Diablo II Ladder Reset - June 11

So how does this reset work in Europe? It happens around 5 pm Pacific time usually so it is around 2 am on Saturday in Europe? Well, but we actually do not know when exactly the reset happens…

How many hours from now? I’d like to plan a bit since I work saturday

7 hours from now would be 5 pm PST (the usual time for ladder restarts)

Sometime between now and 2359 PDT

I’m excited for d2r cause I’m tired of getting kicked every time I switch characters. And I’m on key number 6 and it got stolen so I get double key logged. Constantly and I don’t feel like buying another key set.

We expect Diablo II Classic to have some downtime around 3pm PT this afternoon and will continue until we are fully finished with the reset which we expect will take a couple hours.


Maybe while your at it you will finally fix west servers? Which was brought up in April was being looked into and then there was silence…

Everyone please buy our new Dr2 so we can shelf Diablo II Classic. Half the time creating a new account literally crash d/c’s you. My aussie buddy took 2 hours trying to make an account and gave up.


Thanks kindly for the specified time

Yea, I’d like to know this too. I don’t think it’s very fair to have it reset at 02.00 in EU - surely times could be adjusted to account for this. I don’t even see a reset notification on the EU forums let alone anything about a time. Am I missing something?

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Will there be another post when the servers become live or “a couple hours” after 3pm just keep trying to connect till we get through?

It is now just after noon Pacific time. No ladder reset as of this time.

about 3-5 more hours cant wait

a really late reset, damn it’ll be after 8 pm EST if we are lucky

It’s most likely a DNS issue on their end but yes surprised it takes this long.

As an example I started to exhibit the same issue on USEast one day so I hard-coded the host file to use a working IP.

Without it it’s pointing to .55 IP which probably has an issue?
I added the below to my host file and it started working. But again this is for useast but at least a starting point if they do feel like fixing it. useast battle net removed periods since this awful forum won’t even let me paste a battle net url…

Wonder if it has anything to do with D2R test servers coming online?

yeah I feel you! Been waiting all day.

it’s 3:05 PST someone is running little late

they always run late…


I hope this reset fixes the problems making an initial connection that we’ve been having on west for months now. It’s like some of the servers in the pool were completely dead or in a bad state and no one bothered giving them a kick to recover.

Think they finally took the servers down about 3 mins ago.

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looks like there is a que of 400+ so far and its not even reset yet.