’t really care what Blizzard calls them. My concern lies with how they plan on handling them. Regarding that I’ll withold my judgement until the ptr launches.

Maybe these Ethereals automatically have a Zod rune engraved in them.

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It doesn’t. It’s just marketing before D2R releases in September since obviously the marketing would be left for next D3 Season if D2R releases after September.

So, at Gamescom in August we should expect D2R release date.

Items should be called in consistence with previous Diablo games.

  • The PTR patch notes are a bust for me I am now looking forward to the D4 update.
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I was realy hopeing they add to the emenate item list. This is nothing. There’s truley one dev working on the game it seems. It feels like beating a dead horse. Pointless.

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Season 24. Season of one extra passive lol.

Aegis of Valor 2-Piece Set: from 100% to 125%
Am I understanding this wrong? The Developers note made it sound like its a nerf but it looks like a buff to me. Weird.

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Read more carefully. The damage buff is no longer multiplicative but additive.

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