Diablo 4 restricted trading confirmed. Another WoW feature. Bind on pic

D4 game director just confirmed it. Almost first thing he mentioned, that trading is in. They know we want it.

But they are looking to make the best gear bind in pick up. Not good.

You won’t appease fans with a half arsed, meaningless trading system. We need to be able to trade end game items. Doesn’t even have to be all items. The main thing is there needs to be meaningful trading right through to end game.

If the trading system sucks, I’m done with franchise, and with Blizzard.


Here’s how trading should be done:

Diablo 2 drop rates and trading works. That’s what they should be aiming for. Not Diablo 3 vanilla. And definetly not present D3 where drops that are supposed to be rare rain from the sky.

D3 vanilla had drop rates low and most legendary items were crap. That’s not a fun experience. With rates that low, legendary items should have always been good. The opposite was true.

Also it was the RMAH and gold auction house that made them need to have such bad drops. D4 won’t have an auction house. There are stark differences in the the drop rate requirements with an auction house vs trading. Auction house makes buying/selling gear too easy, everyone ends up trading everything they get that’s half decent if you add an auction house.

Therefore, auction house means you need to set drop rates much lower to compensate for the fact that people are going to have a very easy way to buy items through the auction system.

The same doesn’t occur if you have just trading and no auction house. People can’t be bothered to try to trade everything when it takes more time and effort to do it. So most items don’t end up traded, they get hoarded instead, as space allows for. It ends up with people trading just really good items, or, items traded in chance meetings between players.

I’m speaking from experience as both a D2 player and a D3 player. And I’ve spent a lot more hours on vanilla D3.

In D2, I rarely traded. It just didn’t feel worth my time and effort to do it. But I liked that I could do it when I wanted to. I’d only do it when it was with or for an amazing item.

In D3 I traded every half decent item I got. And pretty much all of my gear came from the auction house. Why? Because the auction house made it too easy to buy and sell gear. It would have been a totally different story if D3 never had an auction house and just had basic face to face trading instead. Because I can’t be bothered with trying to trade for drops all the time. I would have just traded when I felt like it mattered most, like in D2.

That’s why I think open trading, perhaps with non tradable gear on a couple of special categories for certain slots should be the best way to go with D4 trading. There needs to be ample room for end game trading. No auction house, because that feature becomes the focus due to how easy the auction house makes it to buy and sell.


And PvP yasss. They’ve officially got me hyped.


Definitely happy about pvp.


Hell yeah he said that too!


You better dust off your credit card then…


Yup, trading and PVP. Should be fun



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Don’t be mad. I gotta dig up quotes from the past week of people on this forum telling me that Diablo 4 will not have trading and I should suck it up :joy:


Congrats now you can be all smug. Looking forward to all the website spam and a butchered economy from bots.


Lemme get my coins ready. I’m so damn hyped.

D2 like sorc


I hope release date is close.

Yes, they said trade. We will have to see how they decided to implement it. They consider two hour trading “trading” as well. It may not be the D2 version. I would love to see them figure out a system that prevents third party activities.

They also said PvP, but we don’t know how that will get implemented either. They did say “if you so choose” which is good. Voluntary is good and avoids PK. However, remember they also consider dueling or brawling PvP…

Just, be excited, but take it was some salt and remember things may not end up being YOUR version of the features. I hope it is something you love, but I just feel caution is always wise.


Sour grapes is mad that it’s not a D3 clone and Blizzard actually listened to fans concerns following the mess of D3.


Spamming troll is smug and I can’t wait for the mess that D4 will be.


Well i’ll say this now. They brought up trading early on, they know fans want it. If it’s 2 hour window crap from party only, people are going to be pissed.


Just play D3 if you don’t like trading then. It’s about time us D2 fans got a proper new game.


Ooh, bitter sour grapes. I’m impressed with what we’ve been shown and told so far along with most other people here.

Maybe go back under your bridge troll. Or play some D3.


My problem is not trading. My problem is everything bad that comes with open trading where people abuse it to the detriment of everyone who chooses not to bot. Just like in D2.


Why does it bother you so badly if people spend money though? You can still grind and get items yourself. I’ve played POE and never bought any items and still did end game content. Trading gives value to items which makes it fun to hunt for the rarest godlies. That feeling when you find a griffons! Wowzors.


I am in a wait and see mode. They say they will have trading, but they didn’t say how they are going to implement it. They say PVP, but they didn’t say how they are going to implement it.

This ain’t the old Blizz. They are going to have show me something concrete before I believe it.