Diablo 4 confirmed cash-shop/p2w. New Blizz hiring

Cash shop was confirmed in 2019.

2019 Blizzcon from Joe Shelley when asked about monetization, daid there would would be a cosmetic shop, possibly character/inventory slots, but no power.


It could be for spending money to respec, change servers(if they go that route), purchase classes, class changes, inventory/character slots, possibly even max level boosts for additional characters. It doesn’t have to mean P2W.

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Davey was wrong they have made what 6.4 million so far. Plus for a free game too. Plus you have to pay to play D3 right.

Sure, but the reason for either game is ultimately to make money. Clearly one is exceedingly more successful than the other in that regard. (as of yet, things can certainly change but given its very poor reception I wouldn’t bet on it)

“Free” is merely a way to attract people that then spend their life savings on MTX.

I had a vague recollection that this was stated during that Blizzcon. Wasn’t 100% sure, thanks for confirming.

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Yeah they also said D:I wouldn’t be P2W. I think corporate just sends these guys out and throws them under the bus when the rubber meets the road.


To be fair, they STILL say Immortal is not P2W.


haha that is a good point

I would be totally fine with all those things basically letting people skip the game because they just want the end game
Doesn’t really influence me
Just don’t mess with drop rates and dungeon accessibility etc.

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Blizz said from the start that D4 would have a cash shop. This is not new.

What they also said is they won’t sell power. So, supposedly not P2W.

As long as it is cosmetics and stuff, like they said, I am fine with it. I don’t need the latest shiny thing. WoW has had a cash shop since almost the start, but it is just pets, mounts, and the occasional cosmetic/pack. You can’t buy gear or anything.

If they stick to what they promised, I am ok with it.

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I don’t recall that. They said nothing of the sort. They refused to even talk about the MTX part so we all speculated it would be like other mobile games - and it is.

D4 is the one they said would not be P2W. Hopefully they stick to that.


But now what’s with that new position hiring?
I would rather have a dedicated shop than the game interrupting me after dying like “tired of being beaten up by demons? Buy 10 level ups now for only half the price!”

Heh. They don’t consult me about such things so I don’t honestly really know.

I THINK it is just that they want an active offering of cosmetic goods, maybe services, and want someone in charge of making sure it all gets done. Coordinating the artists, project teams, web interface/shop, in-game interfaces, currencies around the world - could be a bit complicated I suppose.

Now, if they break their promise and make it actually P2W I am going to be furious. It would ruin D4 for me.


Sauce for that claim? Not that it will matter to me as I will never but another ActiBlizz game again.

I just don’t want to see it while playing
I’d rather have a shop tab that i never open or maybe even hide if the settings allow it

I seem to recall Wyatt saying that they wouldn’t let you buy gear. Whilst that’s strictly, technically true, they will sell you more tries on the slot machine that might get you gear.


Wyatt did say there’s no way to acquire or rank up gear using money, shamefully leaving out gems on a mere technicality. Such sly outright deceptive wording is disgusting to see. Whatever a Blizzard employee officially says these days carries very little weight.


Oh yes you can. WoW token → gold → BoE gear and carries. You can basically buy KSM, AotC, or PvP rating.

The difference is that in WoW everything is available to all players. In D:I the legendary gem system would take decades of grinding to catch up with whales. It’s basically unavailable as F2P in any meaningful way.

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Even if they don’t fully go with P2W and instead mostly sell cosmetics, it’ll still suck.

You know they’ll push it way too hard and try to turn D4 into fortnite

I can only imagine how awful it’s going to be when you see someone’s barb breaking out dance moves like this while slaying the demonic hordes