Diablo 4 confirmed cash-shop/p2w. New Blizz hiring

It’s easier to grap the pitchforks than to listening to your logic sense.


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When the children here started crying about the P2W. I said wait for it D4 is going to be the same thing. I might be wrong but read some way Blizzard has already made over 1 million off of DI.

Blizzard is here to make money and they don’t care how they do it too. Why do you think Microsoft is trying to buy them.

Are people being intentionally obtuse? You don’t need analytics teams and “quantifying purchase behaviors” if all you are selling is transmogs and wings.

They are hiring people to fine tune exactly when to offer in-game bonuses for purchase, just how strong they need to be and how they should be priced each step of the way as you go through the game.


No one is saying Blizzard shouldn’t be making big profit, or need to forfeit profit for noble causes.

Many big firms I clucking many gaming firms are able to make big profit without being exploitative, or upset their customers, and tainting their brand.

Fortnite made money simpler making cosmetic and why it did so well because the cosmetic are very high quality, exciting and price reasonable.

You go watch Doctor strange. Come back saw Scalet witch for sale. Immediate. Same with Spider-Man’s. Boom.

I played fortnite since 2019. 95% of players have skins either from battle pass or item shop.

This is what I’m thinking. Then again, Blizzard has red tape for literally everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if this goes the other way as well.

Diablo Immortal could have been game of the year/century for mobile+pc… But they went and fubared it up good. Now they wanna do the same to D4?

I will say this tho in all honesty, i did buy some of the bundles in Diablo Immortal BEFORE i understood how P2Win it is… I wont spend another dime on that game now, ill just play until i get tired of it before un-installing it and every other blizz games and app.

Thank you Blizzard for making it soo easy for me to walk away from an increasingly greedy industry.


You say that like it’s a lot of money. D3 made over 200 million day one, conservatively over 700 million in the first year.


i have read similar comments a few times now
and that is exactly why these streamers and content creators are doing it
to prevent and protect people will less money to not ruin themselves


It’s all for the greater good!

However it’s been confirmed no buying power in D4. woop woop

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people dont seem to be certain about that


It’s June Lolli not long now!

Cash shop doesn’t necessarily mean P2W, so I’d rather not speculate based on that. Nothing is beyond Blizzard at this point, so I don’t doubt it, but I wouldn’t say it’s P2W CONFIRMED yet.

Anyway, they already managed to drag the Diablo IP to the mud with the reception Immortal is having, so it may be time to look for another ARPG to support, regardless of D4 being P2W or not.

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And they better reconsider. PoE is entirely F2P game, which becomes a properly priced game for its size if you buy all stash space that you need plus some cosmetics. And you don’t need to buy anything ever again and sill play, just as in a “normal, full priced game.”

A game that comes at full price to purchase better forget about shops and stick on one and done, like Elden Ring. Tons of cosmetics there (AKA Fashion Souls) none of them from a shop.

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There’s lots of interesting games to be excited about around the corner.

Nothing particularly caught my attention yet, I tried some of the promising looking ones like wolcen and last epoch but they didn’t really grab me. PoE used to be great but right now it’s a notorious victim of feature bloat, the same issue I have with Warframe. That pretty much leaves stuff like Diablo II mods which always manage to impress me with what they’re pulling off with a 20 year old game. Hell, recently someone made a plugin that adds 60fps support using movement prediction, how cool is that.

I have a personal project I’m working on which is a minecraft ARPG mod. Obviously not an isometric ARPG as we know it, but I’m working on implement mechanics like the loot, dungeons and so on that we’ve come to love from these games. Somewhat inspired by David Brevik’s “It Lurks Below” game which feels like a bit of a lovechild between Terraria and Diablo.

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there is nothing out there right now
that’s why we all lay all of our hopes into D4

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Obviously im waiting for D4! But also ESVI possibly SC (if it changes) if not SF.

this game is dead before it even release :frowning:

At least Joe Sheley (D4 game director) said that power will not be for sale.
Now is it going to be the case? If D:I incomes goes up the roof I don’t think this is going to stand.
I have nothing against a Cash Shop, as long as it’s designed for QoL, Cosmetics, Mounts, (…) I wouldn’t even care if power would be available in form of limited amount/time consumable items, as long as it’s not a permanent power increase 24/7 in every circumstances.
The problem I saw with D:I is that the End-Game is PVP, I don’t care about players buying Eternals Orbs in order to max their characters’ power but D:I endgame have a system in which $ walk hand in hand with endgame.
So clever :crazy_face:, WOAW!!! :face_vomiting: and I’m so out of that crap too :smirk:
That’s said, it’s amongst the reasons why I’m out, because I don’t intend to spend several hundreds to few thousands of $ per year only to play a video game and/or to feed the Whales ego, it’s just plain dumb.

Many players don’t even try P2P games unless there’s a free trial, these same players are potential revenue for the P2W disguised in F2P.
Since the beginning video games has been designed around problems solving, slow to fast reflexes, communities loaded with every kind of people, it should stays this way for everyone best interest.
In R-L (never online) I like to play to Poker, Blackjack and other $ games but to transform a ARPG into a Poker game isn’t something I would call “Honest”.

I still have “hope” that Blizzard won’t make D4 take this way.