DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

yea, but the dev team do not know what you said. the think you are killing boss in GR T130 with 1 shot. and they think they are doing big thing.

“All that man ignores does not exist for him; therefore, the universe of each one is summed up in the size of their knowledge”.
Albert Einstein.

playing season is sensless …

now it is more senseless … did you ever imagined, how can someone turn a bad thing to worst??? here the example !! alive and real.

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I was thinking that too. Im just afraid ill find something amazing and want to keep them. Lol.

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Will ethereals be considered ancient or primal items for the LoN builds? I’m assuming so considering their drop rate chance :man_shrugging:


We updated a line of the blog regarding the Ethereal Recollection to let players know that the reward for collecting all 21 Ethereals will not be turned on for the PTR. Just wanted to put that out there in case there are any Q’s on it around launch.


Ethereals will be considered ancient in terms of LoN/LoD


I don’t believe there were any questions or complaints regarding the matter in the first place. Out of all the feedback and complaints on the forums since 2.7.1 patch notes has released…This is what you update us with?


I dont normally create new characters when I start a new season, I only have done rebirths, and you guys only allow us to do that up to 3 times per season. Is anything going to be done about this or am I forced to create 4 new character slots to play all 7 classes and hunt for the 21 ethereals?

I think some players might even have a full character slot, what would they have to do? Rebirth 3 then delete and create new characters for the remaining 4?

I dont think the whole collect all 21 ethereals throughout all 7 classes was thought through enough. Unless im misunderstanding something here this is definetly an issue.

Do one at a time…Create your Main, keep it. Create another class for ethereals, find ethereals, stash ethereals, delete character, create another. Rinse repeat…shrug


Delete character, create character x6… I guess that works for me.

I’d imagine players who wants to keep all their current characters and are at max slots might have a problem tho.

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Is there a maximum amount of rebirths you are allowed? I 've never filled all the slots so I don’t know. I am keeping one or two always empty to try something really fast and delete.

3 rebirths per season


My thoughts on 2.7.1:
This “patch” shows once more how disconnected devs and managers at Blizzard are from us players.

They seem to live in an ivory tower up in the clouds and to not care about our requests.

Blizzard has been too successful in the past and become too proud of themselves, and so they believe they know best what we players want and do not want to see in the games.

That could only change if we as players quit playing Blizzard games (nearly) totally, but that will certainly not happen. And so they can continue with their ways.

I still haven’t made a decision whether I should buy D2R and/or D4. And after playing Diablo games since the original D1 back in 1996 that should tell a story.


I don’t see why this is an issue. All you need is one free character slot (out of the 17 you have). Create a seasonal character, farm the 3 ethereals for that class, delete the character, repeat with the other classes until you get all ethereals.

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Have you even considered addressing the actual feedback players are giving? Rather than just noting that the Feat of Strength is not going to be available on the PTR?

Where are all the bug fixes people have been demanding for months? Like the random freezing issue?
Where are all the QoL updates people have been requesting for months and years?
Where are all the reverts on nerfs which were 100% uncalled for? Like for example the Gazing Demise nerf in the previous patch since Mundunugu was not overperforming?


Which means there is still time to implement a progressive reward, like per item transmog save, aside a grand completion reward.

Nice idea with the ethereal weapons. Really!

But it would be even better if it was possible to find all 21 weapons in one season without having to play all 7 classes.

For the adjustments of the Monk-Allies it would also be nicer if not only the Fire Allies are preferred and the player is given the choice with which Allies the player wants to play with.


This doesnt do anything for the biggest issue that is already on over 200+ answers…

Like this is feedback already I guess you don’t have anything to share with us yet?

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“I’m sorry, but Blizzard can’t come to the phone right now. But if you’ll leave your name and number, we’ll make sure to NEVER GET BACK TO YOU. {Beeeeeeeep}”