DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

Since there is only one PTR, it starts for everyone at the same time. As for the time, most likely any point from now to 7 or 8 hours more.

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I don’t know is it too much or too little tease but it clearly shows that uploading a few pictures or giving a text description of their seasonal item, at least one is definitely too much for them.

Oh YEAH, an thanks blizz for making me either play PTR or wait till someone uploads some videos/pictures to see what the seasonal ETH item looks like.

Witch Doctor has Manajuma’s Way Weapon with 6 piece Arachyr set “the Angry Chicken build” . Granted the Angry Chicken build is nearly too weak for even t16 farming I think still worth noting.

Also, thanks for clarifying this. Appreciate.

But now I realize that playing PTR to evaluate and have an idea of how frequent their drop will be is basically useless since PTR will be dropping more and maybe even MUCH more.

I think the PTR is 10X drop rates. If you just look at in game PTR drops (not goatman purchases), divide your ethereal acquisition rate by 10 to get a sense of the rate on the love server. If you get one ethereal drop per hour on the PTR, I would estimate it would be 10 hours for a similarly geared character once the season goes live assuming no change happened.

Hey folks PTR is now live.


Jumping in immediately, thanks!

if i collect all 21 transmogs on my softcore seasonal are those transmogs going to be available for my hardcore characters as well?
hardcore transmogs and softcore transmogs are seperate and i really can’t play 7 different class for hardcore.


This is a good question. I would also like to know the answer to this question. Because it makes a big difference: 7 characters or 14 to play.

Yes, they’ll be available in HC if you get the achievement in SC. If anything changes ill post up. Just keep in mind, the transmog Feat of Strength is currently disabled in the PTR.


How does one buy them from Djank Miem?

It’s the last-most cache at the bottom right, same price as the others. You’d also need to make that purchase on a Seasonal character, as it does not drop on a Non-Seasonal one.

Also worth asking, is the drop rate for Ethereals currently affected by the Community Buff? If it is not, then that drop rate is most welcome when it hits the live servers.

I thought the dynamics of the game changed, new barb, we.
I was playing AoV and had a decent setup, I couldn’t do 110 solo at like lol 1488. I needed group skill boosts to do anything. Seems DJ, wiz and neck do all the damage anyways.

So far I’m pretty underwhelmed with the new season. Maybe with a good nerf to the WD and a little bit of a buff to other classes the new season could be enjoyable.

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This makes no sense the only functional class that was fun it all aspects of the game has been nerfed as well. If you want to nerf the bone spear set, keep it at 6000% but put back the triple bonus from the simulacrums. The necromancer was an additional paid character which had every performing set nerfed to the point there no longer playable. If you design is to make people want to stop playing this game your are headed in the right direction with nerfs!!!

Do the ETH has the same basic aura of legendaries or will it be unique like primals for better recognition?

I mean DH, Wiz and nec.
I’m wondering as its been years, how do I know if I have that necro pack?

Amen. It’s just the same old crap and just tuning things up and down randomly. Everyone who got to 150 already knows, and I don’t think I ever got to 127 GR I believe that was with my frenzy barb, they call the weakest ones. But we pay for something, you should solve problems not working. We follow compete sets to find that 120 is are solo Max, n u say it’s too strong. Destroy separate purchases items, etc. What give you the right? Keep going and someone messes around with a lawyer then what? We waited 20 years for the game, 20 more for d4? And nerve to bring back d2, same, but at least I finished d2, not d3, but make it harder?

So we have to make a PTR seasonal hero to try this…who would invest that kind of time???