Diablo 4 confirmed cash-shop/p2w. New Blizz hiring

[Product Manager, Diablo IV job in Irvine, California, United States of America | Operations jobs at Blizzard Entertainment]

You will play a critical role in managing the Diablo IV in-game store experience for millions of players around the world.

  • Manage the virtual product offers of the Diablo IV in-game storefront throughout each season to deliver an exceptional player experience. Utilize internal tools to configure product contents, pricing, and availability.
  • Organize and maintain an ever-growing catalog of virtual products to facilitate communication and analysis.
  • Work with the analytics team to help identify sales trends and quantify purchase behaviors.

Oh well. Looks like Kotick was able to get his grubby little hands on Diablo 4 before he got the boot. Cash shops are confirmed going by that job posting.


Oh well… another Blizz game I will play till complete the campang, unninstall and move on.


That could also apply for a cosmetics-only store as well. Not necessarily pay to win.


well let’s give them a trend
i like to play for stuff. not pay for stuff.


If this is real…

At least the forums will be entertaining

Such a shame about the game though

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MTX by Viva La Dirt League




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I don’t think anyone operated under the assumption that MTX wouldn’t be a part of D4. Hell, I’m quite confident the lack of ingame monetization was a big reason why they scrapped development of D3. As long as it’s limited to cosmetics, I’m fine with it.


Speak up now or they will ruin Diablo 4 forever.

i tried to give fair warning, but now they are hiring a RMT position for D4.

the sky is literally falling and none of you listened to me.


you are mostly talking crap
if you were a little more precise with your points and rationalised 90% of it people would definitely listen to you


except everything i stated is accurate and happening exactly how i stated it. I think the problem in this scenario is not me.

I’m literally teaching you how things are going to work, and you’re just in one ear and out the other until my knowledge smacks you upside the head.

a real man would be gracious and show thanks, but nobody here has had the humility…

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Obviously D4 will have a cash shop.

It’s expected.

What we do. It know is it has P2W. The job post is not indicative of p2w

The best way to prevent P2w is to grill them whenever there is Q&A if D4 will have p2w and we are rejecting p2w in D4.

This doesn’t prove anything related to pay to win. They stated a while back, that they will not sell power, there will be cosmetics only cash shop. If there ever will be an interview this p2w questiin will pop up, since D:I got everyone scared.


I’d be ok with a cosmetics only shop. I even called for one in D3.

Absolutely nothing to do with gear or character power, however. It is dumb as hell that was considered at all for DI. What’s the point of a loot game if progress is gated, and you need to pay to unlock progression. To hell with that.

Give us content, new characters, cosmetics, whatever. No gear, no power, no gated progression. This needs to be clear.


They seem to never learn. People want to buy games, not shops that are disguised as games.


A cosmetic shop similar to PoE is something we know already is happening. So i dont know why this is news.

Armour sets, weapon skins, maybe skill effects, different mounts maybe. Theres a lot you can have in a cosmetic shop that is not p2w at all. PoE sells stash tabs which some say is p2w, its on the line without crossing it i guess.

Because most people around here got nothing better to do, so they can only get attention by karening. Faking outrage at something that doesn’t affect them in the slightest just to be noticed.


some people at blizzard sure are thick.

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Newsflash! Everyone here already knew there is going to be a MTX shop in D4. Notihng posted here indicates that anything is going to be P2W however.

D:I was designed for that 0.15’% portion of the audience that generates 90%+ of the total income. Maximum P2W. However D4 has a very different target audience. D:I has people jumping into conclusions with zero evidence to back their claims.


i defendend some of your positions more as one time.

I think that was good advice

MTX in games are okay if
a) m stands for micro (not macro or meta)
b) is about cosmetics (and not win, progress, items, other ingame paywalled content)
c) if it differs from monthly subscription fees

I am convinced of the League of Legends system. It’s f2p so i first paid nothing but later i gave them my money too, because they had made a rly good game and i wanted to support them. The skins was a nice extra. That is a fair and respectful business model. And it works fine.