DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

Whatever. GOD DH is fine as it is with the latest PTR update, simply allowing DH meta speed runs to be roughly at the same level as Bird runs or Rat runs. It is nice to have several alternatives for meta speed runs for once.


The one hand crossbow is not useful in any build I can think of so that is what I would replace.

Can be used in speeds. Doomslinger + Echoing Fury + Night Stalker / Hot Pursuit / Tactical Advantage can be very nice for bounties / NRifts / and speed GRifts. Just expect to build a lot of RCR around echoing fury if you go that route…

Speed runs can be covered by either of the other too very well. I say they should just give us The Horadric Hamburger with melee damage bonus, extended attack range, and stacking damage reduction. That would make Impale shine.

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anyone know with collecting the 21 ethereal transmog challange, if the game will regester the the weapon straight away or do i have to babysit 21 weapon all season for the transmog reward ?

No one will know because it is not being tested on the ptr.
Blizz may know what the intended actions will be, however; it could happen to be messed and not work.
We’ll see…

Just a suggestion, official statements like PTR notes should never contain abbreviations like “LoD WoL.” While I know what it means, it is alienating to someone who may be trying the game, or otherwise newer to its intricacies. I can imagine the next PTR notes posted as something like:

zNec -400% CDR, +5% MS, -6% IAS but also PLoD.

If you’re going to say it, say it.


If someone’s so new to the game that they don’t know what the acronyms mean, how likely is it that they’ll be playing on the PTR?

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As likely as anyone else if it interests them.

It took 8 years before I gave PTR a go. And I only played for about an hour total before it was boring.

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With PTR 2.7.1 ending tomorrow, we’re phasing our PTR closure process to test and make sure that Ethereals aren’t transferable to non-seasonal characters. In short, we’re closing the Seasonal content w/ Ethereals but keeping the servers up for a few hours to help with testing the Ethereal functionality. Hoping to get some additional feedback from all you awesome folks!

Full post is here!


Awesome. Looking forward to the new season.

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Good evening!

So with us it worked out wonderfully that all Etherials were removed after simulated Season 24 end!

There are neither hero-attracted etherials in the hero inventory, nor in the letter there was any ethical material to be found…

So everything seems to have worked out as far as it looks.

LG from Germany/Thuringia @ Blizzard USA! :sunglasses: :raising_hand_man:

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Hey everyone - the PTR 2.7.1 testing is officially complete. We’d like to thank you all for all of the testing, feedback and comments on everything. We’ll keep this thread + PTR Bug/Feedback sections open for a few more days to gather additional feedback.

The next update to look forward to will be our Season 24 preview blog, which will highlight any changes from PTR to Live. Stay tuned and thanks again!


More Etherals plz

The Etheral system is interesting, and should be extended to all slots:

  • weapons and off-hands roll weapons and off-hands powers
  • armor pieces roll armor pieces powers

This way we can increase combinations and create tons of new builds.
I really hope such a more complex Etheral system will land in the regular game (season and off-season).


Well after testing all the ethereals I find that blizzard lost their perspective on an ancient game that needs to be retired. You lack imagination and not thinking outside the box when thinking about a new season every 6 months or so. Diablo 3 is dead quit working on it because it is not worth it anymore.


Last I checked, nobody had a gun to anyone’s head to play this game.

The game is classified in ‘Classic game status’. They are not obligated to do anything other than game updates and patches randomly. I for one am grateful they care enough to still want to do anything at all.


Bring on the threads asking “Are we nearly there yet?”


Back when the game was version 2.6.1 there was nothing in the horizon for D3. Blizzard was completely silent. I honestly thought the game was done and there’s nothing new coming ever. Then suddenly patch 2.6.4 was announced and there’s been a patch every season since. There’s been new sets, mechanics, etc. added to the game which is a lot for a game that produces basically no income at this point.


Hello Blizzard & Community!

We would very much welcome it if you reconsider the nerve of the Bonespearnecro in the 6’s Setbonus from 10000% to 6000% by a whole 4000% and revised again!

4000% Nerve is a very strong incision for this hero class We were very happy to play! There is not really a strong build at the Necro, because you have annoyed all other sets more or less dead, unfortunately…

A set is interesting for most people exactly when you can play it in solo in the top rankings, until 150 would be possible, you can find it again in the 2’s, 3’s or just in the meta.

Which many of us did not quite understand why the firebird build of the wizard was extremely booked so that he is incredibly strong against all other hero classes and ways of playing…? Why do you power a hero class so extremely high and in return annoys the only set that could play at the top of the top 1000 rankings like the Bonespear or the Shotguncrusader…???

Even the barb has just 2 sets with which it can be at the top and that is the WhirlWind / Rend barb + the wild / frenzy barb…

The Demonhunter has only one set which was strong and will also celebrate his return through the Etheric Weapons, but all other sets are not suitable for the high rankings, meta etc. because they are just too weak.

We miss a real balance between all sets and all hero classes you wanted to bring in Diablo 3!

Dear greetings from Germany/Thuringia! :sunglasses: :point_up: :sunglasses: :wink:

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